Appendix 2


Central European Steering Committee for Canadian Studies


Eighth meeting of the CESCCS

Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

 28-29 March 2003


Financial report for the fiscal year 2002/2003



Budget item                                                                                      CAD out         CAD in


DFAIT grant for Steering Committee activities 2002/2003                                             11,880.00


Grant for 13 places for CE Canadianists at conferences

            (distributed via ICCS)                                                                                        3,250.00


Grant for 3rd International CE CS Conference, Krakow 2004)                                        4,500.00


Account Bucharest conference Proceedings                                                                 2,700.00


Unallocated account (from 2001/2002)                                                                            1,346.81


CE Secretariat                                                                                    3,414.51


            - office expenditures                                             773.41

            - homepage maintenance, part-time staff            2,141.10  

            - French web                                                       500.00


Steering Committee                                                                             3,603.45                                              

            - Debrecen (incl. travel)                                                1,758.14

           - Hradec Kralove (incl. travel)                            1,845.31


CE Journal 2                                                                                     2,408.28          


Bank charges                                                                                         120.64


Grants for CE Canadianists participation in

            conferences                                                                            3,000.00


Grant for 3rd International CE CS conference, Krakow 2004

            (sent directly to PACS)                                                            4,500.00


Members' time                                                                                    5,000.00             5,000.00                    

            Total                                                                                     22,046.88        28,676.81



Balance                                                                                                                      6,629.93





1. The sum of $2,700.00 is allocated to the publication of the Proceedings of the Bucharest conference.


2. Because the second SC meeting was held in Hradec Kralove rather than Grainau, the total cost of the two

    SC meetings is much lower than the original provision - $6,600.00.


3. The budget also provided for a meeting of the Editorial Board of the CECSJ  ($850.00), which did not in

    fact prove to be necessary.