Brief History - Development of Canadian Studies


Canadian Studies (CS) is not new to Croatia. Before the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s the Yugoslav Canadian Studies Association included a number of Croatian academics. Moreover, over the years a considerable number of Canadian writers have visited Croatia (among them Margaret Atwood, Barry Callaghan, Janet Kulyk Keefer, Leon Rooke, Carol Shields) and in 1990 Northrop Frye was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Zagreb. Unfortunately, the collapse of Yugoslavia coupled with the retirement of many professors resulted in a cessation of Canadian Studies activities. Since Ambassador Snider arrived in Croatia, he set the revival of the Canadian Studies Program as one of his priorities. This led the Canadian Embassy to invite Don Sparling, as Convenor of the Central European Steering Committee for Canadian Studies, to visit Zagreb in March 2002. He met with many academics from the University of Zagreb as well as others interested in Canada and Canadian culture. The aim was to encourage the Croatian academics to renew the local tradition of CS. Since then, the first Canadian-related courses have begun to be offered at the university, while others have been enriched with Canadian content.


Present situation

Traditionally, CS activities have focussed on culture, in particular literature. In Croatia, interest extends beyond this area of study to include philosophy, law and political science. Canadian political interests in Croatia include the introduction of norms and values inherent in the Canadian social reality (e.g. dealing with diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism, democracy, good government, minority and  human rights) that would help Croatia come to terms with its past in the re-construction of a stable, modern society.

At the present time a modest number of courses is offered at the MA and BA levels. There are currently no doctoral students writing on Canadian themes.


1. New Association for Canadian Studies in Croatia

The inaugural meeting of the Croatian Chapter of the Central European Association for Canadian Studies was held on Friday, March 13 in the Board Room of the University of Zagreb.

Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipovic of the Law Faculty was unanimously elected President. Prof. Josipovic has a long-standing interest in Canadian Studies. He played a significant role in the CIDA-funded “Judges’ Training Project” that is being run by Justice Michele Rivet, President of the Québec Human Rights Tribunal. In that context he researched the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and introduced it into course work in the Faculty of Law. He founded a law library based on donations from Canada which he offered as the Center for the Canadian Studies Croatian Chapter. Worthy of note as well is the fact that he is member of the Croatian Parliament, a composer of contemporary music and locally prominent in the academic and cultural communities.


Please find below a list of Croatian Canadianists (15) who joined the new Central European Association of Canadian Studies Association:


Bikic, Gorana                        Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb,

French Literature Department

Budak, Neven                        Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb,

Dean, History Department

Ciglar-Zanic, Janja                Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb,

Chair of English Literature Department

Domines, Martina                 Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb

English Literature Department

Gjurgjan, Ljiljana Ina  Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb,

English Literature Department

Gracan, Giga                         Researcher & Translator

Josipovic, Ivo             Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

Criminal Law & Human Rights

Milardovic, Andelko              Croatian Studies Faculty of the University of Zagreb

Canadian Political System

& Manager of Political Science Research Centre           

Plestina, Dijana                     College of Wooster, Ohio, USA

Mine Clearing Adviser, MFA

Polak, Iva                               Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb,

English Literature Department

Polic,  Vanja                          Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb,

English Literature Department

Puhovski, Zarko                    Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb

Philosophy Department

Romic, Biljana                       Researcher & Translator                             

Safranek, Ingrid                    Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb,

French Literature Department

Sveljo, Tamara                      Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb,

Sociology Department


In addition, there are 26 new members who joined the Croatian Association for CS recently:


Bjelis, Aleksa                         University of Zagreb

Borsic, Luka                          Philosophy Institute

Cehulic, Lidija                        Faculty of Political Science, U of Zagreb

Jukic Greguric, Tatjana        Philosophy Faculty, U of Zagreb

Kos, Damir                            Supreme Court

Kos, Jadranka                       Municipal Court of Zagreb

Kostadinov, Biljana               Law Faculty, U of Zagreb

Kovacec, August                   Philosophy Faculty, U of Zagreb

Lupic, Ivan                              Philosophy Faculty, U of Zagreb

Ljubenko, Vlatka                   Canadian Embassy

Macek, Dora                          Philosophy Faculty, U of Zagreb

Mihic, Maja                            Center for Creative Alternatives

Oklopcic, Zoran                     Law Faculty, U of Zagreb

Ozura, Dubravka                   Croatian Composers’ Society

Petlevski, Sibila                    Art Academy & Croatian P.E.N.

