Wortstellung des Präteritum-Auxiliars in der alttschechischen Olmützer Bibel

Title in English Word order of the preterite auxiliary in Old Czech Olomouc Bible


Year of publication 2017
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Die Welt der Slaven. Internationale Halbjahresschrift für Slavistik
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field Linguistics
Keywords development of Czech Language; enclitic; preterite auxiliary; Old Czech Bibles
Description The goal of the paper is to analyze word-order positions of preterite auxiliary forms (AuxP) in selected parts of the first redaction of the Old Czech Bible translation (composed in the second half of the 14thcentury). The extant younger copies of the original are examined, mainly the manuscript Olomouc Bible (Olomoucká bible), partially the manuscript Dresden bible (Drážďanská bible). The aim of the paper is to detect all possible word-order positions of these auxiliary forms in Old Czech Bibles. The analysis shows that the preterite auxiliary behaves as a permanent ("stable") enclitic. According to the explored data it seems that the post-initial (2P) word-ordering of the Czech enclitic became established in Old Czech as a prototypical word-order pattern of Czech enclitic forms and that verb-adjacent (VA) word-ordering had a stylistic status.