Serbia and montenegro

Scheme for country reports


October 2003 – April 2004



1. New courses and new centres

         Title of course, name of teacher and university (note: only courses that have not been taught before, or that have been substantially changed, should be included here).


2. Conference participation

"Participation" here means giving a paper; the name of the person, the conference, and the title of the paper should be provided.


Bucharest conference Proceedings:


-         Vesna Lopièiæ, University of Nis: Disintegration of the Great Goddess: The Effect of the Community on Individual Integrity in Atwood's The Robber Bride


-         Marija Kneževiæ, University of Nis: My Pure, Raw Self: Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace


-    Ljiljana Matiæ, University of Novi SadCanada and Ethical Values in the Mirror of the Writings of Négovan Rajic



3rd Congress of Polish Association for Canadian Studies

3rd International Conference of Central European Canadianists, Cracow, Poland

-         Tanja Cvetkovic, University of Nis: Back to the Past? Place and Memory  in Robert Kroetsch’s „Badlands“

-         Milena Kostic, University of Nis: Past and Future in Monro’s „Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You“

-         Vesna Lopicic, University of Nis: Pincher Martin vs Piscine Molitor: Two Incredible Life Options

-         Ljiljana Matic, University of Novi Sad: Les villes dans l’œuvre de Naïm Kattan ou le monde est un village global

-         Danijela Petkovic, University of Nis: Margaret Atwood’s „Cat’s Eye“: In Quest of True Memory

-         Irena Veljkovic, University of Nis: Canadian Unity in Diversity

-         Radojka Vykcevic, University of Montenegro: Place and Memory in Mihael Ondaatje’s Novel „Anil’s Ghost“

-         Milica Zivkovic, University of Nis: Fashioning the Self through the Meaninig if Place: Mihael Ondaatje’s „Running in the Family“







3. Academic publications

Books [monographs], essays/chapters in collections, articles in journals, reviews in serious journals; only when the item appears (NOT “in press”)


Articles sur la littérature québécoise, in :  Filoloski pregled, (Revue Philologique), Université de Belgrade, 2003/2:

1. Mihailo Pavlovic, L'Image des régimes totalitaires dans l’œuvre de Négovan Rajic, émigré politique et écrivain canadien

2. Jelena Novakovic, L'Intertextualité dans les oeuvres de Marie-Claire Blais

3. Carmen Boustani, L'Écriture féminine dans Picture Theory de Nicole Brossard

4. Katarina Melic, Le Sujet féminin pluriel de La Vie en Prose

5. Diana Popovic, Diversité dans la littérature canadienne: le cas de Michel Tremblay

6. Zorica-Djergovic-Joksimovic, Cyberlanguage: Broislav Pekic's and William Gibson's Linguistic Experiments


4. Visiting lecturers

Either for single lectures or offering complete courses


-  Raoul Boudreau, professeur à l'Université de Moncton: «La littérature acadienne face au Québec et à la France: une double relation centre/périphérie.» (Conférence à la Faculté de Philologie, l’Université de Belgrade, le 24 avril 2004).


5. Grants

FRP, FEP, Kennedy Centre in Berlin, government grants


FRO: Vladimir GVOZDEN, University of Novi Sad


6. Young Canadianists

Numbers of people doing MAs and doctorates, as well as the titles of MA theses and doctorates that have been successfully defended and the name of the students


7. Cultural activities related to Canada

These could be exhibitions, concerts, theatre productions, etc.


8. Translations and special issues of journals


9. Other