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The Department of Educational Sciences offers a four-year doctoral study programme in Education taught in English.


Doctoral studies may be carried out on a full-time or part-time basis. The programme includes comprehensive preparation for autonomous academic research. A thesis must make a contribution to knowledge in a specific area, meet rigorous academic standards and show evidence of originality.


As a student in the programme, student will receive advanced training in research methods, participate in regular seminars where academic staff provide support for your thesis in your chosen area of specialization and individual supervision and consultation with your supervisor. Other integral parts of the doctoral study programme include lectures from leading scholars in educational research, presentations from staff and a forum for discussion between students and scholars.


The study of postgradual programme contains the following disciplines: educational methodology, philosophy of education, educational psychology and a course chosen according to the student‘s focus on a particular field included in the study program. The study is built on student’s individual consultations and study effort as well as organized collective seminars. Full-time postgraduate students can participate in teaching courses provided by the department. During their study the students work on their doctoral theses and improve their knowledge of foreign languages. Students are supposed to pass examinations in two foreign languages. Students are expected to attend conferences and to publish in educational journals and other publications. According to their individual study plans, the students take examinations in the disciplines mentioned above. The preparation for examinations is individual under the guidance of the doctoral supervisor.


The Diploma Supplement model, which is part of the Diploma, was developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES.


Part of the doctoral studies are also guest lectures and panel discussions.

Brochure in English




Instructions for submitting the electronic application are available at . The tution fee per academic year is EUR 2500.

All applicants are required to pay an administrative fee (CZK 400) as instructed in the application form.

Only university graduates of MA programmes with a corresponding or similar specialization can be admitted to the doctoral programme after passing an entrance examination.

The time for submitting the application forms: twice a year. More information available here.



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Successfully Approved Thesis


There is a large variety of research projects under way as demonstrated by topics of some of the recently submitted and successfully approved doctoral thesis:

  • Curriculum Design: A Means of an English Language Teacher Professional Development;
  • Sketches of the Current Aesthetics Education: Definition, Context, Theory and Practice;
  • The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in the Language Training of University Students;
  • Transformation of 3rd Grade Student´s Preconception;
  • Narrative and Social Construction of Expert Teacher Professional Identity.

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