Mandatory COVID-19 testing also applies to MU employees

An emergency government resolution from the beginning of March, which orders mandatory testing of employees, will also affect Masaryk University. From March 17 at the latest, only people who have a negative test for the presence of COVID-19 not older than 7 days will be able to work in MU premises. Information about the test result must be provided by the employee in the ‘COVID-19 Prevention’ application in INET. The form and the course of testing will be decided by deans and the heads of the individual economic units. Employees will be informed once the testing starts.

9 Mar 2021

There will be several testing options within the university and its economic units. Employees will get information about the method of testing right from the faculty or economic unit of MU. All employees must be tested, except those who work from home, who recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days, or people who have received full vaccination (two doses), where at least 14 days have passed since receiving the 2nd dose. An employee must demonstrate the facts of being sick with COVID-19 or vaccination by means of a certificate issued by a licensed healthcare services provider.

Testing options will include self-administered tests at the workplace using supplied testing kits, professional testing by health professionals provided by the university at its own collection points, or testing at external collection points. The form of testing is decided by the deans or heads of the individual economic units of MU and the employees are obliged to submit to the type of testing based on the decision of the head of the economic unit.

For a self-administrated tests at the workplace, strict rules will apply for the operation of sampling rooms, where employees will have a selected test available. Economic units will also be able, in justified cases, to issue a self-administrated test to an employee who will be tested outside the MU building.

Regarding the professional testing by health professionals, Masaryk University, in cooperation with the Brno University Hospital, will establish four sampling points for antigen testing for MU employees. They will be located in the Bohunice campus, at the MU Rector’s Office, in the Vinařská complex, and in the MU Faculty of Science complex at Kotlářská street. Employees can register for a test using the ‘COVID-19 Prevention’ application in INET.

If a staff member test is positive, he must not go to the workplace, and will either be sent automatically or through his general practitioner for a PCR test and will then follow the appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

The management of Masaryk University strongly emphasizes that people who have symptoms of COVID-19, such as shortness of breath, fever, dry cough, sudden loss of taste and smell, are prohibited from entering MU premises.

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