„Tak bych ráda se dočkala životopisu otce – a nic se neděje!“ Úsilí Libuše Bráfové a Václava Červinky o sepsání životopisu F. L. Riegra

Title in English "So glad i would like to see my father's biography - and nothing is happend!" Trying to write biography of F. L. Rieger by Libuše Bráfová and Václav Červinka

MÁŠA Pavel

Year of publication 2018
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Libuše Bráfová and Václav Červinka were dissatisfied with position of F. L. Rieger in the Czech historical memory. Therefore they were trying to write Rieger's biography in cooperation with historicians Jan Heidler and Karel Stloukal. The cooperation was difficult, long and unsuccessful, yet thanks to it there are some important levtures, articles and editions. My paper delas with difficulties of this cooperation and with its benfits for the family and historians.