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Theory and Practice in English Studies

by Jiří Rambousek last modified 2017-05-25 09:30


The peer reviewed electronic journal Theory & Practice in English Studies (E-ISSN: 1805-0859) publishes original, scholarly articles in the main areas of English and American Studies: Literature, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, and Translation Studies. The journal’s goal is to participate in, and to further, the various discourses in these areas, both among established scholars and postgraduate students.


The journal, which evolved from an eponymous series of conference proceedings (2003-2005), has been published, in its present manifestation, since 2012.

The journal is published bi-annually.

The publisher of the journal is Masaryk University, Žerotínovo nám. 9, 611 77 Brno, Czech Republic. The journal is edited and managed by the Doctoral Students of the Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. The journal is financed through funds provided by both the Faculty of Arts and its Department of English and American Studies.

Editorial Board:

doc. PhDr. Magdaléna Bilá, Ph.D., University of Presov
doc. Mgr. Pavel Drábek, Ph.D., University of Hull
doc. PaedDr. Alena Kačmárová, Ph.D., University of Presov
PhDr. Jozef Pecina, Ph.D., University of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Trnava
Mgr. Alena Smiešková, Ph.D., University of Constantin the Philosopher, Nitra
doc. Szilárd Szentgyörgyi, Ph.D., University of Pannonia, Veszprém
Mgr. Dita Trčková, Ph.D., Tomas Bata University, Zlín
PhDr. Michaela Weiβ, Ph.D., Silesian University, Opava
doc. Michael Kaylor, PhD, Masaryk University, Brno (THEPES Faculty Advisor)

Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

The Editorial Staff welcomes external typescripts sent electronically to the e-mail address of the current Editor-in-Chief, Mgr. Ivona Schöfrová: Each article will be published along with an abstract and the contact details of its author or co-authors. Only texts in English will be accepted, and those submitting are responsible for the appropriate language-quality of their submissions.

The Review Process:

All submissions undergo a double-blind peer review, at the end of which two reviews are provided for internal use. None of the reviewers will come from the same institution as the author or co-authors of the submission. These reviews will not be provided to the author or co-authors, who will simply be informed that their article has been accepted or not.

Fulltext Archive / Archiv kompletních článků

THEPES, Vol. 7 (2014) - Issue 2



Entire volume


THEPES, Vol. 7 (2014) - Issue 1


Entire volume


THEPES, Vol. 6 (2013) - Issue 1


Entire volume


THEPES, Vol. 6 (2013) - Issue 2


Entire volume


THEPES, Vol. 5 (2012) - Issue 1

Jiří Šalamoun: Erasing the Binary Oppositions (?) - The Position of Women Characters in Ishmael Reed’s Japanese by Spring

Ludmila Volná: Between Memories and Identity - How Does One Tell One’s Own Story?

María Martínez Lirola: Exploring the Image of Women to Persuade in Multimodal Leaflets

Entire Volume


THEPES, Vol. 5 (2012) - Issue 2



Michaela Pňačeková: Recycling Contexts - Reconstructing Gender Identities in Daniel MacIvor’s A Beautiful View and Never Swim Alone

Soňa Pazderová: When We Are Them - An Analysis of the Portrayal of Unemployed and Migrating Britons in The Times

Tanja Cvetkovic: Reinventing Lives into Stories - Historical Autobiography in Alice Munro’s The View from Castle Rock


Entire Volume



 Archive of old issues (before 2012)

THEPES vol. 4 (2005)




Waldemar Zacharasiewicz: The Literary Construction of Canada, the ‘Other America’, and Its Transatlantic Ties
Zdeněk Beran: Teleny and the Question of fin-de-siècle Sexuality
Réka Mónika Cristian: Border Stories and Post-Nationalist American Identities: Reading Aurora Levins Morales and Bharati Mukherjee
Pavel Drábek: “There’s Magicke in the Web of it”: The Occult Dimension of Shakespeare’s Othello
Jiří Flajšar: Issues of Form in Contemporary American Poetry
Milada Franková: The Novelist, Theory and Reading
Pavlína Hácová: The Poet as Cultural Dentist: Ethnicity in the Poetry of Jackie Kay
Ema Jelínková: The Concept of Evil in Symposium and Not to Disturb
Lucie Johnová: Dark Tones and Corrupt Relationships in Measure for Measure
Michael M. Kaylor: “In Thy Cedarn Prison Thou Waitest”: Johnson’s Ionica and Uranian Intertextuality
Klára Kolinská: “All That They Saw Was the Message Itself”: Textual Calamities in Flaubert and De Mille
Christopher E. Koy: The Mule as Metaphor in the Fiction of Charles Waddell Chesnutt
Jadvyga Krūminienė: John Donne’s Sermons: Paradox as a Fundamental Structural Device
Katarína Labudová: From Retrospective to Reconstruction of the “Auto/biographical” Subject in Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood
Martina Nosková: “Sex and the Umma”: Sex and Religion Lived in Mohja Kahf’s Columns
Jaroslav Peprník: Perception of Canada in Czech Literature
Michal Peprník: Cooper’s Indians: Typology and Function
Iva Polak: Postcolonial Imagination and Postcolonial Theory: Indigenous Canadian and Australian Literature Fighting for (Postcolonial) Space
Martin Procházka: The “Neutral Ground” in History? Tully-Veolan in Waverley as a Zone of Contact
Debra Shulkes: Signs Not Taken for Wonders: Disavowing the Poetic Function in the Writing of Sylvia Plath
Ivona Škanderová: Shakespeare’s Plays in Pilsen Theatres
Kamila Vránková: Variations and Transformations of the ‘Lenore’ Motif in European Ballads
Éva Zsizsmann: Mapping Memory in B.S. Johnson’s The Unfortunates

