Appendix 5


country report – hungary


April 2003 – October 2003


1. New courses and new centres   


Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest


- Orality, Literacy and Literature in the Work of Walter Ong and Mashall McLuhan

     (Dora Bernhardt)

- The Canadian Female Literary Idiom (Judit Nagy)


At the same university the North American Specialization program was officially opened when Yvon Turcotte (counsellor) from the Embassy in Budapest gave a speech and a book donation was also part of the ceremony.


2. Conference participation


“Other Language: Otherness in Canadian Culture” – 1st International Conference

    of Canadian Studies, 18-20 October, Belgrade, Serbia

- Katalin Kurtosi (University of Szeged), “Other Hungarians in Recent Canadian


- Judit Molnar (University of Debrecen), “Spatial Layouts in A Hungarian Immigrant’s

     Journey to Canada: A Case Study of In Light of Chaos by Bela Szabados”


3. Academic publications


Katalin Kurtosi, “Images of the ‘Other’ in Canadian Literature”. Codifications et symboles des cultures nationales. Actes du Colloque du 13-15 juien, 2002. University Masaryk. Brno, 2003. 155-62.


Katalin Kurtosi, “Diversity in Recent Drama and Theatre in Canada”. Martin Kuester, Wolfram R. Keller (eds.): Writing Canadians. The Literary Construction of Ethic Identities. Marburg, 2002. 51-63.


Katalin Kurtosi, “Identity and Transformation/Identite et transformation”. Central European Perspectives on Canada/Le Canada vu a partir de l'Europe centrale. Klaus-Dieter Ertler/ Martin Loschnigg (eds). Zeitschrift fur Kanada-Studien. No.1.2003. 186-187.


Katalin Kurtosi, “Books on Quebec Theatre, Playwrights and Michel Tremblay”. International Journal for Canadian Studies. No. 26. Fall/Automne 2002. 163-168.



4. Visiting lecturers


University of Pecs


Lafleur Guilleme, Nicolas Goyer, Chatal Ringuet (UQAM) – all single lectures


University of Szeged, Karoli Gaspar University in Budapest


Yvon Turcotte, Councillor at the Canadian Embassy in Budapest, visited each

institution and gave short talks.


University of Debrecen


John Haldeva  (University of Obrigado, Portugal) came to Debrecen to duscuss a

possible exchange between the two universities; students and scholars.


5. Grants


University of Pecs


- FEP grants for Zsuzsa Simonffy and Ilona Kassai


University of Debrecen


- FEP grant for Peter Szaffko


Juhasz Gyula Teachers' Training College


 - FEP grant for Eszter Szabo, plus one week in Ottawa at the ICCS Summer Seminar


6. Young Canadianists


BA theses ready: a.: Reality in Ernest Thompson Seton's LOBO, THE KING OF CURRUMPAW and Farley Mowat's NEVER CRY WOLF


University of Szeged


- BA thesis by Annamaria Fulop on Reality in Ernest Thompson Seton’s  Lobo, the King of Currumpaw and Farley Mowat’s Never Cry Wolf defended.

- BA thesis by Anett Halmo on “Di Mother or” or “Femme Fatale” - North-representation in Canadian Painting and Literature defended.


University of Pecs


- BA thesis by Krisztina Bodoron on De la “sourdine” a la “pedale douce”. Contact des langues: l’impact de l’anglais au lexique du français au Québec” defended.


- Two students from Peter Pazmany University, Piliscsaba, spent a month at the University of Manitoba on an exchange program.


7. Cultural activities related to Canada  


The National Theatre in Szeged put on a play by Michael Tremblay and a play by Carol Frechette was performed in the Merlin Theatre  in Budapest.


A concert was given by Jane and Kathleen Solose in Szeged.


The Canadian Spring Festival, with a rich and varied programme, was held in and outside Budapest.


The literary journal Nagyvilag devoted a special issue to Canadian authors in translation (March/April 2003).


Ron Halpin (Abassador) and Yvon Turcotte (Councillor), from the Canadian Embassy in Budpest, paid a visit to Szeged. They met town officials and University of Szeged  personnel, visited the Canadian Studies Centre and also talked to students.



9. Other


A circular called Juhar level (Maple Leaf) was started by the Canadian Embassy to keep Canadianists updated electronically.