Appendix 6


country report – poland


October 2002 – March 2003



1. New courses and new centres


Ø       Lublin: the Senate of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University decided that a new Canadian Studies Centre will be opened on Sept. 01,  2003. While it is not a Centre in the sense defined by the ICCS, it will undoubtedly contribute to the popularization of Canadian literature and culture among the students through the courses it will be teaching (co-taught by the faculty of the French and American Studies Depts.) and in Lublin in general.


Ø       Kalisz: seminar on North American lit. (70% Canadian content; Teacher Training College; dr Ewa Rybicka)

Ø       Konin: „Introduction to Canadian Literature“ (State Professional College; dr Ewa Rybicka)

Ø       Kraków: „Canadian Civilization“ (Jagiellonian University; dr Marta Kijewska –Trembecka); „Bilingual Canadian Literature“ (Jagiellonian University; dr Dorota Rudnicka-Kassem); „Introduction to Canada“ (Wyższa Szkoła im. Frycza Modrzewskiego; prof. Anna Reczyńska)

Ø       Poznań: one semester seminar „Contemporary Canadian Prose“ (Teacher Training College; dr Dagmara Drewniak); „Introduction to Canadian Literature“: a lectures and classes series for the students of the Continuing Education for Teachers of English Programme (English Dept., A. Mickiewicz University; dr Agnieszka Rzepa)

Ø       Sosnowiec/Gliwice: lecture series on the 20th c.Canadian novel in French (U of Silesia/Teacher Training College; prof. Krzysztof Jarosz)

Ø       Toruń: „Canadian Children's Literature Part“ II (Nicolaus Copernicus University; prof. Mira Buchholtz)

Ø       Warsaw: “Litteratures francophones des Ameriques (le Quebec et la Caraibe). Questions de tranculture et de metisage” (M.A. Seminar; Warsaw University; prof. Józef Kwaterko); "Espaces littéraires francophones" (monographic course including Quebec literature; Warsaw University; prof. Józef Kwaterko)


2. Conference participation

Ø       dr Anna Branach-Kallas:

  1. Old Environments / New Environments, NACS, Stockholm, August 2002; paper: “Old Environment or New Environment? - Place and Self in Jane Urquhart's Changing Heaven.”
  2. The Legacy of History, Jagiellonian University, April 2002; paper: “Excavating the Present: Truth and History in Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost"
  3. Multicultural Dilemmas: Identity, Difference, Otherness, Silesian University, Ustroń, September 2002; paper: “Degrees of Otherness: Roots/ Routes of Identity in Les Lettres chinoises by Ying Chen”
  4. Identity and Difference: Queer Culture Reacts to Marginalisation and Homophobia, Warsaw University, December 2002. paper: “Tamil and Queer: Political and Sexual Marginalisation in Shyam Selvadurai's Funny Boy

Ø       Izabela Bobiatynska (M.A. student, Warsaw University): conference “Cinqieme Colloque de l'Association des Jeunes Chercheurs Europeens en Litterature Quebecoise”, Universitat Innsbruck, Austria, 25-27 Oct. 2002; paper: “Passeurs et passages. Polysemies de Jacques Ferron.”

Ø       prof. Nancy Burke:

  1. “The City portrayed in selected Canadian fiction” conference paper delivered at international seminar on “The City” Tallinn, Estonia. September 2002.  
  2. “Encountering the Other” – European fascination with Canada’s Native Peoples”  - conference paper delivered at University of Debrecen conference “Canada in the European  Mind”, Debrecen, Hungary 2002 .

Ø       Izabela Decyk (M.A. student, Warsaw University): conference “Cinqieme Colloque de l'Association des Jeunes Chercheurs Europeens en Litterature Quebecoise”, Universitat Innsbruck, Austria, 25-27 Oct. 2002; paper: “Reenracinement et exotopie dans les recits 'haitiens' de Dany Laferriere.”

