Appendix 4


Country report - Bulgaria


 (February – October 2002)



Southwestern University of Blagoevgrad  (Ellie Boyadzhieva)


- Newsletter - BETA - review on the Bucharest Conference in Canadian Studies, October

- Paper " Where is Canada?"at IATEFL-East 2001, 25 -27 May 2002

- Ottawa Summer Seminar - 18 - 25 August, Canada within the study trip – DFAIT-ICCS grant

- 10 lectures on history of Canada within the course of British and American Studies as an equal to one-third of the overall course - for BA students at the Southwestern University.

- Finalization of a Canadian Studies course for MA students - to start February 2003.

- " Bilingualism in Canada: The Quebec case from sociolinguistic perspective" - paper at the 'Dialogues Conference" - Plovdiv University, 30 - 31 October 2002


New Bulgarian University, Sofia  (Diana Yankova)


- Conference paper: Canada and the US: Scratching the Surface, 11th National BETA-IATEFL Conference, Sept 21-22, 2002.
- Articles:
     “Discovering Canada and Having Fun” in Thomas, Desmond and Georgieva, Maria  Smaller

languages in the Big World: Sociolinguistics and FLT. Lettera, pp. 192-199.
    "A Bulgarian's Glimpse of Canada: Overview ofTranslated Literary Works" in Central European

Journal of Canadian Studies, Vol 2.
- Organization of lectures on Canadian topics: speakers: Myrna Kostash, Joan Scogan.
- Elaboration of a new course for BA Applied Linguistics students at New Bulgarian University to be taught as of next semester: Course Title: US and Canada: Is There a Common North American Identity?.