Canadian Women Writing

This course is designed to give some idea of the rich variety of writing by Canadian women authors, both Anglophone and Francophone. The approach tends to be thematic, with each week's seminar focused on a particular area of concern. Two texts (indicated by FIL) are to be found in the anthology From Ink Lake, available from the departmental library. The Stone Angel (a novel) can also be borrowed from the same source. The rest of the texts should be photocopied by the students.

Assessment: 25% class participation; 25% credit test; 50% essay

Dr Don SparlingWinter semester 1997/98
Week of
Oct 6

Introduction - Women and writing in Canada

Oct 13 Self-expression
Sharon H. Nelson: "Scream"
Bronwen Wallace: "A Simple Poem for V.W."
Margaret Atwood: "Tricks with Mirrors"
Sylvia Maultash Warsh: "Renovating Maggie"

Oct 20 Mothers
Cynthia Flood: "Roses Are Red"
G.P. Greenwood: "Hippopotamus"
Audrey Thomas: "Real Mothers"

Oct 27 Families
Dionne Brand: "Photographs" (FIL)
Sandra Birdsell: "The Bird Dance"
Bronwen Wallace: "Chicken 'n' Ribs"

Nov 3 Love and desire 1
Mary Di Michelle: "What is Desire?"
Claire Dé: "Desire as a Natural Catastrophe"
Aritha van Herk: "Eating Elephant"
Monique Proulx: "Feint of Heart"

Nov 17 Love and desire 2
Margaret Atwood: "Variations on the Word Love"; "Variation on the Word Sleep"
Claire Martin: "Letter to Wether"
Barbara Gowdy: "Flesh of My Flesh"

Nov 24 Mothers and Daughters
Miriam Packer: "The Death Dance"
Sara Jeanette Duncan: "A Mother in India"

Dec 1 Identities
Carol Shields "Scenes" (FIL)
Gloria Sawai "The Day I Sat with Jesus"
Joyce Marshall "The Enemy"

Dec 8 More families
Alice Munro: "Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You"; "The Moons of Jupiter"

Jan 5 Age
Mavis Gallant "Irina"

Jan 12 Death
Margaret Laurence The Stone Angel

Credit test - date to be decided on