Ø       dr Dagmara Drewniak: HUSSE Debrecen, Hungary (28-31.01.2003); paper: „'This is a world of nomads' - a search for identity and a homeland in The English Patient.“

Ø       prof. Krzysztof Jarosz:

  1. „Perspectives du roman” conference (Oct. 2002), Brno, Masaryk University; paper: „Vécrire ou la Saga des Galarneau“
  2. „Socjologiczne aspekty przekładu” conference (27-30 March 2003), Ustroń, Poland; U of Silesia; paper: „Po hurońsku czy po parysku czyli wewnątrzfrancuski Babel transatlantycki.“
  3. „Exil – espace de la parole” conference (23-25 May 2003), Centre d’Études Canadiennes et Québécoises, Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania; paper:  „L’Apocalypse selon Caliban”

Ø       Katarzyna Juchnowicz: "DOKTORANDENKOLLOQUIUM", Greifswald, Germany; presentation of the M.A. thesis and the Ph.D. thesis project

Ø       Prof. Józef Kwaterko: conference “Cinqieme Colloque de l'Association des Jeunes Chercheurs Europeens en Litterature Quebecoise”, Universitat Innsbruck, Austria, 25-27 Oct. 2002; session chair

Ø       dr Agnieszka Rzepa: International Conference “Canada in the European Mind” (Debrecen, Hungary; 24-27 October 2002); paper: “Canada in the Polish Mind: Canada as Constructed by a Polish Traveller”; session chair

Ø       mgr Joanna Warmuzińska: „Socjologiczne aspekty przekładu” conference (27-30 March 2003), Ustroń, Poland; U of Silesia; paper: „Granice przekładalności literatury quebeckiej“ (based on „Maryse” by Francine Noël)


3. Academic publications

Ø       dr. Anna Branach-Kallas (Toruń):

  1. "The Goldberg Variations": Nancy Huston's Polyphonic Concert. In: Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici. English Studies XI. Ed. Aleksander Szwedek. UMK, Torun, 2002: 113-126.
  2. „Lovers and / or Enemies: Love and Nationality in Nancy Huston's The Mark of the Angel". In: The Rhetoric of Canadian Writing. Ed. Conny
  3. Steenman-Marcuss. Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi, 2002: 189-97.
  4. „Rights versus Duties: Shifting Identities in Chinese-Canadian Fiction.“ In: Exploring Canadian Identities. Ed. Ewa Welnic, Anna Branach-Kallas, Jakub Wojcik. UMK, Torun, 2002: 43-51.
  5. „Review of Dolce Agonia by Nancy Huston.“ In: Central-European Journal of Canadian Studies, Vol. 2,Brno, 2002: 123-4.
  6. Co-editor of Exploring Canadian Identities / Vers l'exploration des identites canadiennes. Torun, UMK, 2002.

Ø       Prof. Mira Buchholtz (Toruń):

  1. „Singing Snakes and Artistic Hens: Ethnic Diversity in Canadian Childrens' Books of the 1980s and 90s.“ Writing Canadians, Marburg 2002, 67-81.
  2. „Native Boy's Bluest Eye: Drew Hayden Taylor and Jordan Wheller Between Politics and Myth.“ Exploring Canadian Identities, Toruń 2002, 313-323.
  3. „Native Boy's Bluest Eye: Drew Hayden Taylor and Jordan Wheller Between Politics and Myth“ (revised). Canadian Children's Literature 105-106 (2002) 114-125.

Ø       Prof. Nancy Burke (Warsaw):

  1. “Urban Space – the city as viewed by American and Canadian writers” Aspects of Interculturality – Canada and the United States eds. Fritz Peter Kirsch and Waldemar Zacharasiewicz. Vienna: University of Vienna Press, 2002                          
  2. “’Double Vision’: Postcolonial Identity in Canadian Literature” Exploring Canadian Identities. eds. Ewa Welnic, Anna Branach-Kallas, Jakub Wojcik. Torun: Nicholas Copernicus Uni. Press, 2002
  3. “Mixing Memory and Desire: M.J, Vassanji and the South Asian Novel in Canada” Writing Canadians. The Literary Construction of Ethnic Identities. eds. Martin Kuester and Wolfram Keller. Marburg, Germany: University of Marburg Press, 2002

Ø       Izabela Decyk: “Reenracinement et exotopie dans les recits 'haitiens' de Dany Laferriere” in Pre-actes of the CINQIEME COLLOQUE de l'Association des Jeunes Chercheurs Europeens en Litterature, University of Innsbruck, 2002.