Rodin, Sinisa                         Law Faculty, U of Zagreb

Stipanov, Josip                     National and University Library

Strabic, Jadranka                 XVIII. College

Sporcic Beti, Morena           Municipal Court of Zagreb

Stopfer, Anera                       Philosophy Faculty, U of Zagreb

Stopfer, Irena             University of Zagreb

Turkovic, Ksenija                   Law Faculty, U of Zagreb

Vidan, Gabrijela                    Philosophy Faculty, U of Zagreb

Vizek Vidovic, Vlasta           University of Zagreb

Vrhovac, Yvonne                   Philosophy Faculty, U of Zagreb

Vukadinovic, Radovan         Faculty of Political Science, U of Zagreb


University of Zagreb activities: teachers and courses taught

1)                  The participation of Croat  teachers in the Grainau Conference has improved  CS prospects:

­                     Prof. Janja Ciglar-Zanic, Chair of the English Literature Department, has enriched her course in Post-colonial Literatures with more Canadian content, focussing on Margaret Atwood.

­                     Prof. Ingrid Safranek, Chair of the French Literature Department, has begun to offer a course on Acadian Literature.

Other teachers who are teaching courses dealing with Canadian content:

­                     Prof. Zarko Puhovski, Philosophy Faculty of U of Zagreb:

Political Theory

­                     Prof. Dora Macek, Philosophy Faculty of U of Zagreb:

English Language Variants

­                     Prof. Andelko Milardovic, Faculty of Croatian Studies, U of Zagreb:

Canadian Political System

­                     Prof. Ivo Josipovic, Faculty of Law, U of Zagreb:

Canadian Charter of Human Rights, International Criminal Law


Notable event organized by the Philosophy Faculty of Zagreb:

­                     1st Summer School in Canadian Studies; devoted  to Canadian literature, civilization and culture, organized in June 2003 by Prof. Ingrid Safranek of the Dept of Romance Languages, which attracted nineteen students, most of them from the University of Zagreb, and is to be repeated this year - May 16-30, 2004 at the island of Rab.


2)                  CS Activities outside Zagreb University (June 2003-April 2004):

­                     Croatian Center P.E.N. and Publishing House “Konzor” invited in June, 2003:

Barry Callaghan, Canadian writer: “Hogg”

­                     Publishing House “Prometej” invited in November, 2003:

Erna Paris, Canadian writer; Book Promotion of a Croatian translation of “Long Shadows: Truth, Lies and History”

­                     Publishing House “Profil International” published in December, 2003 in Pula:

Margaret Atwood: “Oryx and Crake”

­                     Translation by Giga Gracan: Robertson Davies: “High Spirits (and similar apparitions)”

The appearance of these translations, sometimes in conjunction with visits by the authors themselves has been often marked by interviews or programmes on Croatian Radio 3: over twenty such programmes dedicated to Canadian literature and criticism have been broadcast under the guidance of Ms Biljana Romic, member of CEACS.


An additional new partner outside the Association is Prof. Luka Borsic of Institute for Philosophy. The Embassy supported recently the International Conference “Plato on Goodness and Justice” (3-7March), organized by the Society for the Advancement of Philosophy.


2. Conference participation - anticipated academic events in Croatia


 1)        May 16-30, 04                       "Summer School" for CS at the island of Rab;

2 Canadian academics will be giving courses on English and French Canadian Literature; prof. Fulvio Caccia, University of Paris IX, and prof. Katalin Kurtosi, University of Szeged, identified with the help of Don Sparling and the CE Canadian Studies Network.


