Appendix 10


country report – Slovenia


To October 2003



1. New courses and new centres  


University of Ljubljana


- Canadian Fiction (graduate reading course, MA programme; taught by Michelle



2. Conferences, conference participation


Retzhof Conference, Leibnitz, Austria, 2002

- Victor Kennedy (University of Maribor), “Teaching Canadian Literature and Culture in the

     European Classroom”


“Across the Great Divide”: 4th Symbiosis Conference, 18-21 July 2003, Edinburgh,


- Michelle Gadpaille (University of Maribor), “Gothic Migrations: A Scots-Canadian Case  



Novosti Stroke workshop, 17 October, 2003, Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

- Michelle Gadpaille (University of Maribor),  “Introduction to Canadian Literature”


“Other Language: Otherness in Canadian Culture” – 1st International Conference

     of Canadian Studies, 18-20 October, Belgrade, Serbia

- Jason Blake (University of Ljubljana), “Games People Play – The Schmier Game in

     Robert Kroetch’s What the Crow Said


3. Academic publications


Michelle Gadpaille, “Visual Metatrope in Novels by Margaret Atwood and E. Annie Proulx.” Crossing Borders: Interdisciplinary Intercultural Interaction. ed. Bernhard Kettemann and Georg Marko. Tubingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 1999, pp. 221-231.


Michelle Gadpaille,  “Gynocritics and the Nineteenth-Centruy North American Canon.” Aspects of Interculturality - Canada and the United States. ed. Fritz Peter Kirsch and Waldemar Zacharasiewicz. Vienna: Centre for Canadian Studies, 2000, pp. 107-122.


Michelle Gadpaille, “The Swimmer’s Moment: Canada at Fin-de-siecle and Millennium.” Canada 2000: Identity and Transformation. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. pp. 63-71.


Victor Kennedy,“Teaching Canadian Literature and Culture in the European Classroom.” Expanding Circles, Transcending Disciplines, and Multimodal Texts, ed. Bernhard Kettemann and Georg Marko. Tubingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 2003, pp.129-135.


Nada Sabec, “The language and ethnicity of Slovene Americans: change and preservation.” In: Kaplan, Jeffrey (ed.), Shackleton, Mark (ed.), Toivonen, Maarika (ed.), Migration, preservation and change. Helsinki: Renvall Institute Publications,1998: 91-100.


Nada Sabec,  “Language change in contact situation: the case of Slovene

in North America.” Slovenski jezik - Slovene Linguistic Studies 2 (1999): 33-46 (a journal jointly published by Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti and The Joyce and Elizabeth Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas, USA).


Nada Sabec, “Second person pronouns used by Slovene and American Slovene speakers as

linguistic markers of personal and social (in)equality.” Acta Neophilologica 35, 1/2 (2002): 115-126.


5. Grants


An FEP grant to Michelle Gadpaille (University of Maribor) to conduct research in the University of Toronto library


6. Young Canadianists


University of Maribor


- Student diplomas supervised

Beatrika Jernejc, Gender and Genre in Alice Munro’s Lives of Girls and Women, June


Jure Plevnik, Characterization and Jungian Psychology in Robertson Davies’s Fifth

     Business, June 2003

Melita Kebar-Jasovec, Symbols in Timothy Findley’s The Wars, October 2003.

Nina Pahic, Problems connected with Aging in Lessing’s The Diary of Jane Somers and

     Laurence’s The Stone Angel, April 2003

Tatjana Seneker, A Bird in the House as Short Story Cycle, February 2003

Mojca Hrovat,  Climate, Community and Contrast in Ethan Frome and The Whirlpool.

     May 2003


University of Ljubljana


- PhD in progress: Anglophone literature and popular culture (1)