1st International Conference of Central European Canadianists

"Multiculturalism and Diversity in Canada -

- Voices from Central Europe"

Brno, Czech Republic

13 -15 November 1998

Friday 13 November

Afternoon - arrival and registration at Hotel Santon

5.30 - 5. 45 - Transport to opening session

6.30 Opening session

Aula Don Sparling, Conference convenor
Cornelius Remie, MSM, Convenor, European Network for Canadian Studies
Marie-Laure de Chantal, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa
His Excellency Ronald Halpin, Canadian Ambassador Prague
Keynote address delivered by the Hon. Hedy Fry, Secretary of State (Multiculturalism) (Status of Women):

    "Cultural pluralism in Canada"

7.30 Opening reception

Saturday 14 November

From 7.00 - Breakfast

8.40 - 10.00 - Plenary Session

Hlavní sál Chair: Cornelius Remie
Danielle Juteau, University of Montréal: "A historical and comparative analysis of Canadian multiculturalism and Quebec interculturalism"
Will Kymlicka, Queen's University: "The Canadian model of multiculturalism and its relation to other models of immigration"

10.00 - 10.30 - Refreshments

l0.30 - 12.00 - Sections

Hlavní sál Anglophone Literature - "Multiculturalism and Literature"
Chair: Miroslav Jindra
Judy Young: "Canadian literature and the multiculturalism policy: A case study in the management of cultural diversity"
Aleksander Kustec: "The complex spectrum of Canadian multicultural literature"
Nancy Burke: "Their place within the space: A consideration of selected immigrant novels"
Kavárna Littérature francophone - "Approches au Ouébec"
Présidence: Ljiljana Matič
Krisztina Kádár: "La Québetoite de Rejean Robin"
Diana Paripović: "Diversité dans la littératre canadienne: le cas de Michel Tremblay"
Krzysztof Jarosz: "Hubert Aquin ou une cohabitation difficile"
Salonek "Dealing with the multicultural fact"
Chair: Don Sparling
Dieter Haselbach: "The conflict between group rights and the liberal constitution: Does Canada's policy of multiculturalism represent a form of benevolent racism?"
Marta Botíková: "Native history and culture of the Pacific northwest"
Pavel Barša: "Integration of the Roma in the Czech Republic in the light of Canadian experience"

12.00 - 2.00 - Lunch

1.15 - 2.00

Salonek - For those who are interested, Marie-Laure de Chantal, Programme Manager at the International Academic Relations Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa, will provide information about official support for Canadian Studies available from the Canadian government.

2.00 - 3.45 - Sections
Hlavní sál Anglophone Literature - "Multicultural Spaces"
Chair: Waldemar Zacharasiewicz
Klára Kolinská: "Real and fictional ghettoes in the prose of Margaret Laurence and Mordecai Richler"
Anna Jakabfi: "Winnipeg as the immigration city in Canadian fiction"
Ileana Cura: "David Albahari: The Snow Man"
Radojka Vukcevic: "Who are the Canadians in Rick Salutin's Les Canadiens?"
Kavárna Littérature francophone - table ronde: "Comparaisons Canada-Europe"
Présidence: Tibor Oláh
Eva Martonyi: "Du pas de Gamelin de Jacques Ferron jusqu'á la Cage dorée d'Istvan Benedek"
Katalin Kürtosi et Aliz Alfoldi: "Les belles-soeurs: leur translation et réception en Hongrie"
Margareta Gyurcsik: "Francophonie et postmodernité: le modéle canadien"
Salonek "Multiculturalism and immigrant minorities"
Chair: Nancy Burke
Krystyna Slany: Recent immigration from Poland to Canada: socio-demographic aspects"
Anna Reczynska: "Multiethnic Canada as seen by Polish DP immigrants"
Jan Botík: "The Slovak community in British Columbia"
Danka Djokic: "Multiculturalism or mother-tongue maintenance"

3.45 - 4.15 Refreshments

4.15 - 6.00 - Sections
Hlavní sál Anglophone Literature - Panel Discussion on "Recreation of the Past and the Feminist Stance"
Anna Branach: "Jane Urquhart's palimpsests"
Judit Kádár: "Being west of history: The specific western approach to the past in some recent novels"
Radmila Nastic: "External spaces, internal silences in Robert Kroetsch and Audrey Thomas"
Nausikaa Muresan: "Ethnic diversity and female discourse in Anna Marie Macdonald's Fall on Your Knees"
Eugenia Sojka: "The diversity of Canadian feminist voices"

6.00 - Dinner

7.30 - Theatre performance
Hlavní sál Red Flag at Evening, by Gwen Pharis Ringwood
- performed by students of Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary

8.15 - Film
Faculty of Arts
A. Nováka 1
Kinosál Stowaways - a feature film directed by Denis Chouinard (Canada) and Nicolas Wadimoff (Switzerland)

Sunday 15 November

From 7.00 - Breakfast

8.40 - 10.00 - Sections
Hlavní sál Anglophone Literature - "Cultural Heritage as Myth"
Chair: Aleksander Kustec
Victor Kennedy: "Metaphor and metalandscape of nationalism in contemporary Canadian writing"
Monika Bottez: "Cultural heritage in Laurence's The Diviners"
Michelle Gadpaille: "A new orientalism: Ondaatje as Canadian content"
Kavárna Littérature francophone - "Appartenances culturelles"
Présidence: Margareta Gyurcsik
Ljiljana Matić: "Diversité et multiculturalisme au Canada - voix de Negovan Rajic"
Voichita Sasu: "Diversité et appartenance: le cas de Gabrielle Roy"
Daniela Frumusani: "Comment peut-on étre femme au Canada et en Roumanie?"
Salonek "Expressing identities"
Chair: Mária Huttová
Lenka Rovná: "Stateless nations: The case of Quebec and Scotland"
Maxmilián Strmiska: "Territorial and ethnic identities in politics: the Canadian experience"
Tatiana Gavrilyuk: "Canadian English as an expression of Canadian culture"

10.00 - 10.30 - Refreshments

10.30 - 12.00 - Closing plenary panel
Hlavní sál "Canadian Studies and multiculturalism: Retrospect and perspectives"
plenary session presided by Monika Bottez (Romania), Eva Martonyi (Hungary), Vesna Lopicic (Yugoslavia), Peter Szaffko (Hungary), Don Sparling (Czech Republic) and Anna Reczynska (Poland).

12.00 - Lunch

After lunch, Mr Alain Guimont, Executive Director of the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS), was available to speak to those who wanted to know more about ICCS activities and support schemes.

Our thanks go to the following for making this conference possible:

Conference Steering Committee: