Appendix 8


Country report - Romania


(February - October 2002)


North University of Baia Mare


- Prof. Dr. Ana Olos , Associate professor Dr. Dana Puiu and assist .prof. Horea Nascu organized a regional conference:  "1st Unconventional Meeting of Young Canadianists", at the Baia Mare Canadian Studies Centre/Centre D'Études Canadiennes, North University, Baia Mare, April 4-7, 2002.


 Dana Puiu -  paper at the 1st Unconventional Meeting of Young Canadianist: "Le bilinguism comme frustration identitaire dans la litterature caadienne", under print in "Buletin Stiintific. Limbi Moderne", Universitatea de Nord, 2002

-is editing a collection of articles in French and English (by contributors from different countries), to be published at North University Press,Baia Mare by the end of 2002 : "Alterite et identite dans la litterature canadienne moderne/ Alterity and Identity in Modern Canadian Literature", co-editors: Ana Olos and Horea Nascu


  Ana Olos- paper entitled "Marshall McLuhan and Global Identity", presented at the Conference "Constructions of Identity II" of the English Department of Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca , 14-16 March 2002, to be published in the conference proceedings;

- Supervised 8 students' graduation papers on Canadian topics;

- Has converted two young colleagues to Canadian Studies:

     1.Camelia Vida  - whose paper  "Canadian Feminine Literature in the Early 20th Century" was presented at the Cluj Conference on Construction of Identity II (to be published in the proceedings) and at the 11the Conference of British and American Studies in Timisoara, 16-19 May  2. Oana Coman who presented a paper on Margaret Atwood's "Edible Woman" at the 11th Conference of British and American Studies in Timisoara and intends to write her PhD dissertation on Atwood;

- Has succesfully applied for class sets ;   

- Has applied for an intern;

- Published reviews about  The 2nd International Conference of Canadianists from Bucharest and about the 1st Unconventional Meeting of Young Canadianists (Baia Mare) in "University English",12 and 13;

- "In Memory of Timothy Findley", included by Guy Leclair in his Newsletter;

- Preparing a revised edition of "Timothy Findley and His Recent Work";

- Presenting a paper at the Debreten Conference of Canadianists (Hungary), 24-26 October:

-         Reorganizing the Baia Mare Canadian Studies Centre.

-Horea Nascu has got a reaserch grant at the John F. Kennedy Institute, Berlin, Germany, for the period 21 October-24 November 2002.



Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca


Prof.dr.Voichita-Maria Sasu

-organized a workshop the Centre d'Etudes Canadiennes et Quebecoises/Centre for Canadian and Quebec Studies) in May 2002 on the topic of Acadia.

-         participated in the NACS  Conference ( Stockholm, August 2002), with a paper entitled Crises d'identité dans" L'Eau blanche" de Noël Audet.

-         Supervises the doctoral thesis of Denisa Oprea on J.Poulin( e-mail address:


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi


New Courses

Prof..dr Maria Pavel:  new course at the UNIVERSITY OF SUCEAVA Varieties of French, optional course for   IV year students

 Rodica Albu, Associate Professor at the department of English  - a brief introduction to English in Canada within the course of lectures
for third-year English majors Introduction to the Study of Varieties of
Present-day English



The Centre of Canadian Studies of the AIC University, the Faculty of Letters  and the French Institute  of Iasi organised  Les Journees  de la Francophonie in March 2002 with a large participation of Romanian and  foreign Quebecists::
Prof. Gilles Dorion, univ. Laval: Problemes de la langue chez Roch Carriere
- Maria Pavel: Approche differentielle en territoire canadien: francais
quebecois et acadien
Veronica Grecu, MA student:  Syntaxe du franco-quebecois
Manuela Bruma, student: Les personnages feminins dans les romans de Francine Noel
Ioana Grecu, student, La boulimie du desespoir dans l'oeuvre de Rejean Ducharme( le roman l'Avalee des avales)

-         Papers given by the Temps et espaces francophones  research group of the faculty of Letters::
Maria Pavel, Reflet et reflexion linguistique chez les auteurs quebecois
Constantin Pavel,Federalistes et independantistes au Quebec
Veronica Grecu, studena, review of the volume: Lise Gauvin, Langagement

-         3 diploma papers \supervised by Maria Pavel ,Constantin Pavel,Rodica Albu
Ioana Grecu, L'univers romanesque de Rejean Ducharme,
Nina Mudrac, Les anglicismes en francais canadien,

     Andreea Stefana Baicoianu,Canadian English between the British and       American Standards 

-Visiting Professors

Prof.Maurice Lemire, ( Laval),  3 lectures in October 2002:
 Le mythe de l'Amerique et l'imaginaire canadien
Le mouvement regionaliste au Quebec ;
. La langue francaise en peripherie

-Maria Pavel, l'Imaginaire sociolinguistique canadien (Annals of UAIC Univ), Canada francofona, submitted for publication to the AIC UP
- Rodica Albu, "Representations of Language and Identity: Focus on
Canadian English Lexis" ( in CEJCS, No. 2)


-         Florin Irimia, teaching assistant and doctoral student

-The paper “The American v. Canadian Experience. Roaming Through the Field of Cultural Studies” at the 2nd International Conference of American Studies in Romania, Bucharest ,31 Jan -1 Febr. 2002;

     -The paper “ Double Ex-Centricity in Michael Ondaatje's In      the Skin of a Lion at the International Conference, Constructions of Identity (II) ,"Babeº-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca, 14-16 March, 2002;

-Article" A Descent into Maelstrom". The Fictional Universe of Margaret Atwood',  on  The Robber Bride  in Observator Cultural no. 115/2002;

-Article ”The Blind Assassin or the Story of Another Story” in Observator cultural no. 119/2002;

 -Article”History and Fiction in Michael Ondaatje's  Anil's Ghost” to be published. In the same cultural newspaper.

