(October 2003- April 2004)




1. New courses



Kodo, Krisztina.: Selected Topics in Canadian Native Literature; Culture Themes of Identity in Contemporary Canadian Literature (Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest)


Nagy, Judit. Canada's Quest for National Identity. (Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest)



2. Conference Participation


Simonffy, Zsuzsa.  (University of Pecs) gave a paper in Ottawa (le Soi et l"Autre workshop), did not give me more details.


Hladony, Orsolya. Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest) gave a paper in Paris at a conference on Quebec, available on


Kurtosi, Katalin. Attended the Grainau conference.


3. Academic Publications


Several people's articles will be published in the Central European Journal for Canadian Studies Vol. III.


Kurtosi, Katalin. "On the Role of the Festival de Théatre des Amériques in Theatre Life in Canada". (Proceedings of the Belgrade Conference)


Espak, Gabriella. "Distinct Societies: Conflicting Indigenous and National Interests." Ed. Buchholtz, Moroslawa. Postcolonial Subjects: Canadian and Australian Perspectives. Torun: Nicholas Copernicus University. 2004.


Simonffy, Zsuzsa. "Récit biblique, camouflage, autobiographie. Littérature Québécoise". Les actes du colloque international Ecriture des femmes et autobiographie. Bordeaux. 2002.


Simonffy, Zsuzsa. "Quand la lecture précède l'écriture. Dans les Actues colloques d"Albi, Intertextualité, Albi, France. 2003.


Molnar, Istvan. A legfelsobb birosag Quebec Seccesion Reference ugyeben hozott tanacsanak elemzese. Jogtudomanyi Kozlony. Marcius, 2004.






Molnar, Judit. "The Spatio-Temporal Dimensions of Diasporic Discourse from the Carebbian on the Canadian Literary Scene." Eger Journal of American Studies. 2002. Eger: Hungary.



3. Visiting Lecturers


Mike Lister (ICCS) intern at ELTE University, (Budapest)  (January-July)


Booth Savage and Janet Lane (actor, actress from Toronto) gave lectures and workshops at the University of Debrecen (April 14-22)


Judith Nasby (Director and Curator of MacDonald Stewart Art Centre) gave a talk on Inuit Art (April) at the University of Debrecen.



4. Grants



FRP: Judit MOLNAR, Edina SZALAY, Peter Istvan TAKACS


5. Cultural Activities Related to Canada


Canadian Spring Festival: March, April, May



6. Other



Vigh, Arpad."Lécriture Maria Chapdelaine. (L'explication des québécismes et le style de Louis Hémon)". defended his thesis at the Hungarian Academy (the highest degree you can get in Hungary) with an overwhelming success.



Espak, Gabriella. "Federal Multicultural and the Politics of Indigeneity in Canada and Australia between 1988-1992". defended her PhD thesis successfully in Debrecen October, 2003.


Molnar, Judit. Taught at the University of Coimbra (Purtugal) for a week on Quebec and bilingualism in Canada. (April 17-23)




The Hungarian Candianists had a meeting at the Canadian Embassy in Budapest, 13th, February. 19 Canadianists were present and for some time Micahel Danagher (chargé d'affairs), Yvon Turcotte,(Counsellor, political affairs), Greg Chubak (from the visa section), Eszter Rode (Public Affairs, Culture and Education Officer). All of them greeted the ones present. Each and every participant introduced him/herself so that we could get to know each other. A secret vote took place according to which Judit Molnar was elected to be member of the Executive Council and Janos Kenyeres was voted for the Executive Committee. Since then according to the latest check on the membership fees the total number of people is 36.