Translation of Romance and Germanic Languages

Degree programme specification

The objective is to offer a complex translation program to students interested in the study of Romance and Germanic languages. The master classes and specialized seminars offer a theoretical basis which is a starting point for the further development of translation and interpreting skills within practical training. Students reinforce their capacity of analytical thinking and problem solving as well as a critical approach of analyzed issues. Besides students refine their rhetoric and presentations skills that are particularly emphasized in contemporary society.

Besides making graduates capable of finding jobs in the translation industry, the study of the programme „Romance- and Germanic-languages translation“ enables students to develop their general textual competence regardless of the language being used. Emphasis is placed both on exact interpretation of meaning and on a comprehensive insight into pragmatical aspects of communication, empowering graduates in their professional and private lives, making them sensitive to the perspectivism in language behaviour, i.e. also to overt or hidden interests underpinning the human communication.

Faculty Faculty of Arts
Type of study follow-up master's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 2 years
Language of instruction czech

Work experience

Practical training is not an obligatory part of the study plan. Selected project-oriented facultative courses offer opportunities for the students to train in the practical usage of theoretical knowledge and develop further praxis-related skills.

Graduate destination

The graduate of the program is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply as translator and interpreter, especially from foreign language to Czech, but also as staff of national and European institutions in translation project management or editorial practice. Other opportunities are offered in areas such as government and public administration, diplomatic services, the business sphere, the cultural and artistic scene.

Study options

Single-subject studies with specialization

Further studies

After completion of the Master’s study programme, it is possible to continue further studies in the doctoral degree study programme in Philology offered by both workplaces. These programs include Germanic languages, Germanic literature, Romance languages, Romance literature.

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