2)         May 25-29, 04                       International Conference “Libraries in the                                                               Digital Age - LIDA 2003" in Dubrovnik,                                                                              organized by the Philosophy Faculty of Osijek;                                                    Ms. Qwynneth Evans, Media Awareness Network                                              in Ottawa, is giving a lecture: How Librarians                                                      and the Media Awareness Network are                                                                             Supporting Kids and their Parents in Canada”.                                               

3)         May 30, 2004                        International Conference “NATO - Yes or No?”,                                                                organized by Prof. Milardovic from Political                                                                      Science Research Center (& member of CEACCS &                                                              Croatian Association for Canadian Studies).                                                                                                        


4)         Nov 01-03,2004                    International Canadian Studies Conference in          Opatija, organized by Prof. Josipovic, President       of the Croatian Association for CS & Canadian              Judges. Since the Canadian judges are already       coming to Opatija, Prof. Josipovic wishes to             take advantage of their visit to organize the          first Croatian CS Conference. This could be also a next meeting of regional represenatiteves of the new CE Association. A general topic, such as ”Transcultural relations between Canada and Croatia" seems appropriate, where professors from different disciplines could participate: Law (Canadian judges), Political Science and Canadian Literature (the three most important areas where Canadian     content is developed in Croatia).


5)         Nov  ?, 2004                          Prof. Régine Robin, University of Québec, has      been invited by the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Zagreb to give lecture on Québec Literature.


6)         Nov 05-11, 04                        “Literature live” International Conference             organized by the Croatian P.E.N. Center & Writers’ Society; Michael Ondatjee is coming to Zagreb. We would also like to up contact with M. Ondatjee and take advantage of his visit to Croatia to organize some other event developing values and human rights.


3. Academic publications

Books:            ­           “Arrest and Pre-trial Detention”, Prof.Dr. Ivo Josipovic, published by the University Library, 1998, Zagreb; Chapter: “The Specific Features of Canadian Regulation of Arrest, Pre-trial Detention and Bail”

­                      “Canadian wrighters and books in Croatia”, published by the University Library, 2002, Zagreb



Articles:          ­           “The Language Politics in Quebec”, Prof.Dr. Vjekoslav Cosic, published by the University of Zadar, 1984, Zadar

­                      “Tendention of Development of French Language in Quebec”, Prof.Dr. Vjekoslav Cosic, published by the University of Zadar, 1984, Zadar

­                      “Frère Untel or Search for the Lost Identity”, Prof.Dr. Vjekoslav Cosic, published by the University of Zadar, 1990, Zadar

­                      “Sociolinguistic Status of Croatian Immigrants to Canada”, Prof.Dr. Vjekoslav Cosic, published by the University of Zadar, 1990, Zadar

­                      “About Robertson Davies”, Giga Gracan, “Gordogan”, Journal for literature and culture, no.41-42, 1995

­                      “The Reviews on Stone Diaries” (by Carol Shield), Prof.Dr. Tatjana

 Jukic, “Republika”, Journal for literature, no.3-4, 1999, Zagreb

­                      “New Reviews on Stone Diaries” (by Carol Shield), Prof. Dr. Tatjana Jukic, “Republika”, Journal for literature, no.9-10, 1999, Zagreb

­                      “The Robber Bride.. by Margaret Atwood”, Giga Gracan, “Dubrovnik”, Journal for literature, no.1-2, 1999

­                      “Planet of Shampoos, about Douglas Coupland”, Maja Starcevic, “Quorum”, Journal for literature, no.2, 1999

­                      “The History of Margarets”, review on “Alias Grace” (by M. Atwood),  Prof.Dr. Tatjana Jukic, “Republika”, Journal for literature, no.3-4, 2000, Zagreb

­                      “Decision on Separation of Québec: constitutional and international legal aspects”, Prof. Zoran Oklopcic, “Journal of Law Faculty of the University of Zagreb, vol.54, no.1, 2004, Zagreb



4. Visiting lecturers

1986   Greg Gatenby

1987   Barry Callaghan

Frank Davey

1988   Myrna Kostash

1989   Patrick Lane, Greg Gatenby, Sean Virgo, Lorna Crozier, Barry Callaghan

1990   Northrop Frye

1994   Janice Kulyk Keefer

1997   Leon Rooke

1998   Barry Callaghan, Nicole Brossard

2001   Serge-Patrice Thibodeau

Barry Lord, Expert on administration of museums

2002   Guy Gavriel Kay

Stephen Scobie

Stephen Wright

Don Sparling, Masaryk Univerity, Czech Republic

2003   Barry Callaghan

Fulvio Caccia, Michel Erman, University of Paris, France

Garry Neil, Coordinator of the International Network for Cultural Diversity

Sheila Copps, Minister of Canadian Heritage, DFAIT

Erna Paris

2004   Raoul Boudreau, University of Moncton, Canada


5. Grants

Only Goverment grants (year 2003-2004):