- 11th European Seminar for Graduate Students in Canadian Studies, 30 Sept.-2 Oct;

-research grant at the JFK Institute for North-American Studies, Berlin, 14 Oct-14 Nov..



Benjamin A. Kranc si Karina Roman :Totul despre Canada , translated

by Brandusa and Christian Tamas,  Ars Longa Publishing House



University of Sibiu


1.New courses and new centres:

«Littérature québécoise» (1 h course, 1 h seminar) given by Horia Capusan, assistant lecturer,University « Babes Bolyai » Cluj Napoca.


2.Lectures:       -          

Prof. dr. Konrad Groß (University of Kiel), March 18, 2002.

« Native Literature in Canada »

Prof. Maurice Lemire (Laval University), October 24, 2002.

 « Le Mythe de l’Amérique et l’imaginaire canadien » 


3. Conferences

Participation with papers:

- Lucia Zaharescu-       8th International Conference of Law and Language of the International Academy of Law of Montreal, Iasi, 24th – 26th May 2002, "La question linguistique au Québec".

 -Anamaria Enescu, teaching assistant

11th Seminar for Graduate Students in Canadian Studies 2002, Berlin, September 30th – October 2nd 2002, “Sergio Kokis: Le peint et l’écrit. Langages et quête d’identité”-           Cinquième Colloque de l’Association des Jeunes Chercheurs européens en Littérature Québécoise, 25 – 27 octobre 2002, Université d’Innsbruck, “Errances et quête de l'identité dans l'œuvre de Sergio Kokis”-         Workshops:      - Canadian Literature, Canadian and Quebec Studies Center, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, “Sergio Kokis, peintre et romancier”, December 14, 2001 ;- L’Acadie, Canadian and Quebec Studies Center, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, “L’histoire de l’Acadie”, May 17, 2002.

3. Academic publications:

            Anamaria Enescu, teaching assistant: « La quête de l’identité dans Le pavillon des miroirs et La danse macabre du Québec de Sergio Kokis », AGORA, no. 2/2002, Cluj-Napoca.

6. Young Canadianists enrolment:odica Roman, teaching assistant doctoral cand.,Department of French and Francophone Studies 
9. Other items worth mentioning:

            Soirée québécoise à la bibliothèque de Maison-d’Ile-et-Vilaine

            Organisateurs : les étudiants de la IVème année, Faculté des Lettres etArts.


University of Suceava


Assoc. Prof Brandusa Steiciuc teaches this semester a Quebec module in her course on Francophone Literatures (a survey, with specific analyses of novels by Anne Hebert and Gabrielle Roy).

-supervises 2 diploma papers on  Antonine Maillet and PH.Hernon

-         Prof. Maurice Lemire ( Laval):a lecture at this university in October 2002


University of Bucharest


- Visiting Prof. Konrad Gross, Univ of Kiel, - a compact course in Canadian  Multiculturalism  to the students in the Canadian Studies MA program and a lecture on Native Literature for all the MA students( March, 2002

-Prof.Laurier Turgeon ( Laval) - 2 lectures on Interculturality in March 2002

 -Prof.Gilles Dorion ( Laval):  2 lectures on "Le carnavalesque dans La guerre, yes Sir! De Roch Carrier"  and "Ile et ileite dans les Grandes

Marees de Jacques Poulain" in March 2002

Prof. Maurice Lemire - a lecture on the Myth of America and the Canadian Imagination at UB on 28Oct.


Prof. Irina Badescu

-a paper at the Journees de la Francophonie, University of Iasi, March 2002

-recipient of a DfAIT research grant 4 weeks in August- Sept.2002

-         Ottawa Summer Seminar, 19-23 August


Assoc. Prof. Monica Bottez

-paper on Joy Kogawa’s Obasan  at the English Dept. U.B. Conference, June 2002

-article  Nature in H O’Hagan’s Tay John -published in The University of Buchrest Review, no 11,2001

-recipient of a Faculty Enrichment grant-4 weeks Aug.-Sept 2002.

-Ottawa Summer Seminar 19-23 Aug. 2002

- currently editing the Proccedings of the Bucharest Conference.


Adina Ruiu, teaching assistant,

has become a doctoral student with a thesis on Jesuit manuscripts of the 17th century.


The MA students produced 5 dissertations defended in the June session, and 2 more will be presented in the February 2003 session .


Spiru Haret University, Bucharest


Oana Godeanu, teaching assistant, doctoral student with a thesis on“ British Colonialism in Canada – Questions of Identity and Otherness”

-stood  an exam with Canadian content  on Imagology

-wrote a paper on the image of the Other in the literary productions in Canada in the 19th-20th centuries

E-mail address: "oana godeanu"



West University of Timisoara



M.Gyurcsik, une ecrivaine canadienne fin de siecle: France Daigle in Dialogues francophones No 7 2002 West University Press.

A. Balogh, L' invention d' une langue: le ducharmien, Dialogues francophones No 7 2002, W.U.P.

L.Panait, Le discours publique sur la langue au Quebec, in Dialoguies francophones No 7 2002 W.U.P.


Young Canadianists' enrolment:

Luminita Ciumpe, doctoral student workinmg on a thesis on Canadian French in the context of Romance languages