CoMUNIty fund

The aim of the internal competition is to transparently support the implementation of sustainable and socially responsible projects that fulfil and promote the social role of Masaryk University, are internally and externally transferable and support cooperation between students and employees.

10 Nov 2022 Alžběta Dvořáková

General information

  • Allocation: 2 mil. CZK
  • Financial support for one project: 50 thous. - 200 thous. CZK
  • Project implementation period: min. 1 year, max. 2 years
  • Způsobilý žadatel: student či skupina studentů se zaměstnancem MU jako povinným spoluřešitelem

Submitting of the project proposal

  • A competition application must be submitted as a project proposal developed in ISEP - template "CoMUNIty fund (14.11.2022 - 31.12.2022)".
  • One student can be the proposer/implementor of only one project in a given call.
  • Submission is made completely electronically by filling in the tabs "Basic data", "CoMUNIty fund - proposal", "Budget", and "People" (more you can find in the Announcement and rules of the internal competition). There is no need to print the application form.
  • After completing the checks (R & D - PO - EO), the proposer will forward the information to the R & D contact person who will start the approval of the project proposal record (the persons who have to approve the project proposal are listed in the "Approval" tab).

Thematic area specification

  1. Social responsibility — Projects of a non-investment nature, primarily fulfilling the third role of the university with an emphasis on sustainability – e.g., volunteer projects of clubs, popular educational events, projects for sharing and reusing of equipment
  2. Sustainable infrastructure — Small furnishings or property improvements for better sustainability – e.g., smart elements at the dorms – typically acquisition of small infrastructure (in the sense of the acquisition proposal)
  3. Healthy society — Projects primarily focused on health and healthy lifestyle – support for events and property improvements to improve health and promote healthy lifestyles - typically combined noninvestment projects and the acquisition of small infrastructure

Announcement and rules of the internal competition

Important deadlines

Deadline Description
8Dec2022 Deadline for creating project proposal in ISEP
14Dec2022 12:00 Proposal drafts for checking to R&D
16Dec2022 12:00 Personel cost checking by Personnel Office
20Dec2022 12:00 Proposals draft to Financial Office
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Contact Financial Office

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