The distribution of artefacts between South Moravia (CZ) and other regions during the Lengyel culture


TRAMPOTA František

Year of publication 2012
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Mitteleuropa im 5. Jahrtausend vor Christus
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field Archaeology, anthropology, ethnology
Keywords Lengyel culture; distribution; chipped stone industry; polished stone industry; pottery
Description The paper is dealing with supra-regional distribution of archaeological artefacts in the Lengyel culture in South Moravia. It describes the present state of knowledge mainly on supra-regional distribution of chipped stone industry, polished stone industry and pottery. As far as chipped stone industry is concerned, the focus is laid on a wide area of Central Europe (Bavaria, South Poland, Tokaj/Zemplín). Chipped stone industry from remote sources had been distributed on various ways with regard to the one or the other region (a difference between Southwest and Southeast Moravia) and/or to chronological period (I vs. II stage of the Lengyel culture). In the majority of imported raw materials for chipped stone industry we can clearly identify distribution networks basing on their regular occurrence. Imported polished stone industry occurs in South Moravia only sporadically and it is relatively rare. In the field of pottery so far only a few exact analyses were carried out, which could prove the physical import of vessels between individual regions. Basing on various distribution strategies in time and space it is possible to define in general various social components in South Moravia at the time of the Lengyel culture.

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