Jazykovědný spolek (JaSp): Přednáška dr. Konrada Herrmanna

  • 25. dubna 2017
  • 15:50 – 17:25
  • Učebna B2.24, FF MU, Arna Nováka 1, 60200 Brno

Dr. Ing. Konrad Herrmann
"Leopold Silberstein and the Prague Linguistic Circle"
(Přednáška proběhne v angličtině.)

ABSTRACT | Leopold Silberstein (1900-1941) was a Jewish slavicist and philosopher who worked at the Berlin University as a private scholar. When Hitler in 1933 came to power, he with his family went into exile to Prague. Here rapidly he came into contact with the Prague Linguistic Circle (PLK) and further scientific associations. He became a member of the PLK, gave several lectures and regularly reported about its activities in the “Prager Presse”. 1936 by order of the Foreign Ministry of the ČSR he undertook a lecture tour to Estonia and Finland. After the assault of the Hitler army on the Soviet Union he fell into the claws of the fascists who shot him in July 1941.
In his short life Leopold Silberstein wrote more than 100 publications on topics of Slavonic studies, philosophy and sociology. He unmasked the race ideology of the Nazis. He was an active culture propagandist of Czechoslovakia. The lecture focuses on his collaboration in the PLK.

Plakát A4: http://bit.ly/JaSp-Herrmann-A4

Jazykovědný spolek (JaSp) FF MU
Mgr. Anton Poludněv
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