 Zoltán Dragon: Adaptation of Intermedial Dialogue, or Tennessee Williams Goes to Hollywood
Kenneth Froehling: Asterisk (*) on Honesty: the Tragedy of Roger Maris
Štěpánka Korytová-Magstadt: A Transatlantic Bond: Czech Women’s Clubs in Chicago, 1890-1914
Paveł Laidler: The Significant Role of the Supreme Court in the United States and Canada. A Comparative Study
Tomáš Pospíšil: Attractive Ambiguities: Epistemological Uncertainty of the Films of David Cronenberg
Patricia Ráčková: Dangerous Liasons of Film and Literature: Two Film Versions of Choderlos de Lactos’ Epistolary Novel
Erik S. Roraback: Cinematic Movement within Orson Welles’s Mr. Arkadin/Confidential Report (1955) for a Newly Armed Eye
Don Sparling: Tinkering with Thanksgiving: The Canadian Approach
Lívia Szélpál: The Modern American City in Citizen Kane. An Unconventional History
Slávka Tomaščíková: Sitcom within British Studies
Zsófia Anna Tóth: The (Im)morality of the New Woman in the Early 20th Century
Zénó Vernyik: “decomposing in the mouth of New York”: Spatial New York City in E.E. Cummings’ Tulips & Chimneys
Clare Wallace: Responsibility and Postmodernity: Mark Ravenhill and 1990s British Drama
Łukasz Wordliczek: Representativeness and Separation of Powers: Pork Barrel Legislation and Private Bills

THEPES vol. 3 (2005)



Libuše Dušková: From the Heritage of Vilém Mathesius and Jan Firbas: Syntax in the Service of FSP
Martin Adam: Functional Macrofield Perspective?
Sigbjørn L. Berge: The Grammatical Nature of the English Modal Auxiliaries: a Hypothesis
Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova: Supplementive Clauses in Resolutions
Jana Chamonikolasová and Jaroslava Stašková: Some Difficulties Facing Native Speakers of Czech and Slovak in Writing in English
Jan Chovanec: Czeching Out Puns and Clichés in Football Reporting
Milan Ferenčík: Organization of Repair in Talk-in-Interaction and Politeness
Naďa Kudrnáčová: On the Semantics of English Verbs of Locomotion
Marcela Malá: Syntactic and Semantic Differences between Nominal Relative Clauses and Dependent wh-Interrogative Clauses
Markéta Malá: Semantic Roles of Adverbial Participial Clauses
Danica Maleková: The Status of Term in the Context of Law Writing
Michaela Martinková: Spatial Concepts in wide and broad
Daniel Pap: A Comparative Approach to English, German and Hungarian Verbal Particles
Renata Pípalová: On the Structural Aspect of Textual Hyperthemes
Renata Povolná: Some Discourse Items as Response Elicitors in English Face-to-Face and Telephone Conversation
Vladislav Smolka: Non-extraposed Subject Clauses
Tatyana Solomonik-Pankrasova: Semantics of Old English feorh: from Pagan to Christian Tradition
Kateřina Tomková: The Perception of Non-Native Pronunciation of English by Native Speakers
Ludmila Urbanová: English Conversation: Authentic and Fictional
Jana Vokáčová: A Comparative View of English, Czech, French and German Idioms
Göran Wolf: Grammarians Assess the English Language
Lucie Betáková: Health Education in English Language Classes: A Nightmare or a Challenge?
Melinda Dooly and Randall Sadler: Computers as Toolkits: Language E-learning through International Collaboration
Kateřina Dvořáková: Distinctive Features of the Waldorf Approach to Teaching Foreign Languages at Lower Primary Level
Jarmila Fictumová: E-learning for Translators and Interpreters: The Case of CMS Moodle
Světlana Hanušová and Petr Najvar: Do the Early Birds Really Catch the Worm? Demystifying the Factor of Early Age in Language Learning
Teodor Hrehovčík: What Do We Teach: Applied Linguistics or Language Teaching Methodology?
Stanislava Kasíková: Designing English Language Courses in Class Server
Hana Smíšková: Masaryk University Internationalization Project: Learner Beliefs and Expectations
Klára Szabó, Andrea Orosz and Mária Bakti: E-utopias: Cross-curricular Teaching through Multimedia CD-ROMs in Primary Education
Magdalena Paluszkiewicz-Misiaczek: Strategies and Methods in Dealing with Culture Specific Expressions on the Basis of Polish–English Translations of Certain Administrative and Institutional Terms
Jiří Rambousek: Unpublished Translations of Poe’s The Raven by František Nevrla

