Appendix 9


Country report – Slovakia


(February – October 2002)



Two Centres:

Comenius University Canadian Centre (Bratislava)

International Centre for Canadian Studies of the University of Matej Bell (Banská Bystrica)



Comenius University Canadian Studies Centre (Bratislava)


Summer Term 2001/02



20th Century Canadian Novel (8 students)


Canadian Short story ( 3students)


Diploma thesis: 1 student ( Alice Munro: Narrative Patterns)

Doctoral Thesis: 1 student (in her first year)



Other activities:

Exchange programme between Ottawa University and Comenius University: 1 student


The Centre helped with publishing  a special Canadian issue of the quarterly Revue svetovej literatury (The Revue of World Literature)



Winter term 2002/03



History of Canadian Literature (4 students) 


Diploma thesis: 1 student

Doctoral Thesis: 1 student (in her second year)


Other activities:

Canadian Literature Evening (November)