Theory and History of Slavic Literatures

Literature is the fundamental tool for understanding other nations and cultures.

Programme specification

General information

This doctoral degree study programme is aimed at a systematic preparation of highly qualified experts who will be capable of independent and creative research work in the field of Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovak, and Ukrainian literature, or in the field of a comparative study of Slavonic literatures (the choice depends on the doctoral student’s specialization) – so that graduates can find employment in specialized university workplaces, in one of the research institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences which focus on scientific research or pedagogical work in the field of theory and history of literatures, or in other, similarly oriented scientific or cultural institutions.

The framework for the content of the studies is the scientific research orientation of the place of study, in this case general and comparative Slavonic studies, and theory and history of Slavonic literatures. It is based on the tradition of Brno’s comparative school and it enriches this tradition with elements of communicative aesthetics and hermeneutics. The basic form of doctoral studies is an individual and systematic preparation for creative and expert work in the studied field under the individual supervision of an accredited supervisor.

A successful graduate is able to

  • work independently in scientific research in the field of general theory of literature, and conduct comparative research into Slavonic literatures, their historical development, and contemporary trends
  • conduct pedagogical work in teaching the theory of literature, the history of Slavonic literatures of individual nations, and their comparison
  • work independently in creating study texts and teaching aids for teaching literary theoretical disciplines, or for teaching concrete Slavonic literatures
  • write and publish popular science materials and reviews in literary magazines and newspaper literary supplements

Additional information

Department of Slavonic Studies – study information:

Additional information about this field of study (in Czech):

Graduate destination

Graduates of the doctoral degree study programme in the theory and history of Slavic literatures have very good knowledge of the history of philosophy, general and comparative literary theory, and expert insight into the development of the studied literature in its comparative, cultural, and historical contexts. They have deepened their knowledge of Slavonic languages (particularly those matching studied literatures) and knowledge of at least one world language. Graduates are able to use this knowledge in specialized university workplaces (in humanities-focused universities) or in one of the research institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences focused on scientific research or pedagogical work in the field of the theory and history of literatures. They can also become highly qualified cultural editors or workers in the field of culture, translation, or in other similar fields. Their general knowledge of history and culture also enables them to work in diplomatic service and elsewhere.

Admission Requirements

Unfortunately no information about admission requirements is available.

Study field data

Faculty Faculty of Arts
Type of study Doctoral
Mode full-time Yes
combined Yes
Standard length of studies 4 years
Language of instruction Czech

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