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Other Mobility Programmes

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Other possibilities to stay abroad


AIESEC: International internships for students
Deadline for the submission of applications several times a year
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UNITED VISION – volunteering experience in Mexico
Three-month-long volunteering stays in Mexico; teaching of English to children and adults
A site offering international internships and placements for students
EURODESK – A European information network for young people
A site offering information on European programmes for young people, on international events and activities (studies, work, travelling, volunteering) and providing general information on the EU.
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The Krsek Foundation (scholarships funded by Martina Krsková and Tomáš Krsek)
The scholarships are awarded annually to ten outstanding students in the following fields: political science, economics, natural sciences and history. The scholarship is intended to cover one year’s tuition fee for a Master's degree programme at one of the world’s ten best-rated universities.
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Youth mobility programmes the Czech Republic – Canada
These programmes are aimed at young Czech citizens aged 18–35 and offer the following:
1. International internships for students
2. Career growth
3. Internships during studies
4. Working holiday for students (the SWAP programme)
5. Working holiday
KOREA: Working Holiday
A working holiday for young people aged 18–30.
Read more HERE
SPAIN: Spanish courses, Malaga
Read more HERE


CULTURE AGORA: free online wiki platform

New free wiki and interactive platform dedicated to serve those who work or are interested in the arts and the creative industries.

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