Appendix 6


country report – POLAND


April 2003October 2003


1. New courses and new centres




Ø      Cracow - establishing a Chair in Canadian Studies; Prof. Anna Reczynska


Ø      Sosnowiecestablishing a Chair in French Canadian Literature and  Translation Studies; Prof. Krzysztof Jarosz;  opening a specialization in French Canadian Literature




Ø      Bydgoszcz: American and Canadian Culture (Dept. of English and Applied Linguistics; Canadian Literature course;  M.A. seminar: Literature of US and Canada; Dr. Ewa Welnic


Ø      Kraków:  courses: „Canadian Multiculturalism“ (Jagiellonian University; dr Marta KijewskaTrembecka); „Canadian History“ (prof. Anna Reczyńska)


Ø      Sosnowiec / Rybnik:  lecture series: Canadian cultural discourses and identity issues; One semester II year course: Construction and deconstruction of Canadian identities in literature,  visual arts  and film;  proseminar (III year): Canada’s Postcolonial Identities


Ø      Warsaw: course in Contemporary Canadian Novel and Short Story; course in Post Colonial Literature including Canadian discourse.


2. Conference participation


Ø      prof. Nancy Burke:

Readings: from Prof. Burke’s book to be published in October 2003
in Philadelphia, Pa. USA, May 2003, Toronto, Canada, May 2003


Ø      prof. Krzysztof Jarosz:

Exilespace de la parole” conference (23-25 May 2003), Centre d’Études Canadiennes et Québécoises, Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania; paper:  L’Apocalypse selon Caliban


Ø      dr Eugenia Sojka: „Polish Inscriptions on the Canadian Cultural Landscape.“ Halifax,  Learneds Congress, May 29-June 1,  2003.


3. Academic publications


Ø      Prof. Mira Buchholtz (Toruń):

Book: Obrazy Kanady w Polsce" (Images of Canada in Poland) Ed. by Miroslawa
Buchholtz, Torun, Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalek


Ø      Prof. Nancy Burke (Warsaw):

  1. "The Native Peoples' Voice - expressing identity in Canadian Literature"
    in "Problems of National Identity and Principles of Intercultural
    Communication" ed.  Maria Popova, Voronezh, Russia, Uni. of Voronezh Press
  2. "Kanada w Warszawie - pod znakiem klonowego liscia" (Canada in Warsaw under
    the sign of the maple leaf) in "Obrazy Kanady w Polsce" (Images of Canada in Poland) trans. by Miroslawa Buchholtz,Torun, Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalak.
  3.  book review: "Norman Ravvin - 'Hidden Canada: An Intimate Travelogue'
       in "Central European Journal of Canadian Studies" vol. 2, 2002
     Brno, Czech Republic: Masaryk University Press.
  4. Book: "Scorched Earth" - selected new poems Torun, Poland: Wydawnictwo "Algo"
    Book launch to be held at Canadian embassy in Warsaw Nov. 6, 2003


Ø      prof. Anna Reczyńska (Krakow)

 „Historia Kanady” in „Historia Swiata”


Ø      Eugenia Sojka:

  1. "Somatization of Writing and Semiotization of the Body. A Study of  Selected Texts by English-Canadian Feminist Writers." Central
    European Journal of Canadian Studies/Revue D'Etudes Canadiennes en Europe Central,
    vol. 2. Brno: 2002. 15-26.
  2. Cubist and Surrealist Collage/Montage as Intersemiotic Translation in Selected Texts by Gail Scott. “ Journal of Indo-Canadian Studies (ISSN 0972-3307), Volume 2: Issue 1, 2002: 132 - 144.
  3. ”Neo-regionalism and Indigenism: Canadian response to the Post-National Globalized World” in Culture at Global/Local Levels: British and Commonwealth Contribution to World Civilisation,  Ed.  Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney. The British and Commonwealth Studies Department, The University of Lodz, 2002. 205-216.
  4. (De)constructing Canadian identities in selected 20th century arts and interarts projects” in Exploring Canadian Identities/Vers l'exploration des identites canadiennes.  Eds.  Ewa Welnic and  Anna Branach-Kallas. Torun, UMK, 2002. . 241-249.
  5.   „Czy Kanada nadal pachnie żywicą? Literacki Obraz Kanady w Polsce (1911-2003)” w Obraz Kanady w Polsce. Red. Miroslawy Buholtz. Torun:Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalek,  2003.  201-250.


4. Visiting lecturers


Polish professors giving lectures


Ø      prof. Józef Kwaterko:


April 2003 USA lecture tour:

- University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Five College Canadian Studies Program (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges)

april 1: "L'imaginaire diasporique chez les romanciers haitiens du Québec" (faculty graduate seminar)

april 2: "Sociocritique du roman francophone des ASmeriques: le cas du Quebec et des Antilles" (undergraduate class)

april 4: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of French and Italian "Le roman au Quebec: vers des nouveaux enjeux interculturels" (confernece at

La Maison Francaise de Madison for graduate students and professors)

april 8:  University of Cincinnati, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences "Les recits immigres et les recits migrants au Quebec. Le cas de Regine Robin

guest lecture to the graduate seminar (prof. Karen L. Gould): "La memoire et l'ecriture: ecrivaines quebecoises depuis 1975"


5. Grants


Ø      Piła/Greifswald: Katarzyna Juchnowicz -- 6-month doctoral stipend (01.10.2003 - 31.03.2004) awarded by Institut für Anglistik/ Amerikanistik, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität, Greifswald, Germany.


6. Young Canadianists


M.A. students


Ø      Warsaw: Prof.Nancy Burke:
Students in Canadian literature course - spring semester: Contemporary
Canadian Novel - 18
Students writing MA theses on Canadian literature - 4
Students who received MA degrees with specialisation in Canadian
literature – 2


Ø      Sosnowiec/Rybnik:  dr Eugenia Sojka

     18 students (Proseminar)


Ph.D. students


Ø      Sosnowiec  Zuzanna Szatanik,  English Department, Thesis on Contemporary Canadian Poetry


9. Other


Ø      Chair of Canadian Studies established in Jagiellonian University,  Cracow


Ø      Joint teaching and research project between the University of Silesia and Jagiellonian University


Ø      September 2003:  Visit to Warsaw by Canadian winner of  Booker Prize 2002 – Yann Martel (Martel 's book is now first on best seller list in Poland. He did not visit the centre as the university was not in session, but the ambassador held a dinner for him.)


Ø      Exchange Agreement between the University of Silesia and Wilfrid Laurier University,  signed on July 26, 2002, for a period of three years.