Ø       Katarzyna Juchnowicz: “Canadian Indian Mythology: An Introduction to Understanding and Analysis of of Mythic Narratives.” Licentiatus. Zeszyty dydaktyczno-naukowe. Vol. 3. Język Angielski I. Piła: Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Pile.2002

Ø       Prof. Józef Kwaterko:

  1. Dialogi z Ameryką. O frankofonskiej literaturze w Quebecu i na Karaibach [Dialogues with America. On Francophone Literature in Quebec and the Caribbean] Kraków, Universitas, 2003, pp. 275.
  2. "La sociocritique : oppositions et positions croisées." Perspectives historiques et métacritiques sur la critique littéraire du XXe siecle, (ed. H. Chudak), Instytut Romanistyki Uniwersytet Warszawski, 2002. 159-169.
  3. “De l'interculturel a l'intraculturel. L'imaginaire identitaire des romanciers haitiens au Québec.” Transculturalismes (eds. Euridice Figeiredo and Zilá Bernd), VI Congres de l'ABECAN (Association brésilienne d'études canadiennes) Porto Alegre, CD-rom, 2002.
  4. "Miron et Gombrowicz: un entre-dialogue complice." Miron ou la marche de l'amour (eds. Cécile Cloutier, Michel Lord and Benz-Z. Shek), Montréal, ed. l'Hexagone, 2002.183-198.
  5. “Clivages, ex-centricité, nomadisme: identité culturelle et l'imaginaire de l'espace dans le roman québécois.” Shifting Boundaries. Place and Space
  6. in the Francophone  Cultures of Canada /Frontieres flottantes. Lieu et espace dans les cultures francophones du Canada (eds. Jaap Lintvelt and François Paré), éd. Rodopi, Amsterdam-New York 2001. 147-159.
  7. Le dictionnaire du littéraire (eds. Paul Aron, Denis Saint-Jacques, Alain Viala), Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 2002. Entrees: “Code” (p. 97-98), “Modele” (p.376-377), “Vision du monde” (p. 622), „Valeurs” (p. 616-617).
  8. "Fictions identitaires au Québec: le point de vue de la critique." Exploring Canadian Identities. eds. Ewa Welnic, Anna Branach-Kallas, Jakub Wojcik. Torun: Nicholas Copernicus Uni. Press, 2002. 161-170.
  9. “Ficçoes idantitárias no Quebec : o punto de vista crítica,” Interfaces Brasil/Canadá, vol. 1, n° 2, 2002.107-118.
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  12. “Les langues du roman. Du plurilinguisme comme stratégie textuelle ( dir. de Lise Gauvin), Montréal, Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal, coll. "Espace littéraire", 1999, 178 p”. University of Toronto Quarterly. A Canadian Journal of The Humanities, vol.71:1, winter 2001/2002. 534-536.
  13. "L'imaginaire diasporique  chez les romanciers haitiens du Quebec." Bayreuther Frankophonie Studien / Etudes Francophones de Bayreuth (Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany), band 5 /volume 5, 2002. 43-59 (special issue "Le Quebec et l'ailleurs", ed. Robert Dion)

Ø       Tina Mouneimne, “Deracinement eternel: le personnage de Moishe dans Aaron d'Yves Theriault”  Exploring Canadian Identities. eds. Ewa Welnic, Anna Branach-Kallas, Jakub Wojcik. Torun: Nicholas Copernicus Uni. Press, 2002. 171-180.

Ø       prof. Anna Reczyńska: „Analiza polskich publikacji dotyczących historii Kanady.” Polska i Polacy w XIX i XX wieku. Studia ofiarowane profesorowi Mariuszowi Kulczykowskiemu w 70.rocznice jego urodzin, Kraków 2002.

