country report – Bulgaria


October 2003 – April 2004



1. New courses and new centres


- Canadian History and Culture, lecturer Diana Yankova, New Bulgarian University, introduced 2003/2004


- Contemporary Canadian Novel in English, elective course, 2003/2004, 2nd semester, lecturer Elena Andonova-Kalapsazova, South-Western University of Blagoevgrad.


- Canadian Studies, elective course, Pedagogical Faculty, Sofia University, lecturer Ellie Boyadzhieva


- Canadian Languages and Cultures, 2004/2005, lecturer Maria Gueorgieva, Sofia University


2. Conference participation


Diana Yankova, “Languages in Contact: the Canadian Experience” "New Prospects”, 30th anniversary of Philology Studies at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, Nov 2-3, 2003, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Ellie Boyadzhieva, American versus Canadian Way”, BASA Conference "America in the 21st Century", November 21 - 22, 2003, Sofia, Bulgaria.


3. Academic publications


Andonova-Kalapsazova E. (2004). Wall Images in Jane Urquhart's novel "The Whirlpool”. Yearbook of the Department of Philology, SouthWestern University.


Yankova D. (2004). USA and Canada: Is there a common North American Identity. In Bottez, M. (ed.) Individual and the Community: Canada in the20th Century. Brno, pp. 281-286.


Yankova D. (2004). Across the 49th Parallel. In Parlog H. (ed). British and American Studies. Timisoara: Mirton.



4. Visiting lecturers


March 31, 2004 a meeting with students and Canadianists was organized in the library of the Department of British and American Studies, Sofia University with the Canadian author Jane Urquhart. She presented her new book which has been translated into Bulgarian with the kind support of the Canadian Academy of Arts.



5. Grants


FRP - Le thème du viol dans l'oeuvre d'Anne Hébert, Rennie Yotova, Sofia University, September 2004

FEP - Gestion des situations de diglossie au Canada, Georgi Jetchev, Sofia University, September 2004


6. Young Canadianists

Numbers of people doing MAs and doctorates, as well as the titles of MA theses and doctorates that have been successfully defended and the name of the students


7. Cultural activities related to Canada

Screening of the 2004 Oscar winning Canadian film „The Invasions of the Barbarians“ at the 8th International Sofia Film Fest in March 2004.


8. Translations and special issues of journals


Jane Urquhart’s “The Underpainter

Jane Urquhart’s The Stonecarvers”


9. Other


Participation of Madeleine Danova, Sofia University in Grainau 2004.


Contract signed between Maria Georgieva and Diana Yankova and „Lettera“ Publishing house for a Canadian anthology to be published September 2004.