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Brno Studies in English

by Jiří Rambousek last modified 2017-01-02 13:09

Odborný časopis Katedry anglistiky a amerikanistiky FF MU a jeho archiv


Obálka Brno Studies in English
Sborník Brno Studies in English - starší verze obálky Sborník Brno Studies in English - pozdější verze obálky

Brno Studies in English (BSE) je recenzovaný mezinárodní časopis publikující články z oblasti anglistiky a amerikanistiky. Počínaje rokem 2009 vycházejí dvě čísla ročně. Časopis je zařazen v prestižních mezinárodních databázích ERIH a SCOPUS (od r. 2011) a na českém Seznamu recenzovaných neimpaktovaných periodik. Časopis je indexován v CSA Language Behaviour Abstracts a MLA International Bibliography.


Časopis vychází od r. 2009 výhradně pod názvem Brno Studies in English s ISSN 0524-6881. Navazuje na periodikum Brno Studies in English, založené v r. 1959 s původním ISSN 0524-6881, které v letech 1995-2008 vycházelo v
rámci Sborníku prací filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity, řady S, anglistické a před tím v letech 1979-1994 v rámci Sborníku prací filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity, řady K, germanisticko-anglistické, ISSN 0231-5351. Prvních jedenáct svazků Brno studies English (1959-1976) vyšlo v edici Spisy Filozofické fakulty Univerzity J. E. Purkyně v Brně.


Podrobné informace: redakční rada, uzávěrky, kontakty, distribuce...

Further information: Editorial Board, deadlines, contacts, distribution...

Informace pro účely Seznamu recenzovaných neimpaktovaných časopisů vydávaných v ČR (2013)


Pokyny pro přispěvatele – Guidelines for Contributors (v angličtině)


ISSN: 0524-6881 (Print)
ISSN: 1805-0867 (Online – platí pro níže uvedený archiv článků)


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This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access. (


2016 - Volume 42, Number 2

Janka Kaščáková: Modernism vs. Modernity: Katherine Mansfield as Critic

Katarína Labudová: Wise Children and The Blind Assassin: Fictional (Auto)biographies

Danijela Petković: "A Tiger will Perhaps Tear you to Pieces, but he will not Steal your Life": The Politics of Animal Use in Barbara Chase-Riboud's Hottentot Venus: A Novel
Wit Pietrzak: The Song of Nature, the Song of Hope: J. H. Prynne's Pearls that Were

Jafar Mirzaee Porkoli and Mohammad-Javad Haj'jari: Double-Effect Reasoning in Paradise Lost: An Investigation into Milton's God's Will in Humankind's Fall

Carlos Villar Flor: Displacment and Exile in Evelyn Waugh's Post-war Fiction

Adéla Branná: Review

Milada Franková: Review
Stephen P. Hardy: Review
Karolina Vančurová: Review


2016 - Volume 42, Number 1

Argiris Archakis and Villy Tsakona: Legitimizing and Resistance Identities in Immigrant Students' School Essays: Towards a Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy

Naděžda Kudrnáčová: On Correlations between Range in Verb Descriptivity and Syntactic Applicability
Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowkska: Framing Disease, Ageing and Death in Popular Science Journalism

Pilar Mur Dueñas and Jolanta Šinkūnienė: Self-reference in Research Articles across Europe and Asia: A Review of Studies

María Jesús Pinar Sanz and Jesús Moya Guijarro: Irony and Humor in Princess Smartypants

Jesús Romero-Barranco: Adverbials and Inversion in Early English Scientific Writing


2015 - Volume 41, Number 2

Nóra Horváth: 'Lovers of Beauty' - The Oeuvres of George Santayana, Fred Holland Day and Edward Perry Warren as Exemplifications of Aesthetics of Existence Influenced by the Platonic Eros
Joel J. Janicki: The Art of Losing: Historical Allusions in Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues
Renata Janktová: Reshaping Meanings: D. H. Lawrence and the 'Lady Chatterley Trial' in A. S. Byatt's Babel Tower
Karla Kovalová: Shaping Black Feminist Literary Criticism: On Intersections of Legal and Literary Narratives
Ivona Mišterová: Inter Arma Non Silent Musae: Shakespeare as a Symbol of the Czech Pro-Allied Attitude during the Great War
Petra Slavíčková: Hurston's "Real Negro Theatre": Participation Observation of African American Folk
Andrea F. Szabó: Alice Munro's Australian Mirror Stories
Alice Tihelková: Framing the 'Scroungers': The Re-Emergence of the Stereotype of the Undeserving Poor and Its Reflection in the British Press
Eva Valentová: The Triumph of Pan: Hermaphroditism and Sexual Inversion in Victor Benjamin Neuburg's Poetry

2015 - Volume 41, Number 1

Marina Dossena: (Re)Constructed Eloquence: Rhetorical and Pragmatic Strategies in the Speeches of Native Americans as Reported by Nineteenth-century Commentators
Libuše Dušková: Deviations from the Basic Distribution of Communicative Dynamism as a Style Marker
Jana Kozubíková Šandová: On the Use of Cognitive Verbs in Political Interviews
Marcin Lewandowski: Complex Noun Phrases in Polish-English Translation: Evidence from Three Registers
Renáta Tomášková: A Walk through the Multimodal Landscape of University Websites
Petr Chalupský: Playfulness as Apologia for a Strong Story in Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth
Bożena Kucała: Unspoken Dialogues and Non-listening Listeners in Graham Swift’s Fiction
Lucia Otrísalová: (Re)inscribing Blackness onto the Canadian Soil: Memory and Resistance in Contemporary African-Canadian Drama
Wit Pietrzak: “Bringing a New Soul into Ireland”: Literary Culture and Poetics of Orality in W. B. Yeats’s Early Critical Writings
Dobrota Pucherová: Forms of Resistance against the African Postcolony in Brian Chikwava’s Harare North
Richard T. Stock: Native Storytelling and Narrative Innovation: Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine as Fictional Ethnography
Irene Visser and Laura Kaai: The Books That Lived: J.K. Rowling and the Magic of Storytelling
Jan Chovanec: Monika Bednarek and Helen Caple. News Discourse
Tamás Eitler: María Martínez Lirola (ed.): Discourses on Immigration in Times of Economic Crisis: A Critical Perspective


