Two-semester parallel study of accredited study programmes

List of study programmes for which an application can be filed

The list of courses opening for the academic year 2022/2023 will be published from 1 April 2022.

Study Information

We offer a paid two-semester study course to applicants to a full-time Bachelor’s degree study programme at the Faculty of Arts who have not passed the entrance examinations. After passing two semesters of Lifelong Learning (LL), the student is entitled to enrol in the second year of the full-time study programme if that applicant meets the study programme requirements and have passed the entrance examination for full-time study.

Within LL, it is not possible to be awarded an academic title.

Exemption from an unsuccessful admission procedure

Applicants may be exempted from an unsuccessful admission procedure by meeting the following requirements:

  • Applicant has fulfilled the requirements of the field (the required composition of subjects with the corresponding number of credits and, for some study programmes, the required study results average for the two LL semesters).
  • Applicant has applied for a full-time study programme in the same study field and course as in the LL.
  • Applicant has participated in the admissions procedure (entrance tests) to the full-time study programme.

If the applicant fails to fulfil one of the above requirements, that applicant cannot be exempted from an unsuccessful admission procedure and cannot be enrolled in a full-time study programme.

Steps to transition to full-time studies

  1. The applicant should bring an ‘application for exemption from admissions procedure on the basis of the fulfilment of the LL requirements’ to the Study Department, as soon as possible after completing the last LL subject.
  2. After admission to the full-time study programme, the applicant must with the relevant administration study officer for full-time studies. Contacts can be found here. A certified copy of the high school graduation certificate and ID is required to enrol in the study.
  3. After enrolment, the applicant becomes a student and is enrolled in the first semester of the full-time study programme, studying subjects that follow the programme of the LL (i.e. subjects of the third semester).
  4. After enrolment in the full-time study programme, it is necessary to apply for the acceptance of the subjects completed in the LL. The application is submitted electronically in IS.

If an applicant has been admitted to a full-time study programme on the basis of a successful admission procedure, that candidate only enrols for study with the relevant administration study officer and submits an application for the acceptance of the subjects completed in the LL in the IS.

Current admission procedure

Current admission procedure: April 1 – July 31, 2018


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