A Little Gallery
Department of English and American Studies

A Little Gallery opened in the year 2000, and closed when the Department moved to new premises at Gorkého 7 in September 2005. The students' club ESCape is planning to take oveer and re/open the Gallery in Spring semester 2011.
A symbolic good-bye to Arna Nováka...

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Nagavalli S. Kiran

Czech Republic -
through exotic eyes

2 May - 31 August, 2005

Zuzana Fonioková

Perspectives, Details and Situations 

9 March - 1 May, 2005

Anna Břízová
Petr Jakoubek

Stars and Stripes
as you may not know them

12 Jan - 9 March, 2005

One Small Step ...

... in the British Press

Newspapers from the day
of the Moon-landing

(from Jiří Rambousek's collection)

A Little Gallery, Department
of English and American Studies

What did they write
35 years ago?

Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Journal
(radio traffic between Earth and the Astronauts, incl. transcriptions; these are also found in the exhibited newspapers.)

The Times
(only from within MU;
takes some time to load)

Zbyněk Fišer

Do dlaně

2 December 2003 - February 2004

Jiri Rambousek

Descend Ladder Backwards
public signs and signboards in the U.S.

July 15 - November 22, 2003

Jan Kanka

Lepenky a jiné básně

August 11 - July 14, 2003

Lubomir Klimek

Pictures II (2002-2003)

March - April 10, 2003

Barbora Lungova

Brussels / Bulgaria

November 21, 2002 - February 2003

Dasa Stranecka-Dvorakova

New York

The exhibition was organized by the Department and the educational society Rej.
Color photos and photos from the opening will be added in a few days.

September 25 - November 20, 2002


Lubomír Klímek


18 February - 23 September, 2002


Radka Kaclerová


4 December, 2001 - 17 February, 2002

Petra Melicharová

Learning to Focus

1 October, 2001 - 3 December, 2001

Dan Hrabina

America? America...

23 January - 30 September, 2001

Tomáš Pospíšil

USA - Impressions from my "Official Trips"

A Collection of Photographs
24 October, 2000 - 22 January, 2001