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Digital Resources

by Jiří Rambousek last modified 2014-06-05 00:30

Resources available at the Department of English and American Studies


This page lists mainly pre-paid digital resources available at the Department and MU; in most cases, the access to the resources is limited to computers within MU network.

(Click here for dictionaries and other free English resources.)

Access from elsewhere: pre-paid resources can be accessed from your notebook or home computer using Virtual Private Network (VPN); read more (in Czech) or consult Faculty's Centre for Information Technologies.

For public digital resources see links in e-learning courses and on web pages of the Sections, or use usual web browsers.
Google Scholar: search focused on academic resources.

ON-LINE RESOURCES available at the Department

Access to these resources has been supported by the LI, 1N and INFOZ Programmes of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

On-line resources  

Literature Online

A digital library: full text of over 350,000 works of literature in English (poetry, prose, drama) in reliable editions, with guaranteed correspondence to printed versions of the texts. Search across all full texts. Criticism anf theory - full-text articles and bibliography. (Includes MLA International Bibliography!)
Access: at 15 universities in the Czech Republic, and the National Library in Prague, no limit to the number of simultaneous users.

Literature Resource Center

New e-source at MU (January 2010)! Large full-text database of literary criticism and theory. Full text of over 900,000 full-text articles, critical essays and reviews from 350 scholarly journals and literary magazines, and much more. See more info from the provider.
Access: at 12 universities in the Czech Republic, and the National Library in Prague. Max. 3 simultaneous users at Masaryk University.

The Times Digital Archive


Complete archive of the 200 years' history of the paper. Možnost vyhledávání. Fully searchable. Pages are shown as facsimile of the printed edition. Texts can be printed but not downloaded as text.
Access: anywhere at MU, limited to 4 simultaneous users (if there are four people using the resouce, you'' have to wait).

The Times Literary Supplement


Complete archive of TLS from its origin to 1990. For later years, use the CD ROM listed under off-line resources.
Access: the same as for The Times Digital Archive. 

Oxford English Dictionary

The dictionary of English!
Access: anywhere at MU, no limit to the number of simultaneous users.

OFF-LINE RESOURCES available at the Department

Off-line resouces  
The Times Literary Supplement
Oct 1994 - Dec 2002
Full text of all TLS articles except feature articles. Searchable. Unlike the on-line version, teh CD lets you store articles as text.
Access: 1x CD-ROM. Please contact the Department's S.A.C.
Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare 11 main editions from First Folio (1623) to Cambridge edition (1863-6), 28 editions of individual plays and poems, plus selected apocryfes; over 100 adaptations from 17.-19. centuries.
Access: contact dr. Pavel Drábek
The Economist 2000 Searchable full text of the Year 2000.
Access: 1x CD-ROM. Please contact the Department's S.A.C.
The Guardian 2000
The Observer 2000
Searchable full text of both papers from the Year 2000
Access: 1x CD-ROM. Please contact the Department's S.A.C.
English Bibliography
15th Century to 1945
Includes 2,4 million records
Access: 2x CD-ROM, možnost prezenčního použití v SAC Katedry anglistiky a amerikanistiky.
English Bibliography 1901 to 1945 Approx. 2,3 million records.
Access: 2x CD-ROM; please contact the Department's S.A.C.
English Bibliography 1945 to the Present Bibliography of books in English since 1945, edition 3/2003. Also includes The British Library General Catalogue of Printed Books (BLC) to 1975.
Access: 1x DVD-ROM, please contact the Department's S.A.C.

Further resources available at Masaryk University

Všechny zdroje přístupné z MU a výběr zdrojů zvláště relevantních pro humanitní vědy

  vybrané elektronické zdroje přístupné na na MU

MU Resources

Complete list of all electronic resourses licensed to MU.
A selection of scholarly databases most relevant for English studies is given below. However, do check the complete page to make your own choice.


Specialized database of dozens of scholarly journals in humanities - full text!
Tip for use: do not forget to select the field you wish to search (e.g. Language and Literature)

Science Direct

Hundreds of journals (full text), some of them in humanities (Journal of Pragmatics; Linguistics and Education; Race and Society...)

EBSCO host
Research Databases

Choose the database relevant  to your topic (musical databases are listed separately, see MU Resources)


Journals from all fields of science and humanities, mainly full-text.
Start by clicking on "Clear all databases", then select the ones you want and click Continue.

Libraries and free resources

  Knihovny a veřejné zdroje
Catalog of the FF Central Library Direct link to the catalogue – you can switch to English, and then click on "Sign-in"; otherwise you can browse the catalogue as a guest
MoZeK Moravian Library Brno
NK ČR Praha National Library in Prague
Virtuální knihovna MU Access to all electronic services and to ccatalogues of all MU Libraries
The Online Books Page A good page listing all public electronic texts
Google Books On-line samples from printed books
OnlineCourses.Com Over 500 free online courses and classes from top universities










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