Alois Rašín a ti druzí. Právníci při vzniku československého státu

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Title in English Alois Rašín and the Others. The Lawyers Involved in the Formation of the Czechoslowak State

VOJÁČEK Ladislav

Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Právník
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Faculty of Law

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Keywords Czechoslovakia; 1918; first Czechoslovak law; Czechoslovak National Committee; provisional constitution; Ferdinand Pantůček; Alois Rašín; Alfred Meissner
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Description The article refers to the formation of the Czechoslovak state by presenting the activities of three lawyers variously connected with the preparation of the first Czechoslovak constitutional laws. The participation of the judge Ferdinand Pantůček was rather indirect, but the more important. His "pre-revolutional" draft of the Political Act, supplemented by several draft laws containing more detailed provisions, significantly affected the content of the First Czechoslovak Law (No. 11/1918 Coll.) And, together with the above-mentioned draft laws, it also influenced the following law-making activity of the National Committee - resulting in, among others, the Provisional Constitution. As a rapporteur of the National Committee he also submitted several draft laws and regulations (Nos. 1 to 7/1918 Coll.). Alois Rašín is primarily associated with the initial version of the Act No. 11/1918 Coll. but as a member of the presidium of the National Committee he also played a significant role in its decision making. In his position, he submitted several draft laws to the plenum of the National Committee and informed them of the enacted regulations. Alfred Meissner is known to be the author of the text of the Provisional Constitution, less is he known as the one who successfully fought for the enactment of the constitution by the Czechoslovak National Committee.