Appendix 9


Country Report - Slovakia


April 2003 – October 2003



1. New courses and new centres


2. Conferences, conference participation


“Other Language: Otherness in Canadian Culture” – 1st International Conference

     of Canadian Studies, 18-20 October, Belgrade, Serbia

- Maria Huttova (Comenius University, Bratislava) The Symphony of Feelings in

     Munro’s Hateship, Friendship , Courtship, Marriage


3. Academic publications


Marian Gazdik, “Afterword to Slovak translation of Barry Callaghan’s short story collection Temny smiech (Dark Laughter) Juga 2003, 


Marian Gazdik, “Afterword to Slovak translation of Yan Martells Plavba s Tigrom (Life of Pi), 2003


4. Visiting lecturers


David Bateman, Augustana University, Alberta - two lectures for Department of Political Science, April, 2003


6. Young Canadianists


Comenius University, Bratislava


- MA theses in progress: Anglophone literature (2); PhD thesis in progress: Caribbean

     Canadian writing (1)


7. Cultural activities related to Canada


Lectures given by Barry Callaghan at Slovak Writers´ Union and the Canadian Studies Centre, June 2003


8. Translations and special issues of journals


Barry Callaghan, Temny smiech (Dark Laughter) Juga, 2003, translated by Marian


Yan Martell,  Plavba s tigrom (Life of  Pi), Slovart, 2003