Learning Online at the Faculty of Arts

Video Conferencing in MS Teams

If you are looking for a way to teach remotely using video conferencing solutions, you can use this basic tutorial for MS Teams to walk you through the process from setting up a class up to scheduling a video conference.

The procedure is not the only possible one, but it is the easiest way to organise and coordinate a larger number of students for regular distance learning. For extensive additional information, see detailed instructions prepared by the Institute of Computer Science.

Create a new class

This step is not necessary for one-time video conferences, but it will save you a lot of time and effort if you organise video conferences regularly - your list of contacts will always be ready.

Create a new team in MS Teams.

Select Class (Třída) as the type of the team.

Type in an easy-to-recognize name and description of the class.

You do not have to add students manually, you can invite them to the class using a link (see the following steps).

Invite students to the created class

You can send out a link to the class, which students will use to request registration. You can accept requests of all students at once. This is an easy way to create a list of contacts that you will be able to reuse for video conferencing and other activities.

Pozor: studenty nelze do kurzu zapsat automaticky pomocí kódu předmětu v IS. Je nutné je zapsat ručně nebo jim poslat odkaz na tým (krok 5 a 6).

Click on the “…” icon and select Get link to team (Získat odkaz na tým).

Copy the link and send it to students by e-mail. Students should click the link and request to join the class.

Accept requests to join the class

You will receive information about students requesting registration in the class by e-mail, but you can conveniently manage the requests also directly in the Teams application.

Click on the “…” Icon and select Manage team (Správa týmu).

Select the Pending Requests (Žádosti čekající na vyřízení) tab and accept all requests to join the team.

Schedule a video conference

You can schedule your video conference in advance using the calendar. The students will receive invitation, they will know when the lesson takes place and will be able to connect directly using the invitation.

Go to the calendar and click on New meeting (Nová schůzka).

Fill in the required information and distribute the meeting invitation to the members of the team. Students will automatically receive an e-mail invitation with the link they should click to join.

To join the created event, use the information messages in the channel of the class, Join (Připojit se)  button in the created event in the calendar of the class, or the link in the e-mail invitation.