Jiří Kolář a Miroslav Hák : Zneviditelnění média

Title in English Jiří Kolář a Miroslav Hák : Invisibility of the Medium


Year of publication 2020
Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Photographer Miroslav Hák and poet Jiří Kolář tried to capture everyday life. In this new perspective, the commonplace is uncommon, surprising, magical. We don’t need to compensate for it. Hák and Kolář attempted to make the common uncommon to show that the commonplace is a construction, the result of automatic behavior. Hák and Kolář introduced into Czech culture a new type of sensibility for reality in that they did not hide reality, they did not dull its edges through lyricism. In a certain sense, we could even say that they did not falsify it. For them, it was more important to recognize in just what kind of world we live. Thus, the stimulus for their poetic creations was not necessarily artistic in nature, but ontological: who are we, where do we live, and how are we supposed to grasp and understand these facts? Through their works, Kolář and Hák demonstrate that the older concepts that characterized cultural production where no longer fruitful, for that which was important now lay somewhere else. For them, it was enough to say: some people live somewhere here.

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