2014 – Volume 40, Number 2

Ofure O. M. Aito: The Poet as Town-Crier in a Nation in Conflict: Okigbo’s and Ojaide’s Poetry
Anna Budziak: T. S. Eliot’s “La Figlia Che Piange” and the Tradition of Decadent Aestheticism
Christie Davies: Hašek, Švejk and the Poles
Iwona Filipczak: Immigrant to a Terrorist: On Liquid Fears in Hari Kunzru’s Transmission
Folasade Hunsu: Autobiography and the Fictionalization of Africa in the Twenty-first Century: Abdul Razak Gurnah’s Art in Desertion
Sara Soleimani Karbalaei: Iris Murdoch’s The Black Prince: A Valorization of Metafiction as  a Virtuous Aesthetic Practice
Karsten H. Piep: “Home to Harlem, Away from Harlem”: Transnational Subtexts in Nella Larsen’s Quicksand and Claude McKay’s Home to Harlem
Piotr Zazula: From Hispanophobia to Hispanophilia: Travel Writing, Tourism and Politics in  Late 19th- and Early 20th-Century New Mexico
Markéta Dudová: Martin Procházka and Ondřej Pilný (eds.) Prague English Studies and the Transformation of Philologies
Jozef Pecina: Josef Jařab (ed.) Horace M. Kallen a vývoj americké kulturní identity
Michal Peprník: Petr Kopecký: Robinson Jeffers a John Steinbeck vzdálení i blízcí

2014 – Volume 40, Number 1

Eliecer Crespo Fernández: Euphemisms and Political Discourse in the British Regional Press
Marta Dynel: On the Part of Ratified Participants: Ratified Listeners in Multi-party Interactions
Péter Furkó and Ágnes AbuczkiI: English Discourse Markers in Mediatised Political Interviews
Christopher Hopkinson: Face Effects of Verbal Antagonism in Online Discussions
Petra Huschová: Possibility Readings of can and may and Their Potential Interchangeability
Helena Lohrová: Investigating the Language of Decision-making: The Combined Use of Discursive Practices
Maria Martínez Lirola: Legitimating the Return of Immigrants in Spanish Media Discourse
Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska: Coercive Metaphors in News Headlines: A Cognitive-Pragmatic Approach
Daniel Nkemleke: Researching the Research Article in Cameroonian English
Douglas Ponton: Paying the Penalty for Dishonesty: Evaluative Language in Scottish Football
Tess Slavíčková: Oratorical Style and Performance in the Epideictic Speeches of American Presidents

2013 – Volume 39, Number 2 (The Five Senses of Canadian Cinema (edited by Tomáš Pospíšil))

Tomáš Pospíšil: The Five Senses of Canadian Cinema: Introduction
Dan Browne: Objects of Vision: The Polymorphic Cinema of Michael Snow
Samantha Wilson: Sirmilik, Geographical Experience, and the Question of Landscape
Darrell Varga: On True Meaning(s) and the Impossibility of Documentary In the Films of Jennifer Baichwal
Nathan Clarkson: Aura, Aurora and Aurality: The Narrative of Place in Picture of Light
Jim Leach: In-Between States: Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz and Xavier Dolan's Laurence Anyways

José Rodríguez Herrera: Away from Her? Sarah Polley's Screen Adaptation of Alice Munro's "The Bear Came Over The Mountain"
André Loiselle: Canadian Horror, American Bodies: Corporeal Obsession and Cultural Projection in American Nightmare, American Psycho, and American Mary
Marcel Arbeit: When Seeing and Hearing Do Not Help: Communication Failures in Canadian Films

2013 – Volume 39, Number 1

Christopher Hopkinson: Trolling in Online Discussions: From Provocation to Community-building
Marcela Malá: Notes on Norms and Usage of Finite/Non-Finite Predication in Written English
Danica Maleková: Self-reference in the Leads of Institutional Press Releases
Frane Malenica and Ivo Fabijanić: Abbreviations in English Military Terminology
Chit Cheung Matthew Sung: Media Representations of Gender and Leadership: From a Discourse Perspective
Angeliki Tzanne: When the Advertised Product Is Not the Target: Multimodal Metaphor in  Greek TV Commercials
Anna Zięba: National Culture and the Thematic Structure of News Texts
Niyi Akingbe: Decrying Shifting Norms: Towards a Codification of Societal Ethos in Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo’s Heart Songs
Anna Barcz: On D. H. Lawrence’s Snake that Slips Out of the Text: Derrida’s Reading of the Poem
Anna Budziak: Literature in Walter Pater’s Architectural Analogy
Mihaela Culea: Addressing the Age-old Question of Human Perfectibility in Daniel Defoe’s Mere Nature Delineated: Or, a Body without a Soul
Milada Franková: Dystopian Transformations: Post-Cold War Dystopian Writing by Women
Stanislav Kolář: Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in Spiegelman’s Maus
Piotr Zazula: The Coyote Is Not Inside You: Gary Snyder’s Ecopoetry and Neo-Aristotelian Thought
Věra Eliášová: Annalisa Zox-Weaver: Women Modernists and Fascism
Vanja Polić: Stephen Hardy, Martina Horáková, Michael Matthew Kaylor and Kateřina Prajznerová: Alternatives in Biography: Writing Lives in Diverse English-Language Contexts

2012 – Volume 38, Number 2

Jan Chovanec: Written Academic Discourse in English: From Local Traditions to Global Outreach
Savka Blagojević and Biljana Mišić Ilić: Interrogatives in English and Serbian Academic Discourse – A Contrastive Pragmatic Approach
Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova: Lexical Bundles in Academic Texts by Non-native Speakers
Maurizio Gotti: Cross-Cultural Aspects of Academic Discourse
Enrique Lafuente-Millán: A contrastive Study of Generic Integrity in the Use of Attitudinal Evaluation in Research Articles Written for Different Audiences
Rosa Lorés-Sanz: Local Disciplines, Local Cultures: Praise and Criticism in British and Spanish History Book Reviews
Pilar Mur-Dueñas: With regard to L2 Academic Writing: The Use of Topicalisers in L1 (English and Spanish) and L2 (English) Research Articles
Renata Povolná: Causal and Contrastive Discourse Markers in Novice Academic Writing
Josef Schmied: Academic Knowledge Presentation in MA Theses: from Corpus Compilation to Case Studies of Disciplinary Conventions
Jan Chovanec: Carol Berkenkotter, Vijay K. Bhatia and Maurizio Gotti (eds.): Insights into Academic Genre

2012 – Volume 38, Number 1

Małgorzata Jedynak and Joanna Pytlarz: The Issue of Gender in Multiple Language Acquisition
Pille Põiklik: Recontextualisation of the Second Amendment and Supreme Court Decisions in The New York Times
Zuzana Urbanová: Direct and Free Direct Forms of Representation in the Discourse of Newspaper Reports: Less Frequent Phenomena
Lorene M. Birden: Layers of Naming and Responsibility in Saki’s Short Stories
Anna Grmelová: “We Murder to Dissect”: Enjoyment of Beauty versus Theoretical Rigour in Zadie Smith’s On Beauty
Ihsen Hachaichi: “There is Sex in Mind”: Scientific Determinism and the Woman Question in Lady Audley’s Secret
Agnieszka Łobodziec: Toni Morrison’s Discredited Magic – Magical Realism in Beloved Revisited
Pramod K. Nayar: The “Disorderly Memsahib”: Political Domesticity in Alice Perrin’s Empire Fiction
Tomáš Pospíšil: As Crippled As It Gets: Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun (1939; 1971)
Robert Tindol: The Star-Trek Borg as an All-American Captivity Narrative
Piotr Zazula: “To Love Silence and Darkness:” Uneasy Transcendence in Louise Glück’s Poems
David Weber: Bas Aarts: Oxford Modern English Grammar


