Appendix 6


Country report - Hungary


 (February – October 2002)



Budapest University (ELTE)


March 18-20 Canada Days at ELTE: lectures by Yvon Turcotte Counsellor Canadian Embassy) on Quebec, G. Duesterhaus (U of Bonn) on prairie literature, Quiz competition on Canada with two teams of ELTE students. End of April three Canadian poets: Dennis Cooley, Doug Barbour and Patricia Keeney read.

August 8-11 Anna Jakabfi's participation at NACS Conference in Stockholm, Sweden on ELTE mission. Paper given by her on Raddall's The Nymph and the Lamp. Krisztina Kadar ELTE French Department doctoral student obtains a 9-month scholarship to Freiburg, Switzerland starting in October. Nagy Judit got admitted to Modern Literature Program with a Canadian topic.


University of Debrecen


In between April the 15th and May the 15th we had Don Rubin and Patricia Keeney professors from Canada, who taught both drama and poetry. Debrecen opened the first Canadian Theater and Poster Exhibition in Merlin Theater in Budapest in April where we could welcome Bill Glassco, the well-known theater expert from Canada.


Students performed in the play by Sharon Pollock Blood Relations in the Hungarian Festival of English Drama, and two of the actors won prizes as well.


There was a very successful poetry reading session by Denis Cooley, Doug Barbour and Patricia Keeney. They met both faculty and students.


We had three visitors coming from Germany and Canada through the out-reach program of the German Association for Canadian Studies. All of their presentations were more than useful. The guest lecturers were: Dr. Gabriele Scardafelleto (U of T), Dr. Ulrike Gerharfared (U of Wurzburg, Germany), and Christine Harzig (U of Bremen, Germany). All of them gave lectures in Budapest, too.


Edina Szalay published a book in translation A Woman More than Once in which she devoted two sections to Canadian authors (Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro)


Judit Molnar has given courses on Canadian literature (survey course) and on regionalism and multiculturalism) She is presently working on a large project: space in ethnic literature in Canada.


University of Miskolc


Molnar Istvan defended his PhD thesis at his home university and is going to defend it at the academic level. His basic interest lies in Canadian law.



University of Szeged


Katalin Kurtosi spent a month in Berlin at the J.F. Kennedy Institute, gave a lecture at Halle on Quebec theater. Szeged hosted Taragon Theater. There are M.A. theses on the way with her guidance. She gave a lecture in Strasbourg at the Association Francaise d'Etudes Canadienne.  She gave another lecture at the Brno Conference (June 2002), her paper was entitled: Images of "the other" in Canadian literature. She is involved in editing the Central European Journal. She was the opponent of Kodo Krisztina's PhD thesis.


Pazmany Peter University


Martonyi Eva and Pellerdi Marta have given courses on Quebec literature. Robert Austin from U of T helped them to establish further Canadian courses.


University of Pecs


Simonffy Zsuzsa organized a conference on Quebec. Arpad Vigh published a book called L'ecriture Maria Chapdelaine. It was launched in Quebec City in January. He had an ICCS scholarship which he spent at Laval University, and he has an invitation for guest-lectureship for next year at the same place.