"Biskup musí býti volen klérem..." Kněžské reformní hnutí v Brně v letech 1918-1924 očima židenického katechety Emanuela Masáka (1883-1964)

Title in English "A Bishop must be elected by the Clergy..." The Reform Movement of the Czech Catholic Priests in Brno (1918-1924) from the Perspective of a Catechist in Židenice Emanuel Masák (1883-1964)


Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The chapter of the book deals with the reform movement of the Czech Catholic priests in Brno (1918-1924) through a perspective of a moderate modernist Emanuel Masák. The paper also deals with the tradition of the Czech Catholic modernism and tries to grasp its results after 1918 in Brno diocese.