2011 – Volume 37, Number 2

Approaches to Transgressive Auto/Biography: Introduction
Rob BAUM: Aphra Behn’s Black Body: Sex, Lies & Narrativity in Oroonoko
Nina Bosničová : Transgressive Black Female Selfhood
Brigitte Boudreau: Libidinal Life: Bram Stoker, Homosocial Desire and the Stokerian Biographical Project
Petr Chalupský: Prick lit or naked hope? Self-exposure in Hanif Kureishi’s Intimacy
Milada Franková: The Red Queen: Margaret Drabble’s (Auto)Biographical Pastiche
Evelyne Hanquart -Turner: The Rogue’s Progress: The In-Between World of Vikram Lall
Christoph Houswitschka: Escaping on the Kindertransport from Democratic Czechoslovakia
Tihana Klepac : Discourse of Difference: Rosa Campbell Praed’s My Australian Girlhood
Katalin Kürtösi: Life Writing and Biographical Plays: Emily Carr
Julia Novak : Biographical Fiction to Historiographic Metafiction: Rewriting Clara Schumann
Vanja Polic: The Texture of Everyday Life
Bernice Schrank: Telling It Like it Is (and Isn’t): Recreating the Self in Brendan Behan’s Borstal Boy
Wendy WARD: Does Autobiography Matter?: Fictions of the Self in Aleksandar Hemon’s The Lazarus Project
Éva Zsizsmann : Escaping Flimsy Formal Cages: Alice Munro’s Too Much Happiness as Fictionalised Biography

2011 – Volume 37, Number 1

Martin ADAM: Towards a Syntactic-Semantic Typology of Presentation Scale Sentences in Fiction Narratives
Magdaléna BILÁ and Anna DŽAMBOVÁ: A Preliminary Study on the Function of Silent Pauses in L1 and L2 Speakers of English and German
Marta DYNEL: Stranger than Fiction? A Few Methodological Notes on Linguistic Research in Film Discourse
Ela KREJČOVÁ: “That’s an Interesting Question, Indeed, not Only for You and I”: A (Non-Systematic) Fluctuation of Personal Pronoun Forms
Paul LENNON: Ludic Language: The Case of the Punning Echoic Allusion
Judit NAGY: Metaphors of Weather in Canadian Short Prose
Douglas PONTON: Getting Past the Gatekeepers: Membership and Identity in 5-Live’s ‘World Football Phone-in’
Barbara SOUKUP: Speaker Design in the Context of Southern American English: Process Models and Empirical Evidence
Dita TRČKOVÁ: Multi-Functionality of Metaphor in Newspaper Discourse
Ludmila ZEMKOVÁ: The Analysis of Gender Markers in Animals
Milena KOSTIĆ: Pop Culture in Mark Ravenhill’s Plays Shopping and Fucking and Faust is Dead
Iva POLAK: The One about Coyote Going West: Mimesis and Ethics in Multicultural Literary Landscapes of Canada and Australia

2010 – Volume 36, Number 2

Transgressive (Auto)Biography as Genre and Method  (complete issue)

Transgressive (Auto)Biography as Genre and Method: An Introduction
Rebekah BLOYD: Real Deep Surprises
Sharon BUTALA: Remember This: Transgression in Memoirs: The Perfection of the Morning and The Girl in Saskatoon
Donna COATES: “Disturbers of the Peace”: Lynda Van Devanter’s Home Before Morning: The Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam and W. D. Ehrhart’s Passing Time: Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War
Amanda HALE: Imagining a Geometry of the Soul
Theresa KISHKAN: Quercus virginiana: Degrees of Separation
Raili MARLING: Masculinity in the Margins: Hidden Narratives of the Selfin T. E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Thomas McCONNELL: Writing It Up, Writing It Down
Richard PICKARD: Reluctance, Protest, and Hybridity: Environmental Engagementin Memoirs from British Columbia
Randall ROORDA: Footprint: In Lieu of Life Story
Christopher STUART: Learning to Live Between the Lines: The Survival of Autobiography as Genre and the Example of Tobias Wolff’s This Boy’s Life
Aritha van HERK: Running [From] the Family Toward Story
Stephen HARDY: Barbara Caine: Biography and History
Martina HORÁKOVÁ: Bart Moore-Gilbert: Postcolonial Life-Writing: Culture, Politicsand Self-Representation

BSE 2010-36-1 FRONT PAGE ONLY2010 – Volume 36, Number 1

Marina DOSSENA: Dialect and Vernacular Features in Late Modern English Correspondence: Beginnings of a Quest
Libuše DUŠKOVÁ: Syntactic Construction, Information Structure and Textual Role: An Interface View of the Cleft Sentence
Jesús FERNÁNDEZ-DOMÍNGUEZ: N+N Compounding in English: Semantic Categories and the Weight of Modifiers
Irena HEADLANDOVÁ KALISCHOVÁ: Intonation in Discourse: Why Do Czech Speakers of English Not Always Use It to Enhance the Meaning?
Leonhard LIPKA: Observational Linguistics, Neologisms, Entrenchment, and the Tea Party Movement
María Martínez LIROLA and Bradley SMITH: Contextual Functions of Predicated Themes in Written Text: Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country (1948) as Dialogue with Apartheid South Africa
Dagmar SAGEDER: Terminology Today: A Science, an Art or a Practice? Some Aspects on Terminology and Its Development
Katarina LABUDOVÁ: Power, Pain, and Manipulation in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood
Dominika LEWANDOWSKA: Scotland as a Space of the Imagi-nation in Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things
Andrew MADIGAN: Salinger’s Nascent Buddhism: Non-Dualism, Siddha and Wu Wei in ‘Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut’
David MALCOLM: “It is America I can’t contain”: Poetry and Identity in Anne Stevenson’s Correspondences
Ivona MIŠTEROVÁ: Translation and Performance: the Presentation of Shakespeare in Pilsen in the Context of Social and Political Events in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Klara SZMAŃKO : Representations of History in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
Jan CHOVANEC: Sally Johnson and Astrid Ensslin (eds.) Language in the Media
Pavel DRÁBEK: Zdeněk Stříbrný and Z deněk Beran (eds.) Tušivá rozpomnění: Jezerní básníci [Shadowy Recollections: The Lake Poets]
Marta DYNEL: Neal R. Norrick and Delia Chiaro (eds.) Humor in Interaction
Stephen HARDY: Paul Cobley (ed.): The Routledge Companion to Semiotics