ACE    - Discretionary grant for academics traveling to Rab Summer School for Canadian Studies, June 1-15, 2003; $1000

ACE    -Discretionary Grant to fund travel of Prof. Ivo Josipovic to Grainau Conference, Feb 20-23, 2004; $250

ACE    -Discretionary Grant to help the Philosophy Institute to organize the International Conference “Plato on Goodness and Justice”, March 3-7, 2004; $1000

REB    -Public Diplomacy Fund to finance the travel of Prof. Raoul Boudreau to give lectures during the Francophonie Week in Zagreb, March 17-25, 2004; $2300 (Budget for Regional Project: Austria, Serbia & Montenegro, and Croatia)


6. Young Canadianists

Students and researchers doing BA and MA theses:


­                                                                                                                                              BA theses:      Ana Sertic,                “The English Language Variants”, Philosophy  Faculty, University of Zagreb, 2004; Supervisor:  Prof.Dr. Dora Macek


Ana Rundek,              “The French Canadian Language, Philosophy  Faculty, University of Zagreb, 2004; Supervisor:  Prof.Dr. Drazen Varga


Marija Eva Raic,        “Code-Switching among Canadian Croatians”,

Philosophy  Faculty, University of Zagreb, 2003; Supervisor:  Prof.Dr. Dora Macek


Jelena Pranjic,           “A Comparison of Canadian with British and American English”, Philosophy Faculty, University of Zagreb, 2004; Supervisor:  Prof.Dr. Dora Macek


Maja Sunjic,               “A Canadian English”, Philosophy Faculty, University of Zagreb, 2004; Supervisor:  Prof.Dr. Dora Macek


Domagoj Coric,         “Margaret Atwood”, Philosophy Faculty, University of Zagreb, 1999; Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Janja Ciglar-Zanic


Vesna Ozegovic,       “Female Feminists Fatal”, Philosophy Faculty, University of Zagreb, 2003; Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Janja Ciglar-Zanic


Tina Kovac,                “The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields”, Philosophy Faculty, University of Zagreb, 2003; Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Janja Ciglar-Zanic


There are at least 4 students per year writing a BA theses in Margaret Atwood.


­                                                                                                                                              MA theses:     Biljana Tomljanovic,  “Asymmetrical Federalism - the Canadian      Case”, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb,   1990; Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Smiljko Sokol


Zoran Oklopcic,         “Reading Between the Lines: Is there a Theory in the Secession Reference?”,

Central European University in Budapest, 2002; Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Nenad Dimitrijevic 

­                                                                                                                                              MA level course:                                Prof.Dr. Tatjana Jukic Greguric,

Philosophy Faculty, U of Zagreb,

is starting a new course for postgraduate students entitled “Historiographic Metafiction”, which includes Margaret Atwood                                               

7. Cultural activities related to Canada


­                                                                                                                      Jun 30, 2004                          Exhibition & concert of Jennifer Garrett, Canadian painter at the Art Gallery in Sveta Nedjelja


­                                                                                                                      Jun 14-19, 2004                    16th World Festival of Animated Film; 8 films from National Film Board of Canada will be presented


­                                                                                                                      Jul 24, 2004                           “Daniel Léveillé Dance”, Canadian dance group is performing at the International Dance Festival in St. Vincent


­                                                                                                                      Nov 18-21, 2004                   “3rd Zagreb World Music Festival Nebo”, The Nunavut

Throat Singers” & presentations of Inuit culture and language to the students of linguistics on University of Zagreb and Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb


8. Translations and special issues of journals

A surprising number (44) of translations of works by Canadian authors have been

published in Croatia, many of them by or in cooperation with academics:


1)                  Anthology of Canadian Short Stories, Branko Gorjup and Ljiljanka Lovrincevic,

Zagreb: Nakladni zavod Matice hrvatske, 1991

2)                  ALEXANDER, J. Cynthia, “Digital Democracy”, Hrvoja Heffer, Osijek - Zagreb - Split, Pan Liber, 2002

3)                  ATWOOD, Margaret, “Alias Grace”, Nedjeljka & Janko Paravic, Zagreb: Fidas, 1998

4)                  ATWOOD, Margaret, “Surfacing”, Nedeljka Paravic, Zagreb: Mladost, 1991