Ø       dr Agnieszka Rzepa: 2002. "Considering Magical Resolutions: Jane Urquhart's Away and the Politics of a Genre". In: Anna Branach-Kallas, Ewa Wełnic, Jakub Wójcik (eds). Exploring Canadian Identities/Vers L'Exploration des Identites Canadiennes. Toruń: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika. 231-240.

Ø       Sylvia Sawicka: "Le poids de l'américanité dans le romans de Monique LaRue et Jacques Godbout." Regards sur la littérature québécoise. Hommage a Gaston Miron (sous la dir. de Hélene Amrit, Anna Giaufret-Harvey et Sergio Zoppi), Rome, ed. Bulzoni, 2002, pp. 141-155.


4. Visiting lecturers

Foreign lecturers visiting Poland:

Ø       Kraków:

Canadian Ambassador R. Lysychyn (Oct. 2002): meeting with A. Reczyńska’s seminar students

Senator Raynell Andreychuk: „The Role of Women in Canadian Politics“ (March 2003)

prof. Peter Bischoff (Ottawa University; December 2002): „Demographic Changes in Quebec“

Ø       Piła: Stephen Irving (on internship in Toruń), presentations on "The 49th Parallel: Canada as Borderline Case" (27-29 March 03)

Ø       Toruń: two lectures by prof. Albert Rau, German Association for Canadian Studies

Stephen Irving, a Canadian intern, gives presentations to students, has regular office hours and helps with projects

Ø       Warsaw: Senator Joseph Day – lecture “Media Concentration” March 2003

Ø       Warsaw/Kraków/Lublin: prof. Claude Filteau (Universite de Limoges; April 2003)

Polish professors giving lectures:

Ø       prof. Józef Kwaterko:

1.        Visiting Professor: Universite Paris 13-Nord, march 2002, course: “The Quebec contemporary novel”

2.        "L'imaginaire diasporique chez les romanciers haitiens du Québec", lecture at Université Paris XIII - Nord (Villetaneuse), Faculté des Lettres, 19 March 2002.

3.        “Les fictions identitaires des romanciers haitiens du Québec”, Innsbruck University, 28 Oct.  2002 r. (lecture)

4.        April 2003 USA lecture tour:

- University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Five College Canadian Studies Program (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges)

april 1: "L'imaginaire diasporique chez les romanciers haitiens du Québec" (faculty graduate seminar)

april 2: "Sociocritique du roman francophone des ASmeriques: le cas du Quebec et des Antilles" (undergraduate class)

april 4: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of French and Italian "Le roman au Quebec: vers des nouveaux enjeux interculturels" (confernece at

La Maison Francaise de Madison for graduate students and professors)

april 8:  University of Cincinnati, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences "Les recits immigres et les recits migrants au Quebec. Le cas de Regine Robin

guest lecture to the graduate seminar (prof. Karen L. Gould): "La memoire et l'ecriture: ecrivaines quebecoises depuis 1975"

Ø       Kraków: prof. Maciej Abramowicz, prof. Krzysztof Jarosz (lectures on the literature of Quebec; Chair for Can. Studies, Jagiellonian University)

Ø       Toruń: dr Agnieszka Rzepa (guest lecture: “Is Canada Postcolonial?”; Canadian Studies Center at Nicolaus Copernicus University); prof. Maciej Abramowicz (lecture at Canadian Studies Center at Nicolaus Copernicus University)


5. Grants

Ø       Kraków: Ireneusz Strona -- CECSN conference grant (Grainau); Małgorzata Sugiera -- FRP

Ø       Toruń: dr Anna Branach-Kallas -- “Fundacja na rzecz Nauki Polskiej” grant for young scholars for the year 2003.

