Čekogo no toritate hjógen

Title in English "Toritate" (Focusing and de-focusing) expressions in Czech


Year of publication 2019
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

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Description "Toritate" expressions within the study of the Czech language have been studied mainly under the title of "vytýkací částice". Within the Czech linguistics these expressions have been analyzed mostly with relation to the information structure. However, while the research has often focused on expressions of topic, not all expressions analyzed in the present paper necessarily fit in this category. This study approaches Czech expressions of "toritate" from the perspective "outside" of the information structure studies. It uses modern Japanese as a contrastive reference point. The study focuses on three points: 1. The focussing and de-focussing expressions (toritate expressions) in Czech may be situated both in front or following the core expression. The postponed ones show signs of semantic and phonological restrictions. 2. The "toritate" function in Czech is mostly held by particles, adverbs, but sometimes also by word order, prosody and special constructions. 3. Among the Czech "toritate" expressions some expressions display a specifi grammatical behaviour. Expressions such as "i" and "ani" allow so called "separate focusing".

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