The Academic Senate approved the budget methodology

There was also a discussion about the strategic plan and the need to deal with the wave of use of generative text models, as well as the placemaking activities of the Hour of Truth appeal.

14 Apr 2023 Tomáš Weissar

At its meeting on 20 March 2023, the Academic Senate of the MU Faculty of Arts approved the addition of Prof. Jiří Macháček to the Economic Committee and approved the appointment of a student substitute to the Disciplinary Committee, Bc. Josefina Slámová.

An update of the Faculty's strategic plan for 2023 was also approved. In connection with this item, there was a discussion on study failure, subject survey, and the need to open as soon as possible the question of how to evaluate qualifying written work with regard to new technologies based on generative language models (GPT), including the possibility of replacing them with other outputs.

The next item on the agenda was the faculty budget methodology for 2023, which was also approved, but a discussion was initiated on its adjustments for the following year with regard to popularization and also accounting for external non-grant income of departments. This will all be addressed in the spring by the Dean's Economics Committee so that the methodology for the following year will be prepared in advance. Following this item, the budget "macro tables" were also approved.

Subsequently, the intention to extend and rename the follow-up Master's degree programme in Translation of Germanic and Romance Languages to Translation of Modern European Languages (now also including Modern Greek) was approved. The Senators also approved the extension of the accreditation of the study programme in Vietnamese Studies. At the same time, they were informed that a new study programme to replace it was already in preparation.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to discussions regarding the upcoming protest actions within the framework of the Hour of Truth call. The following resolution was adopted:

In the spirit of its previous resolution, the AS FF MU joins the Hour of Truth call. They send a delegation to the protest rally in Olomouc under the leadership of the chairman doc. Štěpánek, Dr. Němec, and Dr. Doušek, and invite members of the academic community to join this delegation. They thank the Dean for announcing the Dean's leave for the participants of the event on 28 March. The Senate convenes a debating assembly of the MU Faculty of Arts academic community on 28 March from 12:00 to 13:00. For this meeting, the organizing committee is appointed by doc. Pichová, dr. Bárta, Mgr. Varaďa.

The detailed course of the meeting of the Senate is recorded in the minutes.

The next meeting of the Senate will be held on 24 April 2023.

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