malá galerie                Dáša Stránecká: New York

Dáša Stránecká-Dvořáková, *1971
Studied at this Department in 1989-1996

In 1991 I spent 7 months in New York. It was only about a couple of months after I had learnt how to hold a camera. Yet the people of New York and the city itself are so photogenic that there isn't much of my skills in the photographs. It was all there. All I had to do was push a button on my Minolta Hi-Matic F.
Sometimes the photographed objects didn't like the idea of being photographed by a stranger and shouted at me or even chased after me but usually it was fine. Some of the people in the photographs are my friends, others represent just glimpses caught in the streets of New York. Some are taken during demonstrations, others in moments of peace but there is always a great deal of interest in people and their expression. New York is a different city nowadays than it used to be 11 years ago but the people living there would surely be the same treasure for a photographer today.

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The author 11 years ago  Behind a shop. My first picture in America
Women demonstrating for the right of abortion  Women demonstrating for the right of abortion  Women demonstrating for the right of abortion
Flea Market, Greenwich Village  Bleeker Street  Coney Island
The artist signed as Renee painted a few walls and doors in Greenwich Village with an unmistakable style  Metropolitan Museum of Art  Giovanni (23), Brazilian living in Harlem
Creative people in Central Park  Ellis, a guitar player from Washington Square Park  Ellis, a guitar player from Washington Square Park
Fashion Picture - the man on the right was not happy that I took a picture too  From the Empire State Building southwards  Harlem wall
Chinatown. Spot the dog!  Christopher street known for lots of gay bars. Had I not escaped by car the man definitely would not have stayed calm.  Little Italy
Mohfei Geh, a Village painter. His photograph appeared in Reflex magazine a year before I went to America. And suddenly there he really was, on the same place as in the picture I knew! So we became friends.  42nd St. between 5th and 6th Ave  Village wall
Subway in Harlem  West 72nd Street. This one chased after me until I managed to disappear in the subway. And I merely liked his hood!  Yas (14) living in Tarrytown, upstate New York
Spring Street, Greenwich Village  "Sitting Bull", Little Italy  Tim, a violin player from Washington Square Park  After the Gulf War - they just came back 


McDonald's  Subway in Harlem  Alice in Wonderland, Central Park  Jonathan (19), from a rich Jewish family living on Park Avenue. Lifts take you straight to 2-floor flats of 15 or more rooms. 


two guitar players  Somewhere on the West Side
T-shirt How to survive New York