Appendix 5


country report – hungary


October 2002 – March 2003


1.  New courses


ELTE Budapest

- Contrastive Studies in English, American and Canadian Poetry (Tamas Juhasz)

- Contrastive Studies in English, American and Canadian Poetry (Katalin G. Kallay)

-  Northrop Frye (Tibor Fabinyi)

-  The Interdependency of Nature and Regionalism in Canadian Short Prose (Judit


-  Continentalism in North American Literature (Anna Jakabfi)

-  Women in Canadian Frontier Literature (Angela Pap)


N.B. North American specialization opened at ELTE Budapest 2 March 2003 and the ceremony welcomed Yvon Turcotte, Political Councillor from the Canadian Embassy, who gave a lecture as well.


University of Debrecen

- Theme and Image in Canadian Poetry (Judit Molnar)

- Is There A Canadian Culture? (Judit Molnar)


2.  Conference participation


“Canada in the European Mind”, Debrecen, 24-27 October, 2002, organized by Peter Szaffko, Judit Molnar and Szabolcs  Szilagyi

-  Katalin Kurtosi: “Stage Representations of Indians in Canada”

-  Maria Marosvari: “La polyphonie dans l'ecriture d'Antonie Maillet: Les Cordes-de-


-  Judit Molnar: “Cultural and Geographical Spaces in Italian-Canadian Literature”

-  Judit Nagy: “The Significance of Weather Images in Modern Canadian Fiction”

-  Nora Sellei: “The Body and Sexuality in Alice Munro's ‘Wild Swans" and Margaret         Atwood's ‘Rape Fantasies’"

-  Peter Szaffko: “The Hungarian Connection: Hungarians and the Canadian Theatre”

-  Edina Szalay: “Neo-gothic Texts in Contemporary Canadian Fiction: Margaret

      Atwood's Alias Grace

-  Szabolcs Szilagyi: “David French and the Tarragon”

-  Gabriella Tothne Espak: “Minorities, Multiculturalism and the Constitution”

-  Arpad Vigh: “Le bon usage Quebecois”


Hungarian Society for the Study of English Conference VI

-  Katalin Kurtosi: “Theories about Ethnicity in Literature”

- Judit Molnar: “Spatial Layouts in a Hungarian Immigrant's  Journey to Canada: A   

      Case Study of In light of Chaos by Bela Szabados”

-  Dora Podor: “Usage Surveys of Canadian Mainstream English”

-  Peter Szaffko: “The Concept of Syncretic Theatre and Postcolonial Theory”

-  Szabolcs Szilagyi:  “An Alternative in the Mainstream”


N.B. Ron Halpin, the Ambassador of Canada to Hungary was among the speakers who opened the conference (over 200 participants)


4.  Visiting lecturers


October 7-8: Christiane Harzig (University of Bremen), Ulrike Gerhard (University of Wurzburg), Gabe Scardellato (University of Toronto), Kathy Scardellato (Public Library of Toronto) on topics: Multiculturalism, Cities' Development, Italian-Canadian Literature, Library On-Line System in Toronto respectively. (ELTE, Budapest)


Yvon Turcotte, Councillor Political from the Canadian Embassy, gave a lecture at Karoli Gaspar University (Budapest) this year 21st of February and presented the university with a book donation.


5.  Grants


Katalin Kurtosi gained the FRP and spent time in Ottawa , Montreal and Toronto doing research.


6.  Young Canadianists


University of Miskolc

- PhD thesis defended: Istvan Molnar: A Quebec-kerdes fobb aspektusai Kanada

alkotmanyos szabalyozasanak tukreben (The Primary Aspects of the Quebec  

Problem in Relation to Canada's Constitutional Regulations)


ELTE, Budapest

- MA theses defended in January 2003:

-  Katarina Farkas: The Development of Theater Life in British Columbia and the Cult of Shakespeare

-  Krisztina Csiki: The Quest for Identity in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing and

     Patrick White's A Fringe of Leaves

- Gyorgy Toth: Make Yourself at Home - Hungarian Immigration and Life in

    Canada During the Great Depression



MA theses in progress at the University of Szeged and University of Debrecen; 1 PhD thesis in progress at the University of Debrecen


9.  Other


Arpad Vigh (University of Pecs) is teaching Canadian literature and stylistics at the University of Laval during the first semester in 2003.