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Study Stays within the Framework of Interuniversity and Interfaculty Agreements

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Study stays at partner universities based on direct bilateral cooperation


Interfaculty Agreements

Interfaculty agreements are entered into by the following departments:
Department of Slavonic Studies
Kiev, Lvov (The Ukraine) – person to contact: Mgr. Olga Lytvynyuk
Saint Petersburg (Russia) – person to contact: doc. PhDr. Aleš Brandner, CSc.
Zagreb, Zadar (Croatia) – person to contact: Mgr. Mirna Stehlíková Durasek
Plovdiv, Sofia (Bulgaria) – person to contact: Mgr. Elena Krejčová, Ph.D.
Belgrade (Serbia)
Skopje (The Republic of Macedonia)
Wrocław, Cracow, Poznań (Poland) – person to contact: Mgr. Roman Madecki, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy
Lyon (France) – person to contact: PhDr. Dagmar Pichová, PhD.
Department of Classical Studies
Naples (Italy) – person to contact: doc. PhDr. Daša Bartoňková, CSc.

The abovementioned departments are fully responsible for the selection of students. Further information can be obtained from the contact person of your department.
When a department nominates a student, all further administrative matters are handled by the Masaryk University Office for International Studies.
The person to contact for information about interfaculty agreements is Mgr. Zita Hrabovská

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