28 student seats | fixed furniture

projection and sound | laptop connection (VGA, HDMI) | visualiser | Apple TV | recording and streaming

Brief description

Basic information

Projection possibilities

You can project the image of physical objects (exhibits, drawings, books, etc.) using a visualizer located on the edge of the desk. Raise the visualizer arm, place the object under the camera lens and press the DOC CAM button on the control panel. You can control the camera (zoom in, focus) using the buttons on the visualizer arm.

Recording of lectures

For sufficient sound quality, it is advisable to use a lapel microphone located in the desk. Open the desk cabinet by attaching the chip card to the sensor on the left side of the cabinet. The microphone activates automatically when you pull it out of the charging station, you can switch it off by putting it in the charging station again.

The recording camera and wireless microphones can also be used in video conferencing applications, for example for hybrid teaching purposes. Follow the printed instructions in the room to set up the device correctly in the video conferencing application.

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