5)                 ATWOOD, Margaret, “The Robber Bride”, Giga Gracan, Zagreb: Znanje, 1999

6)                  ATWOOD, Margaret,  “The Handmaid’s Tail”, Nedeljka Paravic, Zagreb: Globus,  1988

7)                 ATWOOD, Margaret, “Oryx and Crake”, Marko Maras, Zagreb: Profil International, 2004

8)                 BENEDICT, Bozidar D., “The Projectionist”, Bozica Cikusa, Zagreb: Stari grad, 2000

9)                 BENEDICT, Bozidar D., “The Nobleman”, Bozica Cikusa, Zagreb: Stari grad, 2001

10)             BENEDICT, Bozidar D., “Collection of Works-Trgovci dusama”, Bozica Cikusa, Zagreb: Stari grad, 1998

11)             CALLAGHAN, Barry, “Collection of Short Stories-Crni smijeh”, Zdenka Drucalovic, Zagreb: Konzor,


12)             CALLAGHAN, Barry, “Hogg: poems and drawings”, Giga Gracan, Borivoj Radakovic, Zagreb: Konzor, 1999

13)              COHEN, Loenard, “Beautiful losers”, Milos Durdevic, Split: Feral Tribune, 1998

14)              COUPLAND, Douglas, “Generation X”, Jelena Svilar, Koprivnica: Lora, 2001

15)             COUPLAND, Douglas, “Microserfs”, Suzana Sesvecan, Zagreb: V. B . Z., 2002

16)             DAVIES Robertson, “High Spirits (and similar apparitions)”, Giga Gracan, Zagreb: Artresor, 2004

17)             DES JAKOVAC, Velimir, “Never Forgive, Never Forget”, Ivan Ott, Zagreb: Stih, 2002

18)              ELLIS, Deborah, “The Breadwinner”, Lidija Vinkovic, Zagreb: Znanje, 2002

19)             FRY, Earl H., “Anatomy of Criticism”, Giga Gracan, Zagreb: Golden marketing, 2000

20)              FRY, Earl H., “Canadian Political System”, Hrvoja Heffer, Osijek-Zagreb-Split: Pan Liber, 2002

21)              HAILEY, Arthur, “Hotel”, Nada Soljan, Zagreb: Znanje, 1971

22)              KAY, Guy Gavriel, “Lord of Emperors”, Martina Anicic, Zagreb: Algoritam, 2001

23)              KAY, Guy Gavriel, “The Lions of Al-Rassan”, Milena Benini-Getz, Zagreb: Algoritam, 2001

24)             KAY, Guy Gavriel, “Sailing to Sarantirum”, Martina Anicic, Zagreb: Algoritam, 2001

25)             KAY, Guy Gavriel, “The Song to Arbonna”, Martina Anicic, Zagreb: Algoritam, 2002

26)             KAY, Guy Gavriel, “Tigana”, Kolumbina Bencevic, Zagreb: Algoritam, 1996

27)              LOWRY, Malcolm, “Under the Volcano”, Luko Paljetak, Zagreb: Sveucilisna naklada Liber, 1981

28)              MONTGOMERY, Lucy Maud, “Anne of Avonlea”, Bozica Jakovlev, Zagreb: V. B. Z., 1997

29)              MONTGOMERY, Lucy Maud, “Anne of Green Gables”, Darko Brdaric, Zagreb: V. B. Z., 1997

30)              O’BRIEN, Michael David, “Father Eliah- an Apocalypse”, Mijo Pavic, Split: Verbum, 2002

31)              ONDATJEE, Michael, “Anil’s Ghost”, Dragan Koruga, Zagreb: SysPrint, 2001

32)              ONDATJEE, Michael, “The English Patient”, Omer Lakomica, Rijeka: Otokar Kersovani, 1997

33)              ONDATJEE, Michael, “Running in the Family”, Biljana Romic, Zagreb: Konzor, 2001

34)             ONDATJEE, Michael, “Collected Works of Billy Kid”, Ljiljanka Lovrincevic, Zagreb: Konzor, 1995

35)              ONDATJEE, Michael, “Coming through slaughter”, Ljiljana Scuric, Zagreb: Mozaik knjiga, 1997

36)              ROOKE, Leon, “Collected Works”, Biljana Romic, Branko Gorjup, Zagreb: Konzor, 1997

