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Types and forms of study, study rules and regulations, study materials, etc.

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Study Programs and Branches

Currently accredited study programs and branches

Full description of department study program for the current academic year is also available for download in format (in Czech).

Information for Prospective Students

Latest information for prospective students

Information for Current Students

Latest information on study administration and organization, examination topics, list of courses.

Study Resources

Texts and other additional resources

Visit the Masaryk University Information System for a comprehensive list of , links to study resources, and .

Online Support

Online courses currently available

Two systems are deployed by the department for delivering online courses: ELF and IS MU.

is a course management system maintained by the Faculty of Arts.

See - courses offered currently at the department.

Notes: (1) Access to most courses is limited to students that have enroled on a given course in the Masaryk University Information System. (2) Some courses can be accessed also by guests, or by guests that have been given course enrolment key by the teacher of the course.

is a university website providing its visitors with an overview of e-learning tools and features incorporated into the Masaryk University Information System, examples of their use, and tips for their effective employment in online courses.




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