2009 – Volume 35, Number 2

Title page + contents

Discourse As Function: Introduction

Jan CHOVANEC: Ludmila Urbanová: An Appreciation


Jana CHAMONIKOLASOVÁ: Word Order and Linear Modification in English

Libuše DUŠKOVÁ: Noun Modification in Fiction and Academic Prose

Aleš KLÉGR: “The Fifth Element”: A Remark on the FSP Factors


Karin AIJMER: Please: A Politeness Formula Viewed in a Translation Perspective

Angela DOWNING: Surely as a Marker of Dominance and Entitlement in the Crime Fiction of P.D. James

Renata POVOLNÁ: On Contrastive Relations in Academic Spoken Discourse


Jan CHOVANEC: Simulation of Spoken Interaction in Written Online Media Texts

Olga DONTCHEVA-NAVRATILOVA: Interpersonal Meanings in the Genre of Diplomatic Addresses

Milan FERENČÍK: ‘Doing interrupting’ as a Discursive Tactic in Argumentation: A Post-Pragmatic Politeness Theory Perspective


Hans SAUER: How the Anglo-Saxons Expressed Their Emotions with the Help of Interjections

Herbert SCHENDL: William Harvey’s Prelectiones Anatomie Universalis (1616): Code-Switching in Early Modern English Lecture Notes

Jarmila TÁRNYIKOVÁ: English Borrowings in Czech: Health to our Mouths?

Journal information

2009 – Volume 35, Number 1

The Fiftieth Anniversary of Brno Studies in English (Preface)

Ludmila URBANOVÁ: In Honour of Josef Vachek

Miroslav BÁZLIK: Common Errors Committed in Translating (Not Only) Legal Documents

Marta DYNEL: Where Cooperation Meets Politeness: Revisiting Politeness Models in View of The Gricean Framework

Isabel ERMIDA: When the Trails Go Cold: British Press Narratives on Maddie

María Martínez LIROLA: Immigration News in the Free Press: Linguistic and Visual Characteristics

Aylin ATILLA: Between the Acts: A Step Beyond the Traditional Historical Novel

Klára BICANOVÁ: The Dangers of Wit: Re-examination of C.S. Lewis’s Study of a Word

Anna CETERA: Translating the Translated: The Evergreen Classics Storm the Publishing Market Again

Rainer EMIG: Reverse Translation – Perverse Translation? The Strategies of Alexander McCall Smith’s The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Novels

Roy GOLDBLATT: Work as a Mode of Assimilation in Twentieth-Century Jewish American Literature

Janka KASČÁKOVÁ: "My Flowerless Ones": Representations of Unmarried Women in the Short Stories of Katherine Mansfeld

Dagmar PEGUES: Regional Aesthetics: The Formation of Identities and Stereotypes in the Fiction of Grace King and Kate Chopin The Seven Sisters by Margaret Drabble

Sebnem TOPLU: Woman's Third Age: The Seven Sisters by Margater Drabble

Jan CHOVANEC: Anthony J. Liddicoat: An Introduction to Conversation Analysis

Stephen P. HARDY and Michael M. KAYLOR: Martin Procházka: Transversals

2008 – Volume 34 

Martin ADAM: Potentiality as a Natural Phenomenon within Functional Syntax

Wallace CHAFE: Aspects of Discourse Analysis

Patrick HANKS: How to Say New Things: An Essay on Linguistic Creativity

Renata KAMENICKÁ: Towards a Static/Dynamic Explicitation Hypothesis?

Torsten MÜLLER: An Important Type of Unplanned Spoken Language: A Brief History of Football Commentary in England and Germany

Tomáš KAČER: Criticism of Apartheid in Blood Knot in Comparison with Two Trains Running and Philadelphia, Here I Come!

Rama KUNDU: ‘To name the unnamable’: Thomas Hardy’s Use of Classical Myths in Tess

Zsófia Anna TÓTH: Greta Garbo, Her Transgressions and Unconventional Ways On and Off Screen

Theodora TSIMPOUKI: Realism, Narrative Visuality and the Hieroglyphic World of Newland Archer

Zenó VERNYIK: “fourdimensional ideas into a twodimensional stage”: E. E. Cummings’ and László Moholy-Nagy’s Aesthetics of Drama and Theater

Reviews / Recenze:

Milada FRANKOVÁ: Ema Jelínková: Ambivalence v románech Muriel Sparkové [Ambivalence in Muriel Spark’s Novels]

Martina HORÁKOVÁ: Do We Need a Literary Canon?: The Politics of Canon (Trans)Formation. Review of Šárka Bubíková: Literatura v Americe, Amerika v literatuře: Proměny amerického literárního kánonu [Literature in America, America in Literature: Transformations of American Literary Canon]

2007 – Volume 33

Martin ADAM: On Semantic Determinacy of Dialogues Within the Framework of Written Religious Discourse
Jan CHOVANEC: The Role of Nationality Contrasts in the Discursive Construction of an Ingroup Member: The Woodward Case in the Telegraph
Renata KAMENICKÁ: Defining Explicitation in Translation
Naděžda KUDRNÁČOVÁ: Caused Motion Events as Complex Structures
Gabriela MIŠŠÍKOVÁ: Pragmatic Dimensions in Stylistic Analysis
Olga Dontcheva-NAVRATILOVA: Style Markers of Resolutions: Clause Patterns and Verb Complementation
Peter NEWMARK: A New Theory of Translation
Sabine Coelsch-Foisner and Johannes Coelsch: Visitor Attractions: Space and Dramaturgy
Jiří FLAJŠAR: The Predicament of Jewish American Poetry
Zuzana FONIOKOVÁ: The Selective Narrator: Construction of the Past in Kazuo Ishiguro’s An Artist of the Floating World
Martina HORÁKOVÁ: Alternative (Hi)stories in Stolen Generation and Residential School Narratives: Reading Indigenous Life Writings by Doris Pilkington and Shirley Sterling
Tomáš KAČER: “I am Britannia, the Spirit of Our Age”: Time Shifting as a Study of the Idea of Progress in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia and Shelagh Stephenson’s An Experiment with an Air Pump
Kateřina KOTAČKOVÁ: Václav Renč and the Influence of Otokar Fischer on his Work
Tomáš POSPÍŠIL: Sam and Me, Masala and Double Happiness: Multicultural Experience in Canadian Film of the Early 1990s

Reviews / Recenze:

Martina VRÁNOVÁ: Kaylor, Michael Matthew, Secreted Desires: The Major Uranians: Hopkins, Pater and Wilde. Brno: Masaryk University, 2006, 497 pp.
Kateřina PRAJZNEROVÁ: Michal Peprník, Topos lesa v americké literatuře [The Topos of the Forest in American Literature]. Brno: Host, 2005, 252 pp.
Milada FRANKOVÁ: Zdeněk Stříbrný, Proud času. Stati o Shakespearovi [The Flow of Time. Essays on Shakespeare], Praha: Karolinum 2005, 407 pp.

