Appendix 11


3rd International Conference of Central European Canadianists

3rd Congress of Polish Canadianists


Krakow,  30 April - 3 May 2004


Draft budget



Budget item                                                  CAD out         CAD in


DFAIT grant - conference                                                       11,500

DFAIT grant - Proceedings                              2,700                2,700

CESCCS - Bucharest surplus 1                                                   2,250

Accommodation 2                                            10,000

Meals 3                                                             4,000

Session rooms (rent) 4                                        3,000                1,500                           

Conference pack                                                  500

Organizational costs                                           1,000

Administration  4                                                 1,000                   500 

Bank charges                                                       250

Conference fees 5                                                                     4,000

Organizing committee’s   time                             5,000                5,000


   Total                                                                       27,450             27,450






The figures are for one hundred participants, approximately sixty academics and forty students.


1. It was agreed with Marie-Laure de Chantal that the surplus from the 2nd International Conference of Central European Canadianists in Bucharest would go towards the 3rd conference.


2. Accommodation. This would be for three nights (two nights for some participants). Sixty beds would be in student accommodation (double rooms - good standard); the price does not include breakfast. Cost: c. 75 zl ($35 CAD) per person per night. Forty beds would be in university guest accommodation (single and double rooms). Cost: 220-170 zl ($100-77 CAD) per person per night. Those in the university guest accommodation would pay the difference in cost between this and the student accommodation.


3. Meals. It is anticipated that the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw will sponsor the opening reception.


4. Rental of rooms for sessions and administrative costs will be partially covered by Krakow University


5. Conference fee. Academics c. $50 CAD, students c. $25 CAD (as in Bucharest)


Budget proposal


Funding for the total cost of the conference plus the cost of publication of the Proceedings could be spread out in the budget of the Central European Network over three fiscal years, as follows:


2002/2003 - $4500 plus the transfer of the $2250 surplus from the Bucharest conference = $6750

2003/2004 - $7000

2004/2005 - $2700 for the publication of the Proceeedings