Research Facilities and Grants

European Network for Canadian Studies

The European Network for Canadian Studies ENCS (the former "European Task on Canadian Studies") tries to bring together Canadianists from countries that have Canadian Studies associations and Canadianists in countries that do not have such associations. Two of the meetings of the ENSC were held in CE (Debrecen (Hungary) in 1993, and Budmerice/Bratislava (Slovakia) in 1995) thus underlining the strong interest of European Canadianists for better communication and closer cooperation.

The opening of the Faculty Enrichment and the Faculty Research programmes for scholars from CE (among others) is a result of ENCS proposals to ACE and the ICCS following the Budmerice meeting. For 1999, 12 FEP grants and 6 FRP grants were awarded to scholars from the CE region.

ENCS recently installed a EURONET-CANSTUD mailing list in order to facilitate communication with/among CE scholars. CE scholars who are not yet on this electronic mailing list should contact the chairman of ENCS, Prof. Cornelius Remie of Nijmegen or Prof. Don Sparling of Masaryk University in Brno, who organized the first CE Canadian Studies conference in 1998.


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