2006 – Volume 32

Lidia KYZLINKOVÁ: Milada Franková is Sixty
Martin ADAM: The Horizontal – Vertical Dichotomy in FSP
Jan CHOVANEC: Competitive Verbal Interaction in Online Minute-by-Minute Match Reports
Olga Dontcheva-NAVRATILOVA: Style Markers of Resolutions: Form and Function of Adverbial Structures
Naděžda KUDRNÁČOVÁ: The Simple and the Progressive with Single-phase Body Part Movements
Jiří RAMBOUSEK: Translation in Times of Open Sources: Need for New Definition and Approaches?
Nina BOSNIČOVÁ: Malcolm X and the Fair Sex: Representation of Women in Malcolm X’s Autobiography
Zuzana FONIOKOVÁ: The Butler’s Suspicious Dignity: Unreliable Narration in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day
Milada FRANKOVÁ: “Come along, quick, quick, don’t keep Father waiting.” Family Drama in Edna O’Brien’s Virginia
Bernd HERZOGENRATH: (American) Culture and Its Discontents – The Case of F. W. Murnau
Ema JELÍNKOVÁ: Jane Austen and the Blissful Amnesia in Northanger Abbey
Michael Matthew KAYLOR: “Because Beneath the Lake a Treasure Sank”: Dolben as Johnson’s Uranian Heir
Rama KUNDU: Rushdie’s Story of ‘The Sea of Stories’: The Text as an Echoing Space
Tomáš POSPÍŠIL: Moon over Harlem: Edgar G. Ulmer, the Race Movies and the New Negro Agenda
Zsófia Anna TÓTH: Chicago in Its Doubles

Reviews / Recenze:

Renata POVOLNÁ: Sirma Wilamová, On Expressing Negative Politeness in English Fictional Discourse, Spisy Filozofické fakulty Ostravské univerzity, Vol. 154, 2005, 157 pp.

2005 – Volume 31

Chamonikolasová, Jana: K jubileu Ludmily Urbanové
Newmark, Peter: Remembering Jan Firbas
Dontcheva-Navrátilová, Olga: Text Typology of Resolutions
Kudrnáčová, Naděžda: Oscillatory Corporeal Verbs from a Semantico-Syntactic Perspective
Povolná, Renata: Some Notes on Interactive Discourse Items in Spoken English
Tkachuk, Tetyana: Idioms Inside Out: Money in English Idioms
Urbanová, Ludmila: Is Stylistics a Controversial Branch of Language Study?
Wilamová, Sirma: On the Function of Hedging Devices in Negatively Polite Discourse
Newmark, Peter: The Translator as Writer
Bloyd, Rebekah: Sounds and Silences in the Jamaican Household: Michelle Cliff’s “Columba”
Bosničová, Nina: Changing Perspectives on Religion in African American Women’s Autobiographies
Drábek, Pavel: František Nevrla’s Translation of Hamlet
Franková, Milada: Jane Rogers’s Novel Explorations
Kyzlinková, Lidia: Rendell/Vine: The Historical Universality of Degradation Between Nations and Genders
Pospíšil, Tomáš: Spies, Bombers, Liberators and Lovers: Images of Americans in Czech Film
Poveda, Jaume Albero: Villains and the Representations of Evil in J. R. R. Tolkien‘s Fiction of Middle-Earth
Přidalová, Jana: Symbolic Images of Mimesis, Tromp l’Oeil and a Veil in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale
Vránová, Martina: Intertextuality in Love Among the Ruins

2004 – Volume 30

Věra PÁLENSKÁ: In Memory of Docent PhDr. Lidmila Pantůčková, CSc
Martin ADAM, FSP analysis of a distributional macrofield
Radomíra BEDNÁŘOVÁ, Salem witchcraft trials as evidence of spelling diversity in early American English
Piotr CZAJKA, A dynamic model of text and its axiological dimension
Naděžda KUDRNÁČOVÁ, On rubbing and wringing one’s hands
Jonathan S. PEARL,The kinship of music and language
Jiří RAMBOUSEK, On English signboards
Michał GARCARZ, Young Poles and their casual speech: the process of colloquialisation of the contemporary Polish language
Tomasz P. GÓRSKI, Selected aspects of verse translation: William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and its Polish translations by Stanisław Barańczak and Maciej Słomczyński
Jitka VLČKOVÁ, Immigrants’ integration into the mainstream culture in Australia (as reflected in personal advertisements)
Nina BOSNIČOVÁ, Lonely fighters and communal talkers: a comparative analysis of male and female slave narratives
Anna BUDZIAK, Oscar Wilde’s refutation of “depth” in The Picture of Dorian Gray: a reading
Milada FRANKOVÁ, Maureen Duffy’s European interest: Illuminations, Restitution
Stephen HARDY, Manchester and its meanings: towards a cultural politics of devolution
Martina NOSKOVÁ, The Eternal Female: a contribution to the gendered readings  of William Blake’s Thel and Oothoon.
Tomáš POSPÍŠIL, The liberal message films of the late 1940s and the position of African-Americans
Klara SZMAŃKO, The trope of Name Woman in American fiction and ethnography featuring Asian Women
Piotr ZAZULA, Personal icons: women and goddesses in Eliot, Williams, and Roethke

Reviews / Recenze:

Miroslav ČERNÝ, Györffy, Mária. English for Doctors. Authentic Consulting – Room Activities for Doctors, Dentists, Students and Nurses with complementary recorded matierial. Havlíčkův Brod: Triton, 2001, 226 p.
Tomáš POSPÍŠIL, Prem Poddar. Violent Civilities: English, India, Culture. Aarhus: Aarhus UP, 2002, 214 p.

2003 – Volume 29

Jana Chamonikolasová: Pitch patterns of English and Czech indicative and interrogative sentences
Renata Povolná: Some notes on the use of I mean in English face-to-face conversation
Jitka Vlčková: Personal advertisements in a tabloid and a broadsheet
Martin Adam: Poetic religious text and FSP
Jan Chovanec: The mixing of modes as a means of resolving the tension between involvement and detachment in news headlines
Josef Fronek: Pronoun envy
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: Spasmodic body part movements
Jaromír Kadlec and Jan Holeš: Language laws, linguistic situation and position of French-speaking population in Canadian province of Ontario
Eva Golková: Bibliography of the publications of Professor Jan Firbas
Teodor Hrehovčík: The Callan method or "English in a quarter of the time"
Milada Franková: Marina Warner's Sibyls and their tales
Lidia Kyzlinková: Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine: racial otherness and conservative Englishness
Kateřina Prajznerová: Cultural cross-pollination in Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop
Markéta Rysová: Doubling as the device of focalizing in Shakespeare's Henry IV
Jiří Flajšar: Is there a new trend in literary and culture criticism?

Reviews / Recenze:

Jana Chamonikolasová: Jun Qian: Towards a Relational-Perspective Approach to Syntactic Semantics. Beijing: People's Education Press 2001
Table of Contents

2002 – Volume 28

Jana Chamonikolasová: The seventieth birthday of Professor Josef Hladký
Martin Adam: Some Special Aspects within the Th- and the Rh-layers
Jan Čermák: A Diachronic Perspective on Old English Deadjectival Nouns Ending in -p(u)/-t(u)
Libuše Dušková and Tomáš Klégr: Coordination as a factor in article usage
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: The Internal Semantic Stucture Of Nod And Shrug
Milan Růžička: Temporalisation of Eventualities
Jitka Vlčková: Social Values, Their Linguistic Coding and Changes Through Time
Zdeňka Brandejská: Devising Consolation: The Mental Landscapes of Stoppard's Arcadia
Pavel Drábek: The Prophetess and Life is a Dream
Milada Franková: The Loving Gaze of the Everyday in the Words of Michěle Roberts's Prose
Lidia Kyzlinková: Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine: Social Thriller On The Crocodile Bird and Asia's Book
Kateřina Prajznerová: Testing the Psychological and Social Limits of Female Im/Potency: Transgressive Elements in Elizabeth Inchbald's A Simple Story
Lucie Janoušová: A Cultural Approach to Understanding Northern Ireland
Table of Contents

2001 – Volume 27

Jana Chamonikolasová: In Memory of Jan Firbas
Hana Katrňáková: Sociolinguistic and Pragmatic Aspects of Public Speaking Discourse
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: Agent-oriented Dynamicky in Body Part Motion Verbs Put, Bring and Hold
Renata Povolná: Factors Influencing the Clause Position of Spatial and Temporal Adverbials
Ludmila Urbanová: On the Language of Authentic English Conversation
Milada Franková: The Subtle Art of Jane Gardan
Don Sparling: The Uses of History—Some Thoughts on Historical Fiction
Don Sparling and Tomáš Pospíšil: Thirteen Ways of Looking at America
Table of Contents

2000 – Volume 26

Jana Chamonikolasová: On the Capacity of Different Word Classes to Signal Prosodic Prominence
Naděžda Kudrnášová: Impulsivity and Suppressed Quantization in Body Part Motion Verbs
Renata Povolná: Some Notes on Spatial and Temporal Adverbials with Regard to Functional Sentence Perspective (Based on Conversational Texts from the LLC)
Ludmila Urbanová: Accentuation in Authentic English Conversation
Milada Franková: The Mercurial Time of Jeanette Winterson's Prose
Lucie Janoušová: Chatwins' Hill
Stephen Hardy: Placiality: The Renewal of the Significance of Place in Modern Cultural Theory
Tomáš Pospíšil: The Right Thing and After: The Construction of African American Identity in Recent American Film
Table of Contents

1999 – Volume 25

Jan Firbas: "Dogs must be carried on the escalator" (A case study in FSP potentiality)
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: On impulsive verbs in body part movements
Renata Povolná: Some notes on realization types of spatial and temporal adverbials with regard to their syntactic obligatoriness and semantic classification (Based on Conversational Texts from the LLC)
Milan Růžička: Some marginal notes on polarity and negation
Dana Šlancarová: On the use of italics in English and Czech
Pavol Štekauer: Fundamental principles of an onomasiological theory of word-formation in English
Ludmila Urbanová: On vagueness in authentic english conversation
Anthony Chennells: Essential diversity: Post-colonial theory and African literature
Milada Franková: Angela Carter's mannerism in Rudolf II's curious room
Lidia Kyzlinková: Darley's and Tennyson's verse tragedies on Thomas Becket
Kateřina Prajznerová: Female relationships and social transformation in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The house of the Seven Gables and William Faulkner's Flags in the dust
Steve Hardy: Old places, new spaces: Recent developments in British cultural geography
Tomáš Pospíšil: Narrative cinema as teacher's pleasure: The importance of American film in the American studies classroom
Table of Contents

1998 – Volume 24

Ludmila Urbanová: Professor Jan Svartvik – a new doctor honoris causa from Masaryk University
Josef Hladký: Addenda and corrigenda to the Bibliography of Josef Vachek in BSE 23
Jan Firbas: On some basic issues of the theory of functional sentence perspective V (Some more thoughts on Marie Luise Thein's critique of the theory)
Josef Hladký: Notes on reduplicative words in English
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: Intentionality of action in body part movements
Renata Povolná: Some notes on spatial and temporal adverbials in English conversation
Ludmila Urbanová: Impersonality in radio interviews as a manifestation of semantic indeterminacy
Jitka Vlčková: Language and ideology: 'Nationalism' and racial coding in Australian personal advertisements
Milada Franková: The Anti-Irish Stereotype in Molly Keane's Black Comedy
Anna Grmelová: 'The Prussian Officer' in the Context of D.H. Lawrence's Short Fiction
Steve Hardy: The Significance of Place in the Fictions of Raymond Williams and Iain Sinclair
Table of Contents

1997 – Volume 23

Jan Firbas: A tribute to Professor Josef Vachek
Josef Hladký: Bibliography of Professor Josef Vachek's works
Jana Chamonikolasová: On the communicative functions of nucleus bearers (A contrastive study of Czech and English)
Jan Firbas: On some basic issues of the theory of functional sentence perspective IV (Notes on Marie Luise Thein's critique of the theory)
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: A note on the semantics of body part movements
Milada Franková: Molly Keane's black comedy: A critique of a class
Iva Gilbertová: Wole Soyinka: A Scourge of Hyacinths
Lidia Kyzlinková: Social issues in Agatha Christie's mysteries: Class, crime, country, clothes and children
Art Redding: 'God the linguist teaches us to breathe': Ivan Blatný's English poems
Margarete Rubik: National identity, international life-styles and cosmopolitan culture in Margaret Atwood's 'Significant Moments in the Life of my Mother', 'Hurricane Hazel' and 'Unearthing Suite'
Don Sparling: Historical fiction and Douglas Glover's The Life and Times of Caption N.
Steve Hardy: Exercising the ghosts of locality: A few notes
Jiří Rambousek: The Czech translation of Samuel T. Coleridge's The Ancient Mariner: What were Sladek's errors according to Palivec?
Table of Contents

1996 – Volume 22

Aleš Svoboda: Jan Firbas – seventy-five years young
Bryan Mosey, Jana Chamonikolasová: Nucleus position and tone unit length in English and Czech
Jan Firbas: A case study in linear modification (On translating Apoc. 21.6b)
Josef Hladký: The first Latin words in English
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: The verbs fall, sink, sag and droop in body part movements
Ludmila Urbanová: Modification of the illocutionary force
Jitka Vlčková: Text typology of personal advertising
Milada Franková: The Unbridgeable Gulf: the Sense of Division in Jennifer Johnston's The Railway Station Man
Steve Hardy: Place and Identity in Contemporary British Fiction
Bernd-Peter LANGE, Chess as Text: Nabokov's Pale Fire
Table of Contents