Ø       Kraków: Małgorzata Krywult -- Graduate Student Thesis Grant grant for the development of her project “The Role and Importance of the Church in the Life of the Polish Ethnic Group in Mississauga (Canada)” prepared under the supervision of prof. Krystyna Slany

Ø       Warsaw: prof. Józef Kwaterko -- Ministry of External Affaires, French Gov. February 2002, Mission scientifique de haut niveau, University Antilles-Guyane, Martinique, for the project: Litterature francophone des Ameriques (le Quebec et la Caraibe); Izabela Bobiatynska and Izabela Decyk -- Ministere des relations Internationales du Quebec, the travel grant for participation in V Colloque des Jeunes chercheurs europeens en litterature quebecoise, Univ. Innsbruck, October 2002.

Ø       Poznań: dr Dagmara Drewniak -- CECSN conference grant; dr Agnieszka Rzepa -- FRP

Ø       Toruń: Canadian Studies Centre -- Canadian Embassy in Poland/DFAIT grant for the project "Image of Canada in Poland" (development of the project and the resulting publication; part of it sponsored from the PACS grant); prof. Mira Buchholtz -- CECSN conference grant

Ø       Piła/Greifswald: Katarzyna Juchnowicz -- 6-month doctoral stipend (01.10.2003 - 31.03.2004) awarded by Institut für Anglistik/ Amerikanistik, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität, Greifswald, Germany.

Ø       Warsaw: prof. Tomasz Żyro -- FEP


6. Young Canadianists

M.A. theses successfully defended in 2002:

Ø       Warsaw (French Dept.): Marta Zelazna, Fuites et poursuites. Le deplacement spatial et imaginaire dans les romans de Monique LaRue (supervisor: prof. J. Kwaterko); Malgorzata Skłodowska, "La relation a l'autre dans les romans et nouvelles de Monique Proulx" (supervisor: prof. Jean-Louis Joubert); Agnieszka Wróbel, "Le theme de la mort dans les romans de Dany Laferriere" (supervisor: Prof. Jean-Louis Joubert)

M.A. students:

Ø       Kraków: 10 students (Chair for Can. Studies.; supervisor: prof. Anna Reczyńska)

Ø       Poznań: 18 students (English Dept.; supervisor: dr Agnieszka Rzepa)

Ø       Warsaw: 4 students (English Dept.; supervisor: prof. Nancy Burke); 5 students (French Dept.; supervisor: prof. Józef Kwaterko)

Ph.D. students:

Ø        Kraków: 2 students (theses on on women in Canada at the turn of the 19th and 20th c., the other on Canadian-US relations; supervisor: prof. Anna Reczyńska)

Ø       Sosnowiec: Ewa Figas (French Dept.; theses on Jacques Godbout’s ouvre; supervisor: prof. Krzysztof Jarosz)

Ø       Piła/Greifswald: Katarzyna Juchnowicz has been accepted as a doctoral student by Institut für Anglistik/ Amerikanistik, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität w Greifswald (supervisor: prof. Hartmut Lutz; she’s working on a thesis on "Presences of Mythology in Contemporary Anishnabe Writing").


7. Cultural activities related to Canada

Ø       Toruń:

  1. display of Children's Books in Canada
  2. Seminar on Voluntarism in Canada (10 March; the final event of a three-month training addressed to a selected group of unemployed people of the region)
  3. In cooperation with Gimnazjum Akademickie (High-School for outstanding students affiliated with the University), a performance based on Native Canadian Legends is being prepared.

Ø       Kraków:  Chair for Canadian Studies students and lecturers participated in the mini-festival of Canadian three-dimensional movies (marzec 2003)


8. Translations and special issues of journals

Ø       Akcent (vol. 3, no. 89 2002): special issue on „Polish Canadians“ („Polscy Kanadyjczycy“)

Ø       Skvorecky, Josef. Historia Kukułki i inne opowiadania. [Selected short stories]. Tran. Jan Stachowski. Pogranicze: Sejny, 2003.


9. Other

Ø       Warsaw University (French Dept.): courtesy visit of Mme Lucie Papineau, Minstre de l'Industrie et du Commerce, Gouvernement du Quebec, 17 novembre 2002.

Ø       Prof. Józef Kwaterko became member of the Scholarly Committee of the Association Francaise d'Etudes Canadiennes (A.F.E.C.) journal Etudes canadiennes/Canadian Studies.