Departments of Native Studies at Canadian Universities

This page is under construction; you are very welcome to speed up this process by forwarding any information on departments of native studies at Canadian universities to Many thanks!!

Working tools:

University of British Columbia - Faculty of Education
Simon Fraser University - Faculty of Education

University of Alberta, Edmonton

Saskatchewan Indian Federated College - Department of Indian Studies

Brandon University

Office of First Nations and Innuit Education at McGill University

Center for Educational Research in Diverse Cultures at St. Francis Xavier University

First Nations House at the University of Toronto
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto
Aboriginal Multi-Media Society
Windspeaker - Canada's Aboriginal News Source
Alberta Sweetgrass - The Aboriginal Newspaper of Alberta
Saskatchewan Sage - The Aboriginal Newspaper of Saskatchewan
Raven's Eye - The Aboriginal Newspaper of British Columbia
CFWE FM (The Native Perspective) - Aboriginal Radio On-Line
The Assembly of First Nations
Metis Nation Homepage
Canada-Indian Treaties

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