1995 – Volume 21

Jana Chamonikolasová: Intonation centre in English and Czech sentences
Jan Firbas: Retrievability span in functional sentence perspective
Eva Golková: Rheme in English and Czech
Ludmila Urbanová: On the status of declarative questions in English conversation
Jitka Vlčková: Social identity and its reflection in communication
Milada Franková: The Green Knight and the myth of the Green Man
Iva Gilbertová: Wole Soyinka: Death and the King's Horseman
Lydie Kyzlinková: Thomas Becket in English poetic drama
Tomáš Pospíšil: 42nd Parallel, Ragtime and film
Steve Hardy: London and English studies: A conversation piece
Don Sparling: The true North strong and free
Table of Contents

1993 – Volume 20

Josef Vachek: Present-day (w), its form and funtlion in present-day English
Paul L. Garvin: Styles of codification
Jan Firbas: Can the functional perspective of a spoken sentence be predicted from that of its written counterpart?
Douglas Shield Dix: The other canon: literary history and marginalized texts
Milada Franková: Human relatlonships in the novels of Iris Murdoch
Iva Gilbertová: Aké: Wole Soyinka's first autobiography
Steve Hardy: Poetry, culture and the nation state: (some) recent British perspectives
Martin Krejza: The developmnent of the word sentimental
Don Sparling: Native Canadian literature
Table of Contents

1991 – Volume 19

In honour of Josef Hladký's sixtieth birthday
Jan Firbas: Josef Hladký – sexagenarian
Eva Go1ková: Bibliography of Josef Hladký's works
Miroslav Báz1ik: Some notes on English and Slovak personal pronouns
Ada Bohmerová: Some notes on the history of Slovak Anglicist lexicography
Jan Čermák: Beowulf 566: What ebbing waves would leave
Jana Chamonikolasová: Pronouns, functional setence perspective and intonation
Libuše Dušková: The complex sentence in British and Czech grammar
Jan Firbas: On some basic issues of the theory of functional sentence perspective III
Paul L. Garvin: Czechoslovak linguistics and the world
Eva Golková: The sentence/clause beginnings in English and Czech
Libuše Hornová: Czech equivalents of English ing-forms as noun postmodifiers
Jaroslav Macháček: Componential analysis in English verb complementation
Ludmila Urbanová: On discourse functions in the English language of conversation
Josef Vachek: On spoken directives for building up written utterances
Josef Grmela: Some problems of the critical reception of Stephen Crane's Maggie, A girl of the streets
Soňa Nováková: The great lie, or the case of the lost women
Lidmila Pantůčková: British and American literature in Jan Neruda's magazíne Pictures of Life (Obrazy života)
Table of Contents

1989 – Volume 18

Josef Vachek: The graphemes (y) and (h) in English and Czech
Jan Firbas: Degrees of communicative dynamism and degrees of prosodic prominence
Jana Chamonikolasová: Personal pronouns, functional sentence perspective and intonation
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: On the semantics of constructions expressing body part movements
Jules Zanger: Some differences between American and British fantasy literature
Allan Flint: The poet as historical biographer: Amy Clampit's Margaret Fuller, 1847

In honour of Professor Vachek's eightieth birthday:
Jan Firbas: Professor Josef Vachek — Founder of the linguistics section of the English Department of Masaryk University
Paul L. Garvin: Professor Vachek (revisited) — some contemporary issues in the study of speech and writing
(p. 113)

Table of Contents

1987 – Volume 17

Jan Firbas: Thoughts on functional sentence perspective, intonation and emotiveness. Part Two
Jan Firbas: On some basic issues of the theory of functional sentence perspective II (On Wallace L. Chafe's views on new and old information and communicative dynamism
Aleš Svoboda: Functional perspective of the noun phrase
Eva Golková: On FSP functions of the first syntactic element in the English sentence
Jana Chamonikolasová: Loose elements in colloquial English
Josef Hladký: A coroner's inquest in eight newspaper versions
Josef Hladký: Word division and syllabification in English
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: A note on the to-adjunct and the for-adjunct in their evaluative use
Jessie Kocmanová: Lallans Today: The Evolution of Modern Scots (Lowlands) Prose
Table of Contents

1985 – Volume 16

Jan Firbas: Thoughts on functional sentence perspective, intonation and emotiveness
Jana Chamonikolasová: The internal structure, communicative value and prosodic weight of the English object
Eva Golková: On English adverbials of agency in the penultimate sentence position
Josef Hladký: Notes on the history of word division in English
Jaroslav Ondráček: On determination in English and Italian as compared with Finnish and Czech
Milena Šipková: The English equivalents of the Czech modal verb 'mít'
Lidmila Pantůčková: Jan Neruda's Use of Shakespeare in his Journalism
Tributes to Jessie Kocmanová, Samuel Kostomlatský and Jaroslav Ondráček
Table of Contents

1983 – Volume 15

Jan Firbas: On some basic issues of the theory of functional sentence perspective (Comments on Alexander Szwedek's critique)
Eva Go1ková: On adverbials of agency in English and Czech
Aleš Svoboda: Thematic elements
Josef Hladký: Parts of speech and spheres of modality in English and Czech
Jaroslav Ondráček: On some characteristic features of the conditional and the subjunctive in Italian and in English compared with Finnish and Czech
Lidmila Pantůčková: Addenda to the Bibliography of Professor František Chudoba's works
Renata Korpaková: 'The Waste Land' and 'A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle': A confrontation of two intellectual milestones
Eva Vonková: The emancipation of the Victorian heroine
Table of Contents

1981 – Volume 14

Josef Vachek: Jan Firbas – a sexagenarian?
Eva Golková: Jan Firbas's publications
Josef Hladký: A contrastive view of adverb frequency in English and in Czech
Jan Firbas: Scene and perspective
Aleš Svoboda: Two chapters on scene
Jessie Kocmanová: František Chudoba (1878—1941)
Lidmila Pantůčková, Jana Mikulášková: Bibliography of Professor František Chudoba's works
Eva Chalupová: The Thirties and the artistry of Lewis, Farrell, Dos Passos and Steinbeck
Jessie Kocmanová: Novel or romance: Problems of genre in contemporary English prose fiction
Samuel Kostomlatský: Analysis of rhythm effects in Alfred Tennyson's poem 'Crossing the Bar'
Jaroslava Sedláčková: Some remarks on formal innovations in Norman Mailer's The Armies of the Night
Aleš Tichý: The inorganic plot of Joseph Andrews
Larry Tjarks: Tragic fate in Marlowe and Chapman's 'Hero and Leander'
Table of Contents

1979 – Volume 13

Jan Firbas: Professor Josef Vachek Septuagenarian
Josef Hladký: Bibliography of Professor Josef Vachek's works 1968—1978
Jan Firbas: A functional view of 'ORDO NATURALIS'
Helga Chládková: English and German equivalents of the Czech adverb of manner examined from the point of view of functional sentence perspective
Josef Hladký: On the functions of some deverbative nouns in -er
Aleš Svoboda et al.: The ordered-triple theory continued
Table of Contents

