Appendix 7


country report – romania


October 2002 – March 2003


1.      New courses and new centres


            Acadian Literature (U.Timisoara - Margareta Gyurcsik)



2.      Conference participation


      11th European Graduate Students Seminar, Berlin, 30 Sept.- 2 Oct. 2002

       -  Anamaria Enescu (U. Sibiu), "Sergio Kokis: Le peint et l'écrit. Langages et quête



“Canada in the European Mind, Debrecen, 24-27 October 2002

- Ana Olos (U. Baia Mare ), paper on Marshall McLuhan

- Lucia Zaharescu (U. Sibiu), "Conscience linguistique et lexicographie au Quebec"

- Rodica Roman (U. Sibiu), “Le Multiculturalisme canadien - modèle à suivre et désir d'y


- Margareta Gyurcsik (U. Timisoara), Temps d'Europe, temps d'Acadie


5th Colloquium of European Students of Francophone Literature of Quebec, Innsbruck

    25-28 Oct. 2002

      - Anamaria Enescu (U. Sibiu),  "Errances et quête de l'identité dans l'ouvre de Sergio



3. Academic publications


Monica Bottez (U. Bucharest), Still Any Hope for Man? A Comparative Study of Sheila Watson’s The Double Hook and Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’” in  Aspects of Interculturality -Canada and the United States,University of Vienna, 2002.


Daniela Roventa-Frumusani (U. Bucharest), 13 articles on Gender and Communication, Gender and Mass Media in The Feminist Lexicon, ed. by Mihaela Miroiu & Otilia Dragomir, Bucharest:Polirom, and one chapter on feminine identity in FEMEI CUVINTE SI IMAGINI/ Women, Words and Images (ed. Otilia Dragomir), Bucharest:Polirom, 2002; all these articles were based on a substantial Canadian bibliography.


Rodica Albu (U. Iasi), “Representations of Language and Identity: Focus on Canadian English Lexis”, Central European Journal of Canadian Studies, vol.2, 2002.


Margareta Gyurcsik (U. Timisoara), Canada-Amérique: une relation postmoderne”, in  Pespectives interculturelles - Le Canada et les Etats-Unis, Centre d'Etudes Canadiennes, Université de Vienne, 2002.


4. Visiting lecturers


Prof. Maurice Lemire, Quebec, 24 Oct. 2002, Le Mythe de l’Amérique et l’imaginaire canadien”, University of Sibiu


Prof. Danielle Forget (U. Ottawa), Universities of Sibiu Cluj, Iaºi and Suceava, 28 Feb.- 4 March 2003


Prof. Donna Patrick (Brock University, St Catherines): compact course at U. Bucharest on Interethnic Relations, 3-15 Feb. 2003

Marlène Collette (Université de Nancy): compact course (U. Bucharest) on Federal Policies/Provincial Policies, 17-21 February 2003


Prof. Markus Kaim (University of Jena):  compact course (U. Bucharest) on Federal Policies/Provincial Policies, 5-12 April 2003


Prof. Konrad Gross (University of Kiel): compact course (U. Bucharest) on Multiculturalism, 3-14 March 2003


 5. Grants


Horea Nascu (U.Baia Mare) - research grant at the JFK Institute of North American Studies in Berlin, November 2002


Florin Irimia (U.Iasi), research grant at the JFK Institute of North American Studies in Berlin, October - November, 2002



6. Young Canadianists


U.Bucharest - 13 M.A.students in Canadian Studies working on their dissertations


Spiru Haret U, Bucharest  - Oana Godeanu, doctoral exam on the History of Mentalities as part of the doctoral research programme (Canadian Identity and British Colonialism) Nov. 2002


U. Baia Mare - 2 students writing diploma papers in Canadian Studies

- 13 students writing their graduation paper in Canadian Studies


7. Cultural activities related to Canada


University of Timisoara - Theatrical Improvisations performed by French students inspired by Francophone writers, Quebecois included, in a show entitled Fou-Lire, one of the events in a series called Lire en fête, organized together with the French Lectorat of the University, 18-20 Oct. 2002.



9. Other


Ana Olos, contribution to  reorganizing the Baia Mare Canadian Studies Centre with the help of a Canadian intern, Theresa Wei-Lun Ho and supervising the intern


Florin Irimia (U. Iasi), a one-week-research stay at the Canadian Studies Centre of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, 7-14 October 2002


Articles and book reviews


Dan Popescu, review of Ana Olos’s A Book on Timothy Findley, in Familia, no 9, Oradea, September 2002, pp101-104


Ana Olos (U.Baia Mare), an article “In Memory of Timothy Findley” in Observatorul Cultural, nr. 141, November 19, 2002; Report on the Debrecen Conference in University English


Florin Irimia (U.Iasi), article “Cuvinte potrivite /Well-fitted Words”, a critical study of Margaret Atwood’s Negotiating with the Dead. A Writer on Writing. Cambridge University Press, 2002, published in Observator cultural no. 155/2003


-----  article “Din nou despre Leonard Cohen./Leonard Cohen, Revisited”, on Stephen Scobie’s Intricate Preparations. Writing Leonard Cohen. ECW Press, Toronto, 2000, published in Observator cultural no. 157/2003