THEPES, vol. 2 (2004)


Theory and Practice in English Studies - Volume 2

Index Preface (Ludmila Urbanová) Conference opening speech (Jan Pavlík)


Don Sparling: Appropriating Thanksgiving – Plenary lecture
Alice Brabcová: Marriage in Seventeenth-Century England: The Woman’s Story
Šárka Bubíková: The Formation and Transformation of the American Literary Canon
Kenneth Froehling :Canadian Media Commentary on Resurgent Anti-Semitism and Israel in the 21st Century
Josef Grmela: The Czech Reception of Irish Literature: the 1930s
Anna Grmelová: Beyond the Traditional: An Attempt to Reassess E. M. Forster’s Fiction
Pavlína Hácová: The Stream Never Forgets Its Source: Themes explored in Lara (1997) by Bernardine Evaristo
Stephen Hardy: A Barking Dog?: Manchester Writing and English Regional Culture
Lucie Johnová: Patterns of Crossdressing in Shakespeare’s Comedies
Michael M. Kaylor: ‘The Divine Friend, Unknown, Most Desired’: The Problematic Uranian Poets
Blanka Klímová: Lexical Analysis of Annual Reports
Stanislav Kolář: Animal Imagery in Kosinski’s The Painted Bird and Spiegelman’s Maus
Christopher E. Koy: The Misunderstood Conclusion of Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson
Jaroslav Kušnír: Parody of Western in American Literature: Doctorow’s Welcome to Hard Times, and R. Coover’s The Ghost Town
Lidia Kyzlinková: Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine: Social Thriller, Ethnicity and Englishness
Bohuslav Mánek: The Czech Reception of G. M. Hopkin’s Poetry
Soňa Nováková: Sex and Politics: Delarivier Manley’s New Atalantis
Libora Oates-Indruchová: Initiation Motives in Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride
Nilüfer Öcel: Reading Films Through Different Glasses: Foreign Films in the Context of Turkey
Michal Peprník: The Recoil Effect of Retaliation: Leatherstocking’s Unerring Arm of (‘Divine’?) Justice
Patricia Ráčková: The Angel with a Hoof: Metamorphosis in Golding’s The Spire
Jiří Rambousek: Between Language Play and Language Game
Ralph Slayton: A Post-postmodern Reading of Lotte Kramer’s ‘Ice’
Kamila Velkoborská: J. A. Harrison: An Extraordinary Victorian Scholar
Helena Vladařová: Bernard Malamud (1914-1986): A Quest of A New Life
Rudolf Weiss: Mise en abyme in Pat Barker’s Regeneration
Olga Zderadičková: Scottish National Identity in the Works of James Kelman
Jakub Ženíšek: Slave Narratives as Part of the American Literary Canon







THEPES vol. 1 (2003)

Theory and Practice in English Studies - Volume 1


Title page — Preface (Ludmila Urbanová) — Contents — Conference opening speech (Jan Pavlík)

Jaroslav Peprník: English and the Czechs – Plenary lecture
Libuše Dušková: A side view of syntactic constancy of adverbials between English and Czech
Ludmila Urbanová: Some thoughts on the phatic communion and small talk in fictional dialogues
Aleš Klégr: The Czech conditional by and its correlates in English. A parallel corpus study
Naděžda Kudrnáčová: External temporal specification in English verbs of motion
Jan Čermák: A typological and quantitative perspective on consonant groups in late Old and early Middle English
Jaroslav Peprník: The semantics of food in Czech and English
Renata Povolná: Comment clauses in English face-to-face conversation
Jan Chovanec: The uses of the present tense in headlines
Renata Pípalová: Towards paragraph typology
Renata Kamenická: Between tentativeness and certainty: Research into one aspect of translator behaviour
Vladislav Smolka: Subject clauses and related structures
Martin Adam: Some problems of FSP of a religious text
Jana Hejlková: Some sociolinguistic aspects of professional dialogues
Jan Vomlela: Gender and animal nouns in selected web pages devoted to animal keeping and breeding
Eva Tandlichová: EFT coursebook in learner-centred learning and teaching
Zuzana Horaničová: The influence of cognitive psychology in a second language lnstruction
Radka Perclová: Primary and lower-secondary learners’ beliefs about foreign language learning
Lucie Betáková: Teaching practice as a motivational factor
Světlana Hanušová: Students’ and graduates’ views on ELTE study programmes in the Czech Republic
Natalie Orlova: Teaching American little-c culture to prospective teachers of English
Petra Lexová: The difficulties of evaluating English courses for the public
Anna Hlavňová: He who hesitates will be lost


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