1976 – Volume 12

Jan Firbas: A study on the functional perspective of the English and the Slavonic interrogative sentence
Bořivoj Herzlík: Some notes on the present perfect
Josef Hladký: A brief comment on some previous works on modality
Eva Horová: On position and function of English local and temporal adverbials
Jiří Hruška: An attempt at a linguistic characterology of prepositions in present-day English in comparison with Czech
Jaroslav Ondráček: Some more notes on the conditional and the future in English and in Italian
Aleš Svoboda et al.: An ordered-triple theory of language
Aleš Svoboda: Apropos of internal pragmatics
Table of Contents

1972 – Volumes 10 and 11

Lidmila Pantůčková: W. M. Thackeray as a Critic of Literature

Table of Contents
Chapter I: Thackeray's Qualifications as a Literary Critic
Chapter II: The Main Sources of Thackeray's Aesthetic Creed
Chapter III: Thackeray's Conception of Criticism
Chapter IV.1: Thackeray as a Critic of Fiction (part 1)
Chapter IV.2.I – IV.2.II: Thackeray as a Critic of Fiction (parts 2.I & 2.II)
Chapter IV.2.III – IV.2.IV: Thackeray as a Critic of Fiction (parts 2.III & 2.IV)
Chapter IV.2.V – IV.2.VI: Thackeray as a Critic of Fiction (parts 2.V & 2.VI)
Chapter IV.3: Thackeray as a Critic of Fiction (part 3)
Chapter V: Thackeray as a Reader and Critic of Poetry
Chapter VI: Thackeray's Dramatic and Theatrical Criticism
Chapter VII: Thackeray as a Critic of Non-Fiction Books

1970 – Volume 9

J. R. Crider: The Anti-Poet in Mac Flecknoe
Jessie Kocmanová: The Living Language of William Morris
Lidmila Pantůčková: Thackeray as a Reader and Critic of French Literature (part I)
Lidmila Pantůčková: Thackeray as a Reader and Critic of French Literature (part II)

1969 – Volume 8

J. Firbas: Professor Josef Vachek Sexagenarian
M. Adamus: Soundless Articulations
O. Akhmanova: What is the English we Use?
R. Berndt: Lexical Contrastive Analysis
D. Bolinger: Categories, Features, Attributes
E. J. Dobson: Notes on Sound-Change and Phoneme-Theory
J. Firbas; On the Prosodic Features of the Modern English Finite Verb-Object Combination as Means of Functional Sentence Perspective
V. Fried: The Notion of Diacritics in Modern English Graphology
D. B. Fry: The Linguistic Evidence of Speech Errors
A. G. Gimson: A Note on the Variability of the Phonemic Components of English Words
M. A. K. Halliday: Options and Functions in the English Clause
K. Hansen: Foreign Graphemes and Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondences in Modern English
J. Hladký: A Note on the Quantitative Evaluation of the Verb in English
B. Ilyish: Prepositions and Conjunctions in Present-Day English
G. Kirchner: Detached Observations on Prepositional Use in Modern, Especially American English
J. Krámský: Verb-Form Frequency in English
W. B. Lee: A Point about 'In' and 'Into'
J. Macháček: Historical Aspect of the Accusative with Infinitive and the Content Clause in English
J. Nosek: Internal Structure of English Colloquial Metaphor
J. Ondráček: Some Notes on Anteriority in Italian and in English
J. Peprník: Reporting Phrases in English Prose
I. Poldauf: Some Notes on the Signalization of the Plural in English Nouns
S. Potter: Attributes and Attributive Adjectives
M. Schlauch: The Two Styles of Thomas Usk
J. Šimko: A Few Notes Concerning the Interpretation and Classification of the English Verb
S. Štech: A Few Remarks on the Etymology of OE aedre 'vein'
B. Trnka: Conversion in English
O. Vočadlo: Dutch Loans in American English
C. L. Wrenn: The Earliest English Students of Russian
J. Hladký: Bibliography of Professor Josef Vachek's Works
Table of Contents

1968 – Volume 7

Jan Firbas: On the Prosodic Features of the Modern English Finite Verb as Means of Functional Sentence Perspective
Aleš Svoboda: The Hierarchy of Communicative Units and Fields as Illustrated by English Attributive Constructions (part I)
Aleš Svoboda: The Hierarchy of Communicative Units and Fields as Illustrated by English Attributive Constructions (part II)
Josef Hladký: An Attempt at a Quantitative Expression of the Communicative Value of the Verb in English and Czech
Eva Golková: On the English Infinitive of Purpose in Functional Sentence Perspective
Helga Breithutová: The Function of Tenses Used in Modern English Temporal Clauses
Karel Pala: On the Homonymy of Subject and Object in a Synthetic and an Analytical Language System
Table of Contents

1966 – Volume 6

Lidmila Pantůčková: The Aesthetic Views of W. M. Thackeray
Jessie Kocmanová: The Aesthetic Purpose of William Morris in the Context of His Late Prose Romances
Robert G. Collmer: The Function of Death in Certain Metaphysical Poems
Table of Contents

1964 – Volume 5

Jessie Kocmanová: The Poetic Maturing of William Morris. From the Earthly Paradise to the Pilgrims of Hope

Contents and Introduction
Chapter 1: The Harmony of Structure: The Earthly Paradise
Chapter 2: An Experiment in Communication: Love Is Enough
Chapter 3: The Wholeness of Maturity: Sigurd the Volsung
Chapter 4: Poetry for the Revolution: Occasional Lyrics and Later Poetry
Bibliography, Summary, Notes

1964 – Volume 4

Scanned articles are not available at the moment; they will be added soon.

Josef Vachek: On Peripheral Phonemes of Modern English
Jan Firbas: From Comparative Word-Order Studies
Eva Dvořáková: On the English and Czech Situational Adverbs in Functional Sentence Perspective

Table of Contents


1961 – Volume 3

Josef Vachek: Some Less Familiar Aspects Of The Analytical Trend Of English
Jan Firbas: On the Communicative Value of the Modern English Finite Verb
Josef Hladký: Remarks on Complex Condensation Phenomena in Some English and Czech Contexts
Table of Contents
Publication information

1960 – Volume 2

Karel Štěpaník: On the Problem of Spenserian Inspiration in Keats's Poetry
Aleš Tichý: Remarks on the Flow of Time in the Novels of Henry Fielding
Ludmila Pantůčková: W. M. Thackeray's Literary Criticism in the Morning Chronicle (1844-1848)
Jessie Kocmanová: Two Uses of the Dream-Form as a Means of Confronting the Present with the National Past: William Morris and Svatopluk Čech
Table of Contents
Publication information

1959 – Volume 1

Josef Vachek: Two Chapters on Written English
Jan Firbas: Thoughts on the Communicative Function of the Verb in English, German and Czech
Karel Štěpaník: The Reflection of Social Reality in Keats's Poems and Letters
Ludmila Pantůčková: The "Newgate School" of Romance and its Place in the English Literature in the Eighteen-Thirties
Jessie Kocmanová: The Revolt of the Workers in the Novels of Gissing, James and Conrad
Table of Contents
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