Appendix 3


country report – Bulgaria


October 2002 – March 2003



1.      New courses and new centres


US and Canada: Is There a Common North American Identity - new course (Diana Yankova)

    at New Bulgarian University, Sofia as of October 2002, benefiting from a book grant of 

    class sets for this comparative US/Canadian course. Although the start of the course was

    planned for the coming 2003/2004 academic year, some topics with specific Canadian

    content were included in the fall semester of the 2002 /2003 academic year as part of the

    regular course of British and American Studies for BA students. The major issue was the

    sociolinguistic situation in Quebec at present, which raised the students’ interest and

    provoked an extensive discussion


2. Conferences


11th National Conference of the Bulgarian English Teachers’ Association, 21-22 September 2002, Sofia

-  Ellie Boyadzhieva, “A ‘Canadianist’? What is that?”


“DIALOGUES: A Decade of American & British Studies at Plovdiv University”, 31 Oct. - 3 Nov. 2002, Plovdiv

-  Ellie Boyadzhieva,  “Bulgaria Bilingualism in Canada: the Quebec Case from a

      Sociolinguistic Perspective”


3. Academic Publications


Diana Yankova, “A Bulgarian's Glimpse of Canada: Overview of Translated Literary Works”, Central European Journal of Canadian Studies, vol. 2, 2002.


4. Visiting lecturers


Eric Walsh, First Secretary at the Canadian Embassy, Bucharest, November 15, 2002 at New Bulgarian University, Canada’s Place in North America and the World”

7. Cultural activities related to Canada


Atom Egoyan’s film Ararat shown at the International Film Festival at the National Palace of Culture, Sofia, November 2002.


Article by Ellie Boyadzhieva providing information about the Summer Seminar in published in the Newsletter of BETA, issue 1, 2003, which is received by over 250 members of the Association.