37)              SETON, Ernest Thompson, “Wild Animals at Home”, Vlatko Saric, Zagreb: Mladost, 1964

38)              SHIELDS, Carol, “The Stone Diaries”, Blanka Pecnik-Kroflin, Zagreb: Algoritam, 1997

39)              VAN HERK, Aritha, “Judith”, Livija Kroflin, Zagreb: August Cesarec, 1982

40)             GREAT Safari through the English Language, Dragan Koruga and Igor Stiks, Zagreb: Naklada MD, 2001

41)              WHITE, John, “The Sword Bearer”, Bruna Filli-Teresak, Zagreb: STEPress, 2002


Croatian Editions of French books:

42)              DAVIDTS, Jean-Pierre, “Le petit prince retrouvé”, Ita Kovac, Zagreb: Izvori, 1998

43)              MARIE de l`Incarnation, “Le témoignage”, S. Klaudija Duran, Split: Samostan Sv. Klare, 2002

44)              THERIAULT, Yves, “Agakuk”, Srecko Dzamonja, Zagreb: Znanje, 1960


 Translations of works by Canadian authors in Journals (17)

1)                  ATWOOD, Margaret, “Morning in the Burned House”, Damir Sodan, Quorum: Journal for Literature, 1997, no.1

2)                 ATWOOD, Margaret, “Extracts from the Robber Bride”, Igor Grbic, Quorum: Journal for Literature and Science, 1999, no.4

3)                  BASIC, Marija, “The Canadian Trio”, Usponi: Journal for Literature and Culture, 1998, no.14

4)                 BASIC, Marija, “Raymond Souster: combination of traditional and modern”, Usponi: Journal for Literature and Culture, 1998, no.14

5)                 CALLAGHAN, Barry, “From Hogg”, Giga Gracan, Republika: Journal for Literature, 1998, no.5/6

6)                 COWBOY Junkies (rock band), Neven Leskovar, Quorum: Journal for Literature, 1990, no.4

7)                 DAVIES, Robertson, “The Diary od Samuel Marchbanks”, Giga Gracan, Republika: Journal for Literature, 1993, no.½

8)                 DAVIES, Robertson, “How to construct  the house to Live”, Giga Gracan, 15 dana: Journal for Art and Culture, 1991, no.3

9)                 DAVIES, Robertson, “The High Spirits”, Giga Gracan, Gordogan:  Journal for Literature, 1995/1996, no.41/42

10)              FERAL, Josette, “From Text to the Subject. Conditions of Writing and Speaking in Feminine Gender”, Lada Cale Feldman, Frakcija: Journal for Arts, 1999, no.12/13

11)              KEEFER, Janice Kulyk, “The Crisis of Culture in a Canadian Way”, Giga Gracan, Lettre internationale: three-monthly european revue, 1994, no.13/14

12)              ONDATJEE, Michael, “The Family Heritage”, Biljana Romic, Quorum: Journal for Literature, 1991, no.3

13)             ONDATJEE, Michael, “Travel through Slaughter”, Slobodan Drenovac, Zbornik Dometi: literature, culture, social topics, 1993, no.1

14)              SCHOEMPERLEN, Diane, “The Body Language: Illustrated Story”, Slobodan Drenovac, Rival: Journal for Literature, 1998, no.3/4

15)              SKVORC, Boris, “Krleza in the Central European Context or How to Read Bogert”, Knjizevna revija: Journal for Literature and Culture, 1997, no.3/6

16)             VANDERHAEGHE, Guy, “A Descending Man”, Dragan Koruga, Quorum: Journal for Literature, 1998, no.4

17)              VIRGO, Sean, “Delivered with One`s Own Hand”, Slobodan Drenovac, Knjizevna Rijeka: Journal for Literature and Literary Critics, 1998, no.3/4


9. Other

A bimonthly activity

In cooperation with The Embassy, in the context of broadening and deepening contacts

with Croatian academics, journalists and other opinion-formers, we would like to launch

a bimonthly series of informal round tables on current events, cultural affairs, values.



The significance of Canadian Studies in Croatia goes beyond aesthetic appreciation and

includes matters of practical importance to Croatia’s further development such as

cultural diversity, constitutional and political flexibility in the light of rapidly changing

circumstances, the importance of the virtues of tolerance and civitas, and similar