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Lifelong Learning

by Portal Institutor last modified 2017-06-29 16:46

current state of catalogue of courses offered through lifelong learning


As far as the lifelong learning is concerned, special courses are offered by the Faculty of Arts and its training centres to students. They are extracurricular and therefore paid. Here are the following options in the field of English and American studies:

  • Language School at the Faculty of Arts (in Czech) – it offers English courses at all levels of language. The School has been founded by the Department of English and American Studies, therefore the teaching is focused on English. Intensive summer language courses are also offered. Web pages of the Language School are only in Czech, but if you are interested, please contact Ms Markéta Pilařová (tel. 549 49 4894, e-mail:
  • Two-semester study of English Language and Literature (in Czech) – paid study of an accredited degree programme. It is designed especially to students who are interested in full-time studies (but who for example failed the entrance exams); if the students are enrolled to full-time study, credits gained from the courses they have already passed may be transfered to it. For further information, contact Kateřina Kolářová (tel. 549 49 4216,

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