Dutch Language, Literature and Culture

"Denkend aan Holland, zie ik brede mogelijkheden"

What will you learn?

Thanks to Holland, there are great opportunities. This modified quote from Hendrik Marsman's famous poem says that when I think of the Netherlands, I see great possibilities. In the original, the poet then sees large rivers. And it is these great opportunities that the study of Dutch offers. If you want to reach the goal along the great rivers of knowledge, when you will find application when you say, I can speak Dutch, study this field. You will learn the language from the basics, get acquainted with its grammatical structure and get acquainted with the literature of this unusual language. You will also be familiar with the cultural, historical and political situation in the Netherlands and Belgium, and you will also learn to write a professional text in Dutch, working with professional resources. You will also learn the basics of professional and corporate communication and learn to translate texts.

And then all you have to do is respond to one of the many advertisements requesting graduates of Dutch language, literature and culture. And sail for your dream job.

Practical training

Practice is not an obligatory part of the study but it is possible to take the subject Professional experience within an international firm with a department for the Dutch language and it is also possible to start a practical internship within the Erasmus + program. Practice is recommended in the last semester or immediately after graduation. The subject called Project can be a part of practice, the students have the opportunity to connect theoretical knowledge with practical outputs.

Career opportunities

The graduate of the field is linguistically equipped at the B2 level in Dutch and is able to cultivate oral and written expression in the language studied, but also in the mother tongue. He is capable of critical thinking and is equipped with excellent knowledge of the language, literature, culture, history and politics of Dutch-speaking countries.

The graduate will easily find employment in international companies or institutions, where an excellent knowledge of Dutch is a prerequisite. The graduate easily finds work not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

He can also work as a translator of commercial texts and beautiful literature, as a teacher in a language school not only in the Czech Republic, in diplomatic services as an employee of embassies or Czech cultural centers in the Netherlands and can help create dictionaries as a language consultant. It can be used, for example, in libraries, museums, archives, theaters and other institutions.

The graduate will also have a great job in the tourism industry as a guide, PR manager in travel agencies, where he can pass on his expertise in the Netherlands.

Admission requirements

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Application guide

Study options

Combined studies

In this type of studies, the students focus on the main degree programme (120 credits) supplemented with another, minor, programme (60 credits). The student enrols in the degree programme in which he/she majors. Both the programmes are stated in the university diploma. You will find possible combinations on the websites of individual degree programmes.​ An exception is programmes preparing students for teaching professions, where both fields of study are equal and the thesis may be written in any of them.

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Study plans of this programme can also be studies in a combination with

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Courses – curriculum examples

An example of your study plan:

Combined studies

Follow-up studies

Do you want to sail with us? We will be happy to welcome you in the follow-up master's study of Translation of Romance and Germanic Languages: specialization Dutch.

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Arts
Type of studies Bachelor's
Mode full-time Yes
combined No
Study options single-subject studies No
single-subject studies with specialization No
major/minor studies Yes
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction Czech

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