Appendix 3


country report – Bulgaria


April 2003 – October 2003



1. New courses and new centres  


         New Bulgarian University, Sofia


- “US and Canada: Is There a Common North American Identity?” (Diana



South Western University, Blagoevgrad


- “Introductory Canadian Studies” (Ellie Boyadzhieva)

- “Contemporary Canadian Novel” (Elena Andonova-Kalapsazova)


2. Conferences, conference participation


13th Conference on British and American Studies, May 15‑17, 2003, Timisoara,


- Diana Yankova (New Bulgarian University, Sofia), “Across the 49th Parallel”


3. Academic publications


         Diana Yankova, E. Goranova. Discovering Canada and Having Fun“. In Desmond

              Thomas and Maria Georgieva, eds. Smaller Languages in the Big World.

  Sociolingustics and FLT.  Lettera, 2003, pp. 192-199.


5. Grants


South Western University of Blagoevgrad


-  FEP grant for Elena Kalapsazova- Andonova, linked with participation in the Summer Seminar in Canadian Studies at the University of Ottawa, August 2003


Sofia University


- FEP grant for Maria Gueorgieva in the field of Canadian languages and cultures


9. Other


Article by Ellie Boyadzhieva (Sofia University) providing information about the

Summer Seminar at the University of Ottawa, published in the Newsletter of the Bulgarian English Teachers’ Association (